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Chapora Fort - Famous Tourist Place for Evening Haunt

Chapora Fort, also known as the ‘DilChahtahai’ fort, is another interesting tourist spot in Goa. If you are wondering why the name is what it is, then it’s because of the famous movie shot at the fort in the year 2001. The Hindi name given to this fort means ‘the heart yearns’. The fort is a brilliant structure overlooking the Chapora River; this place is a perfect spot for photographers and tourists looking for some solitary time amid nature and old structures. Here are some important details you must know before visiting the fort.

Quick Glance

Location- Chapora Fort Rd, Chapora, Goa 403509

Entry fee- Free

The timing required- 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM (all days of the week)

Duration for visiting- 2 hours

Famous for- History Buffs, sightseeing, Nirvana Seekers, Photographers, Nature Lovers, and Adventure Seekers

History of Chapora Fort

The historical background of the Chapora Fort is very interesting. The spot where the fort sits was the site for some other forts in the area before the Portuguese settled here. The Portuguese built this fort in 1717 as a result of the fort built by the rules of Adil Shah. This act was done to protect the territories from the Marathas who were the rising power of the region. The fort was conquered twice by the Maratha but the Portuguese managed to take it back, they ruled the Chapora Fort for 150 years. Finally, now the fort is left abandoned and maintained by the government, over the years it has extended further north. The Fort had secret gates inside, which were used as an escape route at the time of emergency.

Legend of Chapora Fort

The Chapora Fort were built by the Portuguese and they had a firm belief that the walls of the fort were strong enough to stop enemies from crossing over. However, the Maratha rulers cleared all the misconceptions and not just scaled the walls but overthrew the armies of the Portuguese. It was a shocking moment for the Portuguese who ruled and ran the fort, they were impressed and embarrassed at the same time. Hence, they gave up and surrendered to the Marathas without any vengeance.

Things to do in Chapora Fort

The main things to do at this beach include a very simplified list of activities. As you already know how it oversees a river and has a brilliant sightseeing spot. You will be able to experience:

• Amazing sunset and sunrise from the fort, so make sure you are on time to experience the magic.

• Chapora Fort also gives a very beautiful view of Vagator, Anjuna, and Chapora beaches.

• People who love exploring the history and legend of the place will connect with this place instantly.

• There is a small trek session arranged around the fort, so you can have a good time walking the trek.

• Again, photographers will have a great time capturing the scenic beauty of this place.

Structure of Chapora Fort

The structure of the Chapora Fort was built on a steep slope on all sides to make sure that it’s easier to get a proper view of the direction from all four sides. It also has an irregular outline wall to act as a defense against enemies. The main gate of the fort is interestingly small but narrow and very deep. There used to be a church dedicated to St. Anthony inside the fort which is now in ruins.

How to reach Chapora Fort?

The location is quite accessible from most of the surrounding cities of Goa. The Chapora Fort is situated in Bardez, Goa which is slightly above the Chapora River. The easiest way to reach this magnificent fort is to take a cab. The fort is in a distance of 10km (6.2 miles) away, a cab will be a straight journey without any break. You can also opt for a public bus, however, it might take longer.

Car Route- 1 hour 13 minutes

Estimated- INR 1,100- 1,400

Via NH 66

Bus Route- 2 hour 20 minutes

Estimated- INR 200-300

Dabolim>Mapusa Bus Stand>Badem>29 minutes’ walk to the Chapora Fort

Town Car- 46-50 minutes

Estimated- INR 1,900- 2,800

The travel fare may vary based on the weather or seasonal rush of the travelers.

This Fort has an ancient story to tell and those who love to pay attention to history will find a comfortable spot at this place. However, you should make sure to wear comfortable shoes and carry some essential items. Don’t forget to carry the camera to get the best view of the fort.