Mangeshi Temple –the Most Famous Temple of Goa

Goa is undoubtedly packed with adventure, history, varieties, tradition, spirituality, and entertainment. In a small village called Priol, you will find the magnificently old and charming Mangeshi Temple. This temple is dedicated to the god of destruction Lord Shiva. This Hindu god has a very important place in the religious history and worshipped by uncountable devotees.

Here are some important details about the temple that you will require before visiting the temple.

Quick Glance

Famous for- Tourist, spirituality

Fee- free

Visiting time- 6 am- 10 pm (7 days a week)

Duration of visiting- Around two hours

Located- North Goa (Mangeshi Village, Priol)

Deity- Shiva

Best Time to Visit Mangeshi Temple

Even though the temple remains open throughout the year, you must have some idea about when exactly the temple functions in the best way. If you are visiting the temple, make sure you are visiting the temple during the festival. The best time to visit this temple is the end of February; the festival includes the Ratha Yatra also known as the pulling of the chariots. The temple is decorated with glittering lights and flowers, while the place is jammed with thousands of pilgrimage from around the world.

History of Mangeshi Temple

The temple has been through a lot of changes and moved around due to invasion by the Portuguese. This is one among the hundreds of temples that the Portuguese destroyed on their way to invasion in 1567. During that time the temple was located in the Kushastali which is in the south bank of the river Zuari. However, the village was renamed after the conquest.

The Portuguese have destroyed the temple to build the churches in the same place. The lingam from the Mangueshi Temple was taken to Priol immediately. After the deity was moved, it stayed hidden in the valley for over four long centuries and later was found by Ramchandra Sukhtankar in the 18th century. He was a well-known general of the Maratha court who convinced king Sonda to raise funds for building the temple on the property and give away the land where the deity remained for centuries.

Prominent Features of Mangeshi Temple

The temple looks stunning from a distance and it was constructed in typical Goan architecture. Once you visit the temple you will know why people call this temple a quintessential structure. The unique thing about this temple is its Deepastambha, which is a round seven-story lamp tower. This is painted white and golden. Another mesmerizing sight at the temple is the gigantic Nandi Bull, it’s also known as the Vahan (Ride) For Lord Shiva. The temple is best described at night when the night lights are on and it illuminates with bright light and flowers.

Temple Complex

Even though the temple is around 450 years old, it hasn’t lost the elegance and grace. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu God of destruction known as Lord Shiva and every year it receives thousands of tourists from around the world.

• The architecture of the temple has several domes, balustrades, and pilasters.

• The temple complex also has a seven-story deepstambha also known as the lamp tower and a very prominent structure of Nandi bull.

• The interior of the Mangueshi Temple is equally beautiful and the Sabha Griha is a very spacious hall that houses around 500 devotees.

• The temple houses a gigantic water tank and it is believed to be one of the oldest additions of the temple.

• Interiors also include some beautiful carvings and nineteenth-century chandeliers.

Apart from the interior and the mesmerizing exterior of the Mangueshi Temple, there are two other things that you must be aware of.

Daily Rituals

Temples follow a fixed routine of temple rituals and so does this temple. The Mangeshi Temple has a large number of puja rituals that take place daily. The rituals are divided into three parts, morning, afternoon, and night. The Shodshopper puja is called Abhisheka, Maharudra, and Laghurundra. The Maha-Arti (Grand celebration) takes place in the afternoon and Panchopchar pooja at night. These rituals are the core of any spiritual visit to the temple.

If you are planning to pay a visit to the temple, then make sure you can catch any of the Arti.


The annual festival time is the best time to visit this temple, the celebrations include, Akshaya Tritiya, Rama Navami, Anant Vritotsava, Navaratri, Diwali, Dussera, Magha Poornima and Mahashivratri. Every nook and corner of the temple is filled with devotees and, you will love the spiritual vibe of this temple and might fall in love with the way devoted pilgrims praise and worship.

Temple Etiquettes

Apart from the ritual and other details of the temple, you will have to keep another important thing in mind and that is the temple etiquette. Knowing the right way to worship and visit the spiritual place of worship like the Mangeshi Temple is very important.

India is well known for having ancient traditions and customs. People looking for spirituality will find a home in the numerous temples found here. However, different places of worship require different etiquettes by the visitors, whether it’s a temple, church, mosque, or any other place of worship.

If you are visiting Goa for the first time and want to visit the famous Mangueshi Temple, then you must know some of the important things to follow. Making sure to have the right approach when you are visiting temples is important. Temples in India can be really interesting and informative at the same time, just follow these tips to avoid any trouble.

• Maintain silence

• Remove all leather items

• Clean-up yourself

• Stay away from pickpocket and frauds

• Pay your respects to the rituals of the temple

• Be careful with the camera, many temples don’t allow

• Offerings to the deity

• Open your shoes outside the temple

• Wear decent clothes

These etiquettes will help you visit the temple peacefully without any interruptions. Mangeshi Temple will be the best example to know the grace of Hindu Gods in Goa.

How to Reach the Mangeshi Temple?

This temple is around 22km (13 miles) away from Panjim, and you won’t face much difficulty in reaching the temple with any given transport.

The nearest bus station is Kadamba Bus Terminus located at a distance of around 21km (13 miles) away. The place is well-connected with most of the surrounding cities and you will be able to reach the Mangeshi temple by private car, auto-rickshaw, cab, or rent a bike for an easy arrival.

Nearest Airport - Goa International Airport

Travel time- 45-55 minutes (34.1km/21.1 miles)

Approximate fare by taxi- INR 800- 1,000

Approximate fare by drive- INR 230-340

Nearest Railway - Vasco-Da-Gama Train Station

Travel time- 46 minutes (35.2 km/ 21.8 miles)

Approximate fare by taxi- INR 750-1,000

Approximate fare by drive- INR 300-450

Nearest Bus Stand - Panjim Bus Stand

Travel time- 15-20 minutes (7.3 km/4.5miles)

Approximate fare by taxi- INR 350-450

Approximate fare by bus- INR 26-40