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New Delhi Railway Station

The New Delhi Railway Station is the main railway station of Delhi. Situated between Ajmeri Gate and Paharganj, this is arguably the busiest station in the country. This station is regularly visited by 400 trains daily and more than 50,000 passengers cross this station every day. It has the largest interlocking system in the world. There are in all 16 platforms in the station and the platform No. 1 is in Pahargarh and Platform 16 is in Ajmeri Gate.

Reaching the New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS)

New Delhi Train Station
From Connaught Place
•  Bus: 181A UP (11 min)
•  Train: Line 14085 (19 min) (Fare INR 63 - 69)
•  Taxi: 2.1 km (3 min) (INR90 - 110)
•  Walk 1.5 km

From Indira Gandhi International Airport
•  Metro: New Delhi Metro stations just besides the New Delhi railway station.  20 minutes, (60INR).
•  Taxi 24 minutes (INR 600-750)
•  Bus 1 hrs. 51 min (No. 729 Down)
•  These buses go to the New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS)
•  440, 445ADOWN,460, 500, 548EXTDOWN, RL-77DOWN

Metro is the most convenient way to travel within the city. The fares are reasonable, and you don't have to face the busy traffic, so that helps to keep you on schedule.

NDLS Connects You with the Whole of India

Trains for the east and south start from Delhi and many important trains of India terminate at this station. The final destination of the famous Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express, is this station. You can travel to any place in India from the New Delhi Railway Station. Here is a list of some of the places that you might like to visit from this station.

To / From
Ticket Fare
#12952, #09006, #12910, #12910#12954, #12264, #22222
3A – INR 2,040, 2A – 2,755,1A – INR 4,580
3A INR 2,915, 2A INR 4,076, 1A INR 6,736
#02716, #02904
6h and 12h
1AINR 2,075, 2AINR 1,250, 3AINR 895, SLINR 345, 2SINR 200
#12312, #12324 #12274, #1230, #12302, #12382 #12304
1AINR 4,650, 2AINR 2,725, 3AINR 1,910, SLINR 665, 2SINR 400
#02434, #12622 #12616, #12434, #12270, #12612 #22404
1AINR 5,285, 2AINR 3,100, 3AINR 2,140, SLINR 820
#02464, #04740 #02957, #02915, #12016, #12464 #22464
1AINR 1,315, 2AINR 759, 3AINR 560, SLINR 210
#02056, #12018 #12402, #14042, #12056, #12688 #22660
1AINR 1,405, 2AINR 845, 3AINR 600, SLINR 225
#02229, #02557 #02555, #02553, #02219, #02217 #02565
1AINR 2,075, 2AINR 1,250, 3AINR 725, SLINR 200
#02285, #02437 #02555, #02691, #02723, #02723 #12285
1AINR 4,460, 2AINR 2,625, 3AINR 1,825, SLINR 695, 2SINR 425
#02423, #02501 #05955, #12423, #20501, #12505 #22449
1AINR 4,915, 2AINR 2,885, 3AINR 2,000, SLINR 765
#02433, #02805 #05955, #02691, #02155, #02715
1AINR 1,250, 2AINR 755, 3AINR 550, SLINR 175, 2SINR 105

New Additions to the Station

New Delhi Railway Station
Railway Station Platform
The Ajmeri Gate building has three floors. The station is modern and well illuminated with vibrant paintings decorating the walls. Facilitated with escalators and lifts, LCD display screens keep waiting passengers occupied. Electric carts for the elderly and differently abled people can be availed to commute within the terminal. The platforms and stations are powered by solar panels.

The Station Lounge

Long haul passengers can wait in the luxurious longue in platform No. 16.  Well provided with cozy lounge chairs and Wi-Fi, you just need to pay INR 200 per hour and INR 70 more if you exceed the hour. There is also a massage chair and spa.  If you have time, then avail the facilities for just INR 198 per 30minutes. It is money well spent.

The buffet offers good vegetarian / non-vegetarian food. For INR 360 you will get some nice belly pleasing meal.  Other facilities are internet & printer. You can take a bath with a bathing kit provided by the lounge. If you wish to lie down there are luxury suites (INR500) that you can book for two hours. You have to pay (INR 258 for every extra hour). Watch movies for INR 65 or shop from the souvenir outlet picking up something for home.

For staying in the executive lounge, you need to show your identity proof. Your passport will do along with your railway ticket. You will be handed a smart card for room check-ins. You clock starts ticking from the moment you swap your card. If you are travelling with children who measure less than 3 feet height, no payment is required for them.

The railway catering system has always been a great place to eat, maintaining perfect hygiene, they serve good food at reasonable price. The Delhi railway station just like any other railway station in India has porters dressed in red. They help passengers to carry their heavy luggage. Charging between INR 60 – INR 100, these luggage bearers can carry unimaginable load and sprint fast atop stairs and help you catch your train or usher you out of the station. Keeping pace with these ruddy fellows can be quite challenging but they are a boon for the New Delhi Railway Station. 

Top Tourist Attractions Close to the Station

Jantar Mantar

Agrasen Ki Baoli
Agrasen Ki Baoli
The astronomical observation center constructed by Maharajah Sawaii Jai Singh II of Jaipur is a must watch.

•  1.8 km (1.1 mi) Connaught Place (10 min)
•  Entry fee for foreign tourists INR 200
•  Indians INR 15
•  Camera INR 25
•  Time: 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
•  Metro from New Delhi Railway Station to
•  Rajiv Chowk (Blue / Yellow Line)
•  Patel Chowk (Yellow Line)
•  Auto Rickshaw INR 25 per 2 km and increases by INR 8 per km.

Agrasen Ki Baoli

A historic step well. Believed to be a 14th century structure build by legendary king Agrasen

•  Location: Hailey Road
•  2.0 km (1.2 mi)
•  Bus 445AUP
•  Taxi 3min (3 km) INR100-300
•  Walk 29 min 2.6 km (1.6 mi)

★ Madame Tussauds

The wax museum located near the Regal Theatre New Delhi. The twenty third location of the Tussauds worldwide this should not be missed.

•  1.3km (0.8 mi) Regal Building
•  Nearest Metro Station is Rajiv Chowk Gate 6 & 7
•  Buses are frequent from the railway station and take 13-15 minutes (Fare INR5)

When you come to the New Delhi Railway Station, there is a fair chance that you might see a completely revamped station. The government, in the next eleven years, plans to make more infrastructural changes in the station and the adjacent 86 hectares. The station will also have a 6-meter-wide skywalk that will connect with the foot over-bridge directly.

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