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Valpoi in Goa

Goa is the India’s party destination and a tourist’s favorite – the sun, the sand, the sea, and seafood – making it a tiny paradise. However, if you want to avoid the crowded tourist places, then Valpoy or Valpoi in Goa is your destination. A small town on the ridges of the Western Ghats, Valpoy is a secluded oasis in the midst crowded beaches.
Endowed with a beautiful weather and a scenic landscape, the place is an ideal holiday spot for people looking for a quiet escapade. Surrounded lush natural backdrop, this small town is a delightful destination.

Keynotes on Valpoi, Goa

Famous for: Natural landscape, and ancient monuments

Visit Duration: one to two days

Ideal for: day or weekend trips  

Ideal Time to Visit: October to March is recommended by most, however the beauty of Goa during monsoons (June and July) is simply divine. 

Best Visited with: solo, Group, Couple, or Family

Accommodation: budget hotels and homestays available 

Languages Spoken: Konkani and Marathi are widely spoken – English and Hindi is understood by most.

Valpoy’s History  

Valpoi in Goa is an ancient town with lot of history. Once a popular hunting ground for the royalties, the township was fondly referred to as Rede Ghati. During the reign of Chattrapati Shivaji, a beautiful fort was constructed for the royals who came to the valley for hunting expeditions. But in the 17th century, after the Portuguese annexation Maratha’s had to recede from the area, and leave the region palatial fort behind.

Although, overall architecture of the town has some of the Portuguese elements embedded in its core, but you might be able to spot the subtle Maratha elements as well. Especially, the older temples of the region have that subtle Maratha architectural theme.

Overall walking through Valpoy, you will be transported to a different page in the history.

Things to Do at Valpoy  

Great weather and picturesque landscape are the primary reasons why tourists visit this small town in the North Goa. Surrounded by stunning waterfalls and ancient forts, Valpoi in Goa is an interesting destination to recharge your batteries. Here are some of the interesting places you can visit the following places:

1.  Arvalam / Harvalem Waterfall and Caves  

Address: Rudreshwar Colony, Sanquelim, Goa 403505

Opening time: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

One of the most stunning locations in North Goa, the Arvalam Waterfall is a tourist’s favorite. Also, referred to as Harvale or Haravalem, the area is a popular picnic spot for the locals. En-route Arvalam, you will pass the stunning Pandava Caves and the Rudreshwar Shiva temple. These caves could be traced back to 6th and 7th century B.C., and were used by the Buddhist monks.

P.S: Do include the temple in your travel itinerary for an amazing view of the waterfalls. The entire experience cannot be described in words. 

2. Veluz Nagargaon Bridge

Constructed in 1932, the Veluz Nagargaon Bridge is a colonial fixture of the town. Connecting the Valpoi – Birondem – Advoi – Pissurlem – Onda Road, the place is deal for photography sessions. Also, the bridge takes you to the rural interiors of Goa – a place not included in the bucket list of the usual tourists. Flood your social media profile in the scenic backdrop of the region.  

3. Maruti Temple, Valpoi 

Address: 210, Nagargaon Rd, Valpoi, Goa 403506

Opening time: 5:00 am to 12:30 pm / 3:30 am to 7:30 pm

An ancient temple of this tiny township, the Maruti Temple was most probably constructed during the reign of the Maratha’s. Dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the sanctuary attracts devotes from the region. The place is a peaceful sanctuary, where you can take some time off from touring and meditate. This experience can be a soul-stirring and rejuvenate your mind.

P.S: Usually, the temple has a morning, noon and afternoon service, but special services can be arranged on the request of the visitors. Talk to the temple priest or the management for more information.

4. Nanus Fort 

Nanuz or Nanus Fort close to the Valpoi Township is an old mansion built either during the reign of Bhosles’ of Sawantwadi or Adilshahi regime. Believed to be built by Chatrapati Shivaji, the fort was used as a military base and a hunting retreat. After Portuguese army took over the place, the fort went under the capture of the colonizers.

Although the fort is in a dilapidated condition, as you enter through its gateway you will be transported to distant era in the past. Located just off the banks of River Mhadei, the place is suitable for a simple trek or hike. 

5. Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

Address: Sanguem Taluka, Off Valpoi Town

Opening time: 5:00 am to 5:30 pm

Spread in the area 208 sq. km., the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary attracts nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts. Covered in the biodiversity of the Western Ghats, the place is home to exotic Royal Bengal Tigers and several other animal species. During the monsoon months, this place is covered in the raw beauty of the nature. If you like hiking, then this is the time to visit the place. After a hectic beach holiday at Goa, stay for a day or two at the private or government bungalows for a jungle adventure. 

6. Hivrem - Valpoi Trek

The Hivrem - Valpoi Trek is moderately difficult trek, and could be a satisfying experience for trekking enthusiasts. Trekking through the route you might come across several waterfalls, small rivulets, and gorgeous view of the Western Ghats. The entire trek is close to seven to eight kilometers, and can be completed in a day. If you are a birdwatcher, then do carry a binocular – you might spot a Malabar Grey Hornbill or wild Indian Gaur.  

How to Reach Valpoi?

Nearest Railway Station:

a. Thivim (THVM)

Distance – 34 km (20 miles)

Buses from Thivim to Valpoi: 

• Panaji - Velguem via Mapusa towards Velguem via Mapusa

• Panaji - Satre via Mapusa towards Satre via Mapusa

• Panaji - Rivem via Mapusa,Valpoi towards Rivem via Mapusa,Valpoi

• Panaji - Caranzol via Bicholim towards Caranzol via Bicholim

The intercity buses leave from Thivim Railway Station bus stop and passes through Valpoi. The entire trip would take around two hours. Ticket prices are subjected to change.  

b. Karmali (KRMI)

Distance – 29.7 km (18.45 miles)

Buses from Karmali to Valpoi:

• Panaji - Zarme via Marcel, Valpoi towards Zarme via Marcel, Valpoi

• Panaji - Hivrem via Marcel, Valpoi towards Hivrem via Marcel, Valpoi

• Panaji - Advoi via Marcel, Sankhali towards Advoi via Marcel, Valpoi

The intercity buses leave from Dhulaper and passes through Valpoi. The entire trip would take close to three hours. Ticket prices are subjected to change.

Nearest Airport: Dabolim Airport

Distance: 57.4 km (35.41 miles)

Buses from airport to Valpoi

• Panaji - Rivem via Marcel, Valpoi towards Rivem via Marcel, Valpoi   

There are a few direct buses between the given points. Usually, travelers book app-based taxis to reach their destination. Cab fare is subjected to change.