7 Exciting Places to Visit in Jaipur for the Night Owl

As one of the oldest and most populous cities in India, this Pink City is filled with a delightful experience and breathtaking sights. During your visit to the city, you can enjoy its rich culture and royal history. The city has a very colorful ambiance and leaves you with warm and enriching memories. The locals have still kept in touch with their traditions and culture as they preach ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ (A guest is equivalent to God) and greet their guests and visitors with love and kindness.

Jaipur, the capital city of the Indian state Rajasthan has been under the influence of rulers since Maharaj Jai Singh II founded it back in 1727. The former Royal family continues to live at the City Palace. The city is extremely rich in its culture and traditions which make it one of the greatest and most visited tourist attractions in India. You can enjoy various palace, forts, museums, food, folk dance, and music to a great extent in the city. However, at night, Jaipur gets even more exciting and gorgeous.

Here’s a list of fun and exciting places to visit in Jaipur at night.

Attend the Light and Sound Show at Amer Fort

It is known to be one of the most prestigious forts in Jaipur. Built in the 16th century, the Amer Fort remains packed with tourists all day. However, at night, it takes up an entirely different form, thanks to the local authorities and the department of tourism for their thoughtful efforts that resulted in a breathtaking show which takes place every day in two languages - Hindi and English. With dawn, the whole area lightens up and a 50-minute Sound and Light Show is held becoming the main attraction and an awestruck moment for its visitors. The beauty of the place comes to life with colors of light and rhythms of traditional Rajasthani music. The Amber Fort with enchanting ambience is one of the top places to visit in Jaipur at night.

Amer Fort - Wait for Light and Sound Show
Amer Fort - Wait for Light and Sound Show

Sunset View of Nahargarh Fort
Sunset View of Nahargarh Fort

Amar Jawan Jyoti

The eternal flame at this place looks breathtaking and ethereal at night because of the black background. The silence of the night helps make the act of paying tribute to the fallen soldiers even better. The huge structure reflects the gratitude for the lost heroes of the war. The undying flame seems to be brighter and more lifelike at night. Amar jawan jyoti is one of the must places to visit in Jaipur at night.

Nahargarh Fort

There is a lot to witness and explore in this 17th-century fort built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. You get a beautiful panoramic view of the city as you walk along the huge walls of the fort. As night descends and the environment gets a little cold, the city looks like a starry night sky which is a sight you'll never forget in your life. You must visit this place once for an enthralling experience. Although the museum and other parts of the fort remain closed at night, you can still access the open area. The best time to do so is summer and it is surly an interesting thing to do in Jaipur at night.

Hawa Mahal

It is one of the most famous structures in Jaipur and has a great historical background story behind it. As the sun starts to set, the architectural beauty amplifies when the warm rays fall on it. The different windows of the palace managed to capture a different wavelength of the sunrays. However, it is closed at night and you must visit it during sunset to enjoy the mahal. However, if you missed the chance of visiting the place during the day, do not worry, you can still take a photograph with Hawa Mahal at night as it looks more beautiful when artificial lights fall on this huge palace.

Aza - Fairmont Hotel, Jaipur

It is an amazing bar on the lobby level at the Fairmont Hotel in Jaipur where you can go for a fun evening with your friends. You can enjoy the royalness of Jaipur at this place which has a fully stocked bar, fancy cigar room, and a lounge area. The plush leather chairs and vintage whiskey and cognacs are must-try things to do in Jaipur at night if you want to spend a fun-filled evening.
Jal Mahal Night View
Jal Mahal Night View

Jal Mahal

As its name suggests, it is a palace in the middle of the serene Man Sagar Lake making a very gorgeous place to hang out with family and friends. A walk along the edge of the lake will make your night in Jaipur worthwhile as the lake reflects the beauty of the palace making it look glorious. It is very calm and peaceful there, especially on a full moon night. The moon's light reflects on the palace making it more ravishing. However, you cannot enter the Mahal but enjoy its amazingness from afar. There you may find street vendors selling ice-creams, sweet corn, Pani Puri, and other street food which you can enjoy.

Bar Palladio

The aesthetically appealing resto-bar is one of the most famous hangout places in Jaipur also one of the top places to visit in Jaipur. It is very romantic and eclectic, which makes it ideal for a candlelit dinner date. This Mughal inspired resto-bar is perfect for exclusive indulgence and a great taster for nightlife in Jaipur. It has a well-stocked bar, soothing music, and globally inspired cuisine. You must visit this place while you are in Jaipur to make the most of your nights there.

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