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Bicholim, Goa

Bicholim in Goa is a small town which is famous for having a very beautiful waterfall at Arvalem. This place also gives a brilliant view of the Mayem Lake and stunning countryside that is adorned with cashew trees all around. Most people are unaware of the place because it is rarely talked about it. Bicholim also houses some of the famous Hindu Temples from the ancient time.

Apart from the brilliant temple, you will also find the oldest mosque in this small town. The town is considered different because it has an open cast iron ore mine which is said to add a whole new feature to Goa. If you are visiting Goa and found the right guide with the right package, then you won’t miss small gems of Goa that can only be shown by the experienced guides.

Hidden Places to Visit near Bicholim, Goa

Apart from the breathtaking locations and scenic views of this place, you will also find several places that you shouldn’t miss.

Arvalem Caves: These rock-cut caves are also known as the Pandava caves and it is a famous attraction of Bicholim, Goa. If you are a fan of Mahabharata and other mythological stories, then you will love to explore the historic tale that dates back to the 6th century. The cave is named after the Pandava for one reason because they took shelter in these caves after their exile.

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Mayem Lake: When you will visit this lake, you will notice the lake is surrounded by hills from all around. This location is considered to be one of the most popular destinations in Goa; the tourists can enjoy boating at the Lake and enjoy the delicious snacks from the small stalls and cafes around the area.

Saptakoteshwar Temple: This temple is counted as one of the best pieces of architecture in Goa. Especially, among the temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, this place reflects the Goan architecture from right through its walls. To enhance the beauty of this place, the temple is further decorated with chandeliers and other brilliants interiors.

Shopping: In the main area in Bicholim, you will find a very famous and large market set up done every Wednesday. You will find many vendors, sellers, and buyers with their goods to carry out the trade. This trade isn’t enough; you will also find many eating joints and lip-smacking dishes to try as Goa specialty. The market also offers some of the brilliant craftwork specially prepared by Goan artisans.

Arvalem Waterfall: If you want to take the family out for a picnic, then there is no better place than the Arvalem waterfall. This place is located in about 8km (4.9miles) from Bicholem. You will fall in love with the view of the waterfall surrounded by the Rudreshwar temple.

How to Get Bicholim, Goa

Since Bicholim is just around 35km (21 miles) from the capital city Panjim and the capital city is well connected with all the major areas of the state, you will not have issues in traveling.

By Road

You will find the main national highways that pass through the city and can be easily traveled. To make the journey easier, you will also find many government and private buses from Mapusa and Panaji to Bicholim in Goa which operate daily.

Mapusa to Bicholim via cab- 36 min (20.3 km) 12 miles via Mapusa - Bicholim Rd

Mapusa to Bicholim via bus- Panaji Market - Ustem via Valpoi towards Ustem via Valpoi to reach Zantye College

Panjim to Bicholim via cab- 58 min (27.6 km) via Betim - Penha de Franca - Pomburpa - Quitla - Aldona

Panjim to Bicholim via Bus- Panaji - Virdi via Marcel, Sankhali towards Virdi via Marcel,Sankhali – Ponda - Kudchire via Marcel, Sankhali towards Kudchire via Marcel, Sankhali, then a short walk to Vathadev.

By Rail

You will find the Madgaon to be the main railhead junction of Goa. You can easily book a cab or take the bus to Bicholim. The nearest railway link is from Madgaon which is 56km (34miles) and around 8.5 km (5.2 miles) from the Thivim railway station.

Once you get to Madgaon Junction, here is how the bus routes can work out for you

• Madgaon Junction to Thivim via 12052 - Dadar Jan Shatabdi Express 12052 towards Dadar Central - Panaji - Valpoi via Mapusa towards Valpoi via Mapusa.

• 70104 - Karwar - Pernem DEMU 70104 towards Pernem - Panaji - Sankhali via Mapusa towards Sankhali via Mapusa to Zantye College, then you can talk a walk to Bicholim directly.

By Air

Since this town is well connected with the Dabolim International Airport, you won’t face problem in getting around the state. You will find transportation easily from the airport to all major parts of the state. To give you a brief idea, Bicholim is just 57 km (35.4 miles) away from the airport.

Hire a taxi-
1 h 29 min (50.0 km) 31 miles via NH366
1 h 31 min (52.1 km) 31 miles via NH 66
1 h 35 min (59.1 km) 36 miles via NH 66 and Mapusa - Bicholim Rd

You can also get an alternative to the roadway which is the ferry. The waterway is considered to be better because you can take the ferry route from Ribander to Chorao and land in Madel. To cover the rest of the journey, you can take the short bridge which connects Chorao to Bicholim.

Bicholim has some of the brilliant sightseeing locations; you must have read about the attractions and famous spots within the city and in a close distance to Bicholim. Nature lovers will love to get around in this town, this place is also highly suggested for couples and individuals who has a taste to explore and absorb nature’s beauty.