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Aguada Fort – Steeped in Goa History

Aguada Fort is dipped and soaked in Portuguese colonization history in Goa. This can be the simplest example to summarize this incredible Portuguese architecture built in the 17th century. have stood the tough test of time over the years, it stands tall on the Sinquerim Beach, which is in a very close distance to Panjim with around 18km (11 miles) away. The view from the top of Aguada Fort is extremely stunning because it reveals the Mandovi River and the Arabian Sea.

Facts of Aguada Fort

The Aguada Fort is quite close to Panjim and can be easily reached over a drive. It will hardly take 45 minutes by road. It’s a quite nice attraction for history buffs.

Entry fee: free

Opening Time: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm (All days of the week)

Visiting duration: 2 hours or so

Built in: 1612 AD

History of Aguada Fort

Portuguese started the construction of Aguada Fort in the year 1609 for keeping an eye on the movement of their oppositions through water and also from the surrounding areas, so that they could protect their rule from Dutch to Marathas. The fort was completed in the year 1612; the lighthouse of this fort served a great purpose because it covers the view of the entire peninsula at the southwestern tip of Bardez (a region of North Goa).

Agua means water in Portuguese and that’s what the fort is named after. In the earlier days, this fort served as a huge reservoir for the sailors, and it can hold around 2,376,000 gallons of freshwater. It was considered the biggest reservoir in India. Years later the fort was converted into a jail.

Strong Architectural Structure of Aguada Fort

If you love exploring ancient architecture, then the Aguada Fort will completely mesmerize you. Its strong structure has survived the test of time and stood still for over 400 years now. It serves as a great symbol of strength and strategic importance. The structure is made up of laterite stones that are quite common in Goa, but the monument has completely splendid through long history. The monument still looks beautiful and thus successfully draws tourists from all over the world. The fort is built on the Berdez Peninsula and surrounded with bastions on three sides and contains a gate on the fourth side which faces the river. Aguada Fort is divided into two different segments: you will notice that the upper part serves as a watering station, and the second and the lower part serves as a save tie-up place for Portuguese ships.

What to See at Aguada Fort

The Aguada Fort has two very important spots, which is the main reason why tourists flock around this attraction.

1. Aguada Lighthouse

There is no doubt that you will love the lighthouse of Aguada Fort, this place is brilliant and offers a breathtaking view of the entire surrounding. The lighthouse was built in 1864 as the driving source for directing the ships into safe harbor, and was considered as the oldest in Asia. This place is perfect for photographers because the entire view of the place is stunning. The four stories structure will give you a glimpse of the ancient time.

2. Aguada Jail

This jail is considered as one of the largest jails in Goa and the prison-house was built for the shrewd criminals, for the accused who committed crimes like narcotics abuse, trafficking, drug sale, etc. The jail is now closed for public visits.

What’s more, there is another reason for you to this attraction, which can be the solitude this place offers. You can always get here with your loved ones and watch the beautiful sunset across the horizon. Aguada Fort is considered to display one of the amazing sunset views. Tourists also mentioned their interest in watching the painted sky in colors of orange and red there.

How to reach the Aguada Fort?

From Nearest Airport: Dobolim Airport (40.2 km/ 24.97 miles)

Dabolim Airport is the nearest airport to Aguada Fort. From the airport, travelers can book a cab from the taxi bay. The taxi usually charges INR 800 for the one-way trip.  The most preferred route for the journey is Aguada - Siolim Rd/Fort Aguada Rd and Verem - Nerul Rd to NH 66 in Sangolda. The journey would take around 1.15 hours.   

From Nearest Railway Station: Karmali Railway Station (26.4km/ 16.40 miles)
The trip between Karmali Railway Station and Aguada Fort can be commenced in 45 minutes. From the railway station, travelers can hire auto-rickshaws/two-wheelers to complete the journey.  

From Nearest Bus Stop: Panaji KTC Bus Stand (14.9 km/ 9.25 miles)

The Panaji KTC Bus Stand is the nearest bus stop from Aguada Fort. Goa State Transport offers numerous bus services between numerous cities. After getting down at the bus depot, travelers usually take the Aguada - Siolim Rd to reach the destination. The entire trip would take around 30 to 35 minutes.

Auto-rickshaws or two-wheelers on hire can be availed for the journey. Auto-rickshaws take around INR 100 to 200, while two-wheelers charge around INR 300.  The price range per day can be haggled, however, you just have to show your original and valid Driver ID and identity proof to be able to ride a bike.

*Ticket prices are subjected to change based on demand.

Imagine chasing the sunset around the beach on a motorbike, your face dewy with damn wind and eyes chasing the setting sun every second as it takes the dip into the golden water. How would you like to capture this beautiful view?

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