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India Night Tours – Top 8 Things to Do at Night

In general, India nightlife is not diverse and colorful, usually starting early and end early because of curfew. The condition in big cities is much better than other places in India. For tourists who wonder what to do in India at night, we select top 8 things to enrich your India night tour.

1. Night Tour in Delhi

India Gate at Night

Delhi during the day is noisy, hasty and crowded, while the night of Delhi has a different scene. You can take a bus to the Rashtrapati Bhavan and Sansad Bhavan, where the street is brightly lit in the evening and very good-looking. You can enjoy a distinctive Delhi.

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2. The Ganges Puja

The Ganges Puja

It is an iconic activity of Varanasi, attracting pilgrims and tourists from all over the world. Every evening, the young and handsome priests who were appointed to the Brahma’s descendant, chant loudly, dressed in gorgeous silk clothes, and bring people into the divine atmosphere. Dasawamadh Ghat is the largest sacrifice terrace. You can find a distinct India at night in here.  

3. Night Tour in Taj Mahal

Night Tour in Taj Mahal

If you are not content to enjoy the Taj Mahal at sunrise and sunset, you can also take a night out of the Taj Mahal during the full moon and enjoy the rare beauty of Taj Mahal. But the viewing site is requested to fix near the bench between the Taj Mahal's main entrance and the pool, far from the Taj Mahal. People is not free to move, and sometimes visitors are not allowed to carry tripods to shoot.

4. Watch an Indian Movie

Watch an Indian Movie

Watching an authentic Indian movie is a necessary experience to feel the real India. You can ignore the incomprehensible Hindi, enjoy the cheerful music singing and dancing and soak in the atmosphere of theater with other Indians. Generally, Indian big cities could offer you good viewing experience. So if you are in Delhi, you can go to PVR Cinemas, Cinepolis Unity One, PVR Directors Cut, The Janak, etc. In Mumbai, it is recommended to go to IMAX BIG Cinemas, Inox R-City Ghatkopar, INOX CR2, PVR Cinema. In Jaipur, tourist can choose Raj Mandir Cinema, Inox Multiplex, Entertainment Paradise, Golcha Cinema and so on. Watching a Bollywood movie is a great choice to spend your India nightlife.

5. Nightlife in Mumbai

Nightview of Mumbai Street

As a metropolitan city, Mumbai has some best nightclubs in India and tourists can enjoy a better colorful nightlife time in here than other Indian cities. The opening time of Aer is from 5:30 pm to 1:30 am. You can enjoy a panoramic view of Mumbai and watch sunset while drinking the cocktail. Dome is a fancy bar offers expensive drinks. This rooftop bar gives you the stunning setting to admire sunset over Marine Drive. Harbour Bar is a historic bar featuring special cocktails.

6. Kingdom of Dreams

Kingdom of Dreams

Located in Gurgaon in NCR Delhi, it is a great theatre featuring kinds of entertainment and live musical show for nightlife in India. Tourists should not miss to watch the classical Zangoora and Jumroo, Bollywood musical shows, to feel the wonderful Indian culture. You can also find great restaurants in here to taste Indian cuisine.

7. Kerala Kathakali Centre

Kerala Kathakali Centre

Kathakali is one of India's famous traditional theatrical performances, the birthplace of which is in Cochin. So if you come to Cochin, you should not miss to watch a wonderful Kathakali performance at night! Katha refers to "Story"; Kali refers to "Play". It is a type of dance rich in story plot. Kerala Kathakali Centre is a locally famous privately run Kathakali theatre where you can buy tickets on the spot. But there are plenty of western visitors going there every day, so it is recommended to buy in advance to ensure a good seat. There will be commentary before the show so that the audience can better immerse into the play.

8. Diwali Festival

Diwali Festival

It is an important festival in India and is held every year on the 15th full moon day in August of the Indian calendar (around late October or early November of the Gregorian calendar). This festival is about the story of justice over injustice, light over darkness. Diwali is similar to Christmas or New Year celebrations in other parts of the world. In order to show respect for the gods, people put on new clothes and clean the room. In the evening, each family will light up lamps. If you visit India during Diwali, you can join this grand festival to celebrate it with Indians. It could give you an unforgettable memory of India night tour.

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