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Things to Buy in Goa Before You Leave

Goa is one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations of India – thanks to its gorgeous weather, unending ocean, and exotic golden beaches. Also, the golden state is well-known for its exotic flea markets and other shopping districts selling exciting souvenirs, aromatic Indian spices, and stunning pop-cultural artwork.
Here are a few things to buy in Goa, which can be considered as a great gift for family and friends back home. 

1. Cashew Nuts

In Goa, you can find cashew shops almost everywhere selling Kaju (cashews). Special variety stores sell cashews in different forms including spiced or masala Kajus, cashew with peel, cashews dipped in sweeteners, and so on. The Panaji market is usually considered as the most reliable place to get this nutty goodness.

P.S: Cashews belong to the family of nuts, and might cause allergy to few – before gifting it to someone remember to check with them regarding it.

2. Azulejos Tiles

A Portuguese-Spanish inspired ceramic Azulejos tile work from Goa is next on this list of things to buy in Goa. A popular souvenir among the tourists, these tiles is a popular fixture in the Goan homes and streets. Usually, based on the theme of Goan lifestyle and culture - Kunbi Dance, Tavernas, rustic Goan lifestyle, and landscape – you can buy customized nameplates, or mugs. Artists can also get your picture on an Azulejos tile.

Pocket-friendly, you can get a few items suiting your budget.

3. Feni (Liquor)

Goan Feni is undoubtedly one of the most popular items in Goa. Made from either cashew pulp or fermented coconut palm, Feni (liquor) is a popular drink among the locals. Apart from these, there are several other varieties of the liquor available in the stores, but the mentioned variants of feni are the most preferable.

The entire Feni making process is explained to visitors at the Benaulim’s Chitra Museum, and it is an interesting watch.   

PS: During April, a Cashew Festival is organized in Goa where visitors can participate in the Feni distilling and bottling.

4. Kunbi Sarees

The time-honored saris of Goa – Kunbi Saree - traditionally woven by Kunbi tribes of the state is another item in the list of things to buy in Goa. Mostly woven in bright red and black hues, the fabric was worn by women of the tribe. In the last decade, this particular weaving has witnessed a revival, all thanks to the Indian designer Wendell Rodricks.      

Although the designer alternatives to these traditional nine yards are expensive, easier on the pocket version of the Kunbi Sarees could be bought from the local stores and village fares.

5. Kokum or Kokum Sherbet

One of the most commonly used fruit in Western Ghat cooking is Kokum. The fruit has a charming pick hue and is often used as a souring agent in the dishes of the region. Being a summer fruit, Kokums overflow the market from April to July. For the rest of the year, Goans use sundried Kokum.

This is one of the perfect things to buy in Goa for fitness enthusiasts, as the fruit is rich in antioxidants and other nutrients.

P.S: Kokum is a delicious fruit and can be used in shakes and smoothies. 

6. Sea Shells Jewelry

Seashell jewelry is one of the most common things to buy in Goa. These items are sold in almost all the flea markets of the state and are generously used to create stunning items. You can find bracelets, seashell curtain strings, earrings, lampshades, and neckpieces styled with small conch and seashells. 

P.S: Just buy or pick some seashells décor items to bedeck your house.

7. Sea Salt

Goa’s salt pans (Mithache Agor), extending from southern banks of Mandovi River to Ribandar, were harvested by local communities for centuries. The natural sea salt is an excellent beauty product used frequently for exfoliation, hydrating mist and oil-free toners.

P.S: Mapusa Friday Market is one of the best places to get sea salt.

8. Coconut Craft

Goa’s state fruit – coconut – is used in everything. Coconut is omnipresent, and locals have incorporated this every part of these fruits into their life. While shells of coconut are used to make utensils or artworks, coconut oil is used for cooking or as a moisturizing agent. Among the things to buy in Goa, do get mats and home décor items made from coconut oil.  

9. Mario Miranda Art Works

The next item on the list would attract any art enthusiast on a trip to Goa. The gorgeous Mario Miranda Artwork depicts the Goa’s lifestyle and its people very beautifully. You can find stunning artwork showcasing the laid-back or Susegad Goans relaxing at a Taverna or similar depiction. Available at several souvenir shops, these are great gifts to take back home.

10. Spices

The aromatic spices are one of the main ingredients of Indian cooking, and the last item on the list of things to buy in Goa. Black pepper, nutmeg, and Triphala are some of the spices that are grown here. The ideal place to get these spices is from the spice gardens selling organic items. 

P.S: Do buy traditional masala mixes for these shops to create authentic Goan food like Xacuti.

This ends the things to buy in Goa. Also, remember that some shops have a no-haggling policy, there is no harm in trying. After seeking your time in the sea, do take your time to go for window shopping and exploring the several stunning hideouts of this magical state.

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