Delhi Metro Fare – How Much and How to Pay

Generally speaking, the lowest one-way ticket fare of most Delhi metro lines is Rs 10, and the highest fare is Rs 60. Besides, the highest single trip fare for Rapid Metro is Rs 80.

Delhi Metro Fare Chart

Delhi Metro Fare

How to Pay Delhi Metro Fare

Single Journey Token: Passengers can buy it from the customer care center or ticket counter. The Delhi metro price for a single trip is around Rs10-80. After you buying the ticket, you can walk to the entry gate and take your ticket close to machine. If the gate opens automatically, then your ticket is valid and you can take metro.

Delhi Metro Travel Card: There are two types of Delhi metro card and you can enjoy some discount if you buy one. For local commuters, they prefer to buy travel card. You need to top up at least Rs150, including deposit of Rs50, when you purchase. As for recharge metro card issue, there are many ways available. For example, people can go to any metro station to recharge the card by cash with minimum value of Rs200. In some certain metro stations, people can top up the card by cash at token vending machine with minimum value of Rs100, or by Debit/credit card of any bank with minimum recharge of Rs200. Also, there is online top-up you can choose. It is suggested to check out in for more detailed information. Besides, ICICI account users can top up the card through SMS machine. And you can visit to find step by step instruction.

Delhi Metro Tourist Card: This is the other Delhi metro card and is popular among tourists. It can be used on all Delhi metro lines except for airport metro express. There are two types of cards based on tourists’ needs: One-day card costs Rs200 (Rs150 + Rs50 refundable deposit), and three-day card is Rs500 (Rs450 + Rs50 refundable deposit). The method of purchase and recharge is the same as Delhi metro travel card. You can ask for the help from metro staff if you run into any problem.

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