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Delhi Weather

Delhi has a tropical monsoon climate. It is affected by northeast wind in winter and southwest wind in summer, so the weather in Delhi is mild in winter and extremely hot in summer. The coldest month is January with the lowest temperature of 3℃ (37.4℉), while May is the hottest month with the highest temperature soaring up to 42℃ (107.6℉). The cool season from October to next March is the best time to travel to Delhi with comfortable temperature.
7-Day Delhi Weather Forecast

Delhi Weather by Month

Averages for New Delhi Weather
High/Low Temperatures of New Delhi
Average High/Low Temperatures Graph for New Delhi
Average Temperatures of New Delhi
Average Temperatures Graph for New Delhi
Humidity Graph of New Delhi
Average Humidity Graph for New Delhi
Average Rainfall of New Delhi
Average Rainfall Graph for New Delhi
New Delhi Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice

The Delhi weather is divided into winter, summer and monsoon seasons.

Winter (October to next March)

There is little rain from October to March, temperature in Delhi ranges from 21-29℃ (69.8-84.2℉) in day, and from 7-15℃ (44.6-59℉) at night, which is the ideal travel time. It is suggested to wear light clothes light t-shirt in the daytime and put on some warm clothes like a hoodie at night. Red Fort is one of the local famous scenic spots, and there are many markets and alleys full of local characteristics. 

Summer (April to June)
From April to June, the temperature fluctuates between 40-50℃ (104-112℉) during the day, which is hard for people to endure the extremely hot weather, and the power supply is unstable. So tourists are not recommended to visit Delhi during this period.

Monsoon Season (July to September)
Every year from June to September is the rainy season caused by monsoon, with frequent thunderstorms, floods, mudslides and other disasters. Delhi roads will be flooded with water and the traffic is extremely congested, which is very unfavorable to travel.

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