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Visit Vagator Beach for A Laid Back Rave Party

You might be confused about scaling the importance of the beaches in Goa because every other beach is said to be glamorous in its own way. However, some beaches are better than the others, and Vagator Beach is one of them. It can be described as one of the favorite places for tourists around the world. This beach is most famous for laid back rave parties and trance music beats that drive the backpackers to this location.

Quick Glance

Entry Fee- Free
Famous for- Experience Seekers, Nirvana Seekers, Pampered Souls, Party Animals
Visiting Time- 5:00 am - 10:00 pm, All Days of the Week
Visiting Duration- 2-3 hours

Now, when Vagator Beach comes into the picture, there are elements of comfort and serenity associated with the beach. You will experience more privacy that you have on any other beaches in Goa. This beach experiences tourists from all parts of the world, especially, from Europe, Israel, and India. The relaxing and calm environment of the beach will make you lazy. If you move towards the south end of the beach, you will find the place to be even more secluded than the rest of the area.

This beach can be successfully considered as a perfect spot for sighting sunset, some tourists even found a home in this beach and settled by carrying out an occupation as a shack owner, seller, trader, and many other professions.

Best Time to Visit Vagator Beach

It is best suggested to visit the Vagator Beach during the peak season, which can be described as the months from late October to February. You will find a lot of attractions and the shacks also be lively as compared to the offseason. Even when you are visiting the beach during the peak season, you will find peace and tranquility in the area.

Must-known Facts about Vagator Beach

• To take a picturesque look at this beach, the Chapora Fort will be perfect. It has two viewpoints which give an astonishing aerial view of Vagator Beach.
• This is a brilliant place to hand out for tourists looking for solitude; it’s located between Anjuna Beach and Chapora River.
• This beach is famous for being a perfect sunset sight and many tourists especially visit this beach to experience the magic of golden hour.
• Rave parties are quite famous on this beach and you won’t be able to stay away from grinding into the beats of trance music.
• For the shopaholics, this beach can be a good spot because the place is just 6.4km (3.9 miles) away from the Arpora flea market.
• There are ample of night clubs and open-air clubs in Goa to chill the stress out of your life.
• The beach looks stunning with palm groves, rocky outcrops, red cliff and Chapora Fort in the surrounding.
• This beach also offers some very interesting water rides like banana rides, boat rides, water scooter, parasailing, and other waters sports are comparatively cheaper than other beaches in Goa.
• For seafood lovers, the place called Siolim Fish market is close where you can buy fresh lobster, red snapper, white snapper, mackerel, mussels, tuna, prawn, and many other items.

Nightlife at Vagator Beach

Along with the serenity and peaceful sightseeing spots, Vagator Beach is also very famous for having some of the happening rave parties. This beach is in a perfect example of hippie culture because the authenticity of the parties and trance music are still alive. There is a particular part of this beach which is completely dedicated to parties and dance, which is called the Disco Valley. You will be able to chill in open-air cafes, shacks, nightclubs, and many other places that come to life after dark. Here are some of the popular places you must have an idea about.

Popular party venues at Vagator Beach:
•  Primrose Café
•  Katzensuppe
•  Hill Top
•  Nine Bar
•  Mango Tree Bar & Restaurant

Out of these places, you will love to chill at the Hill Top and Disco Valley because they offer some of the best rave parties with drinks, cocktails, lively crowd, and good food. Just so you can have a sorted time at the beach without any unwanted trouble.

Important Tips for Vagator Travelers

Here are some of the required tips to know before you finally visit this stunning beach. It will keep you confident and ahead of your plan when you visit Vagator Beach.
• Carry limited cash, and be careful while using your debit or credit card. Keep your outings as low as possible and beware of the touts.
• You can also hire a tour guide to explore the beach differently.
• If you are traveling with kids, then be extra careful and ask them not to be friendly with strangers.
• Keep the policy details handy to use in times of emergency.
• Avoid eating in barren and shabby places, never accept anything from strangers.
• If you face any currency problem, then contact the bank or MoneyGram for a safe transaction.
• To travel around the beach and close by distance, you can hire a bike at an affordable price.
• You can opt for bike rides for affordable travel; it’s a good option for people visiting with a group of friends and family.

These details will fill in the gaps and cover up the small loopholes that you might have missed while planning your trip. Don’t forget your camera because you might miss out on some stunning views on Vagator Beach.

Other Attractions around Vagator Beach

Flea Markets

• To make sure you are picking out the most unique souvenirs from your Goa tour, you can visit the nearest Anjuna flea market. You will find some of the best items like earthen masks, cloths, trendy jewelry, antique, mirror bags, glass jewelry, and many other items.
• Another closest market is the Arpora Beach market at around 6km (3.7 miles) on Saturday. You will be able to get your hands on spices, jewelry, and many other items.

Chapora Fort

If you are aware of the legend of Chapora Fort and the archeological facts behind them, you will love to visit this location. The good thing about this destination is that it is located at a very close distance from Vagator Beach. People who love to take up trekking will enjoy the exciting trek up the hill to the Chapora Fort. It’s hardly 15 minutes away and doesn’t forget to carry your camera to have an unplanned photo session in the Chapora Fort. The spectacular aerial view of the Vagator beach will be breathtaking as described by many tourists. To catch your breath, you can sit on some rock on your way back and enjoy the cool sea breeze in the area.

Chapora River Cruises

This is another interesting activity around the beach that will keep you entertained because it has so much to offer. On the cruise ride, you will be able to spot the bats, various birds, crocodiles, and other things.

How to reach the Vagator Beach?

Nearest Towns to Vagator Beach-
• Anjuna – for meeting new people and shopping at the Wednesday Anjuna Market
Expected time for traveling- 10-20 minutes (1.7km/1.0 miles)
Approximate fare by car- INR 100-150

• Mapusa – This town is another crazy place for shopping and that’s where the regular tourists travel for shopping.
Expected time for traveling- 17-20 minutes (9.3km/5.7 miles)
Approximate fare by car- INR 250-300

• Chapora – This town can be really interesting for people who want to buy fresh fishes off the boat, the fisher boats are set in a jetty and the not-so-official market is set in the evening.
Expected time for traveling- 5-10 minutes (850m/929.6 yards)
Approximate fare by car- INR 70-120

From Nearest Airport - The closest airport to Vagator Beach is Dabolim Airport at a distance of 44 km (27.3 miles)
Expected time for traveling- 1 hour 9 minutes
Approximate fare by car- INR 1,100-1,400
Approximate fare by drive- INR 320-480

From Nearest Railway Station - Thivim 13.36 km (8.0 miles), Pernem 13.85 km (8.0 miles)
Expected time for traveling- 25-35 minutes, 30-35 minutes
Approximate fare by car- INR 615-759, INR 500-650