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9 Special Things to Do in India Only

India is a big country with so many interesting places and beautiful sites that you might miss some classical things to do, especially for first-time travelers. So we list 9 special things to do in India to help you plan a better trip.  

★ 1. Visit World Heritage Sites

Visit World Heritage Sites

India is a region favored by the god with numerous World heritage sites and splendid history. The Taj Mahal is known for its poignant love story; through sandstone walls of Red Fort in Delhi, you can vaguely see the past bustling; Humayun's Tomb is worth admiring. Qutub Minar has a fusion of Persian and Indian elements; Ajanta Caves owns lifelike frescoes and exquisite carvings and Fatehpur Sikri has the largest mosque in India. Visiting these world heritage sites is definitely a top thing to do in India.

★ 2. Explore Mysterious Religion - The Pilgrimage Road to Ganges River

For thousands of years, Ganges River is a holy place for numerous devout believers. They believe bathe in Ganges River can clean their soul. You can jump into the Ganges like them to feel the gods, or choose to sail on the river appreciating the beautiful scenery in the early morning or dusk sunset. It is an interesting thing to do in India.

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★ 3. Indulge in the Colorful Sari and Handcrafts

Come shopping in India! The novel handmade products, colorful shawls and gorgeous and exquisite traditional handcrafts will totally blow your mind. Take off your t-shirt and jeans and change into unique Indian costumes to fit in the local culture, which is a worth-trying thing to do in India.  

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★ 4. Taste the Exotic Cuisine

In the general impression, India only has curry-related food, but in fact it has various cuisine. You must taste a kind of milk tea called Chai, and try the traditional food package Thali, which has a rich taste and a special texture. Choosing a restaurant with clean environment is the best choice for tasting food in India.

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★ 5. Enjoy a Bollywood Blockbuster Feast

If you are good at English, it is a good choice to go into the cinema and enjoy an authentic Indian movie. If your English is poor, then Bollywood movies will also surprise you. You can ignore the difficult English and incomprehensible Hindi; just enjoy the cheerful music singing and dancing and feel the original Indian culture. For tourists who want to feel original Indian culture, this is a necessary thing to do in India.

★ 6. Yoga Paradise

Yoga Paradise in India

Countless people travel to India each year to learn real yoga at its birthplace and take a Yoga exploration tour. If you are interested in it, you can find a professional yoga school in India. From Varanasi to Kolkata, there are many large or small yoga schools. You can choose one and start your yoga journey.

★ 7. Chat with the Locals

Chat with the Locals

Countless travels said that Indians have their own worldview values and philosophy, which are very different from other countries’, and some even opposite. So if you want to know the real India, you should talk to the locals, which is a brave thing to do in India.

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★ 8. Visit Interesting Museums

Visit Interesting Museums

You should not miss some of Delhi's museums. The National Museum or the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets can give you a distinctive impression of this city. The former is a collection of precious historical relics waiting for you to understand; the latter will show you the novel and interesting exhibits. Visiting museums is a meaningful thing to do India.

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★ 9. Stay in a Hotel Room Where Taj Mahal Can Be Seen Through the Window

Taj Mahal at Sunrise
Taj Mahal at Sunrise

There are many small hotels in Agra all over the streets. Looking for a hotel you can see Taj Mahal through the window in the morning. It will be a wonderful experience seeing sun sprinkled on Taj Mahal.

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