Bats Island

The Bats Island is also known as the Pequeno, which is situated towards the west side of the Goa. This island is a hub of interesting water sports at an affordable rate; the place is not very crowded and receives a much filtered crowd every year. People who know keep increasing their circle bypassing the word of mouth. If you are into luxury yacht holidays, and speed boats, then you will thoroughly enjoy the ride. To put in simple words, a visit to Bats Island will always be remembered.

Nice Environment

Another striking difference that you will be able to spot is the cleanliness. The tourist department makes sure the cleanliness is well-maintained, unlike any other beaches; you will love the clean environment and racy water activities. Since the beach is surrounded by Baina and Vasco Da Gama at a very close distance, you will be able to find some of the brilliant shacks and restaurants for relaxing.

Best Time to Visit

The good time to visit Bats Island will be the winter season, and the suitable timing in the afternoon hours before sundown. The reason is, you will be able to explore the surrounding properly and absorb the visual beauty of the open sea.

Interesting Activities in Bats Island

Snorkeling is the most famous water sport in Bats Island has always been on the limelight. However, even Scuba Diving is widely preferred; the natural underwater activities reflect a peace of mind in ways you haven’t experienced before. The arrangement for these water sports are done well, from trainers to the preparations.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving are brilliant water sports that allow you to explore the beauty of underwater. The colorful corals and various water species will take you to a different world altogether. However, if you are thinking of the criteria for snorkeling, then take a sigh of relief because it doesn’t require the individual to be a swimmer. Non-swimmers can easily experience the water sport with proper training by the trainers.

Snorkeling in Bats Island

Experience the best of snorkeling in Bats Island. For people who are in love with adventure sports and especially snorkeling will enjoy some great adventure at this place. The customization for snorkeling done in Bats Island are outstanding, however, it doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. Given the beauty this place has, it should rank on top of every traveler's bucket list. Travelers visiting Baina Beach and Vasco Da Gama usually don’t leave the place without visiting the Bats Island to experience some snorkeling.

Other Water activities in Bats Island

The Bats Island is the apt place to experience Scuba Diving and Snorkeling; however, there are other water sports that tourists prefer putting on their bucket list. Varieties are the spices of life, and that’s what seeps into the veins of this island. Here are some more you can experience and enjoy in the Bats Island.

• Parasailing (2 to 3min)

• Banana ride

• Speed boat

• Snorkeling

• Dolphin sightseeing

• Bumper ride

• Jetski

Since this island is in a very close distance to Vasco Da Gama, your accommodation will probably be in one of the hotels in Vasco Da Gama. The experience at the Bats Island is described to be a different experience altogether where you will be able to witness the coral, sea fans, brain coral, colorful shoals, and various species of aquatic life around you while you go for snorkeling.

To add up to the wonder of this island, you will also come across butterfly fish, angelfish, parrotfish, squirrelfish, snappers, triggerfish, hawksbill turtle, sea cucumber, sea urchins, and many other fishes when you are exploring the sea. There is no doubt that the visit to this island will be a fascinating one. To capture the memories of this beautiful island, don’t forget to carry your camera.

The place is easily accusable by a ferry or a jetty after a roadway, but you will not face any problem related to transportation. The island is around 30 minutes from a boat ride into the sea. Carry some food supplies if you can to keep you fed during the boat ride. However, there are many boat rides arranged especially for Bats Island where you get a packaged deal including food and other water activities. 

Traveling to Bats Island

1. Nearest Airport: Dobolim Airport (4 km/ 2.48 miles)

From Goa International Airport in Dobolim, travelers can take a cab till Baina Beach. From there, travelers have to board a ferry to reach the island. These ferries charge around INR 500 for one-way trip.

2. Nearest Railway Station: Vasco Da Gama (VSG) (3.8 km/ 2.36 miles)

Vasco Da Gama (VSG) Railway Station is the nearest railways station to the Bats Island. To reach the destination, visitors have to take a cab or two-wheeler to reach the Baina Beach. Ferries are available from the beach. Details are mentioned above.

3. Nearest Bus Stop: Baina Bus Stop (4 km/2.48 miles)

From Baina Bus Stop, passengers can reach the destination via Mangor Airport Rd/Mangor Hill Rd. To commence the trip, passengers can take a cab ride or two-wheeler for the trip. The entire trip would cost around INR 1,000.