Relaxing in the Shacks of Candolim Beach

If you are wondering what special Candolim Beach has, then you will not be surprised to know that this beach has an unexplainable solitude. It’s a beautiful place to find yourself and get rid of the stressful life you were planning to run away from. It’s an ideal place to hang out in any possible season because Candolim beach offers some brilliant water activities and sightseeing in the surrounding areas. The tranquil and quiet environment whispers a very different vibe, much different from the rest of the beaches of Goa.

When shacks of Candolim beaches come into the picture, there are endless options, to begin with. The shacks offer some brilliant music, delicious food, and amazing ambiance, there is also a saying that if you want to experience the real taste of Goan food, just settle down at the table of a good shack and you will be satisfied.

Shacks are more like modernized hut hotels built across the beach for tourists to dine and chill. It is built with man-made materials and abandoned debris.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Candolim beach are the winter months, from November to April. The suitable timings to visit this beautiful beach is from sunrise to sunset between 6 am to 6 pm, however, the beach is open for visitors 24/7.

7 Best Shacks in Candolim Beach

• Ryan Shack

• Bobby’s Shack

• Alex Beach Shack

• Calamari Bathe and binge

• Spotty’s Shack

• Goan Hut Shack

• Camrose Beach shack

These shacks are quite popular among the tourists in Candolim Beach and receive numerous tourists throughout the year. However, one drawback of these beach shacks is that some of them are closed during the monsoon season. The high tides in the rainy seasons do affect some of the shacks in Candolim.

Funny Activities in Candolim Beach

To add up some more beauty to the already amazing Candolim beach, here are some of the activities, you can enjoy on a sunny day.

• Some of the interesting things to do around is to involve yourself in water sport activities like catamaran sailing, jet skiing, banana rides, surfing, bump rides, parasailing, paragliding, etc. you will have to visit the beach early with first sunlight and it continues till 4 p.m. However, things are different in the rainy season and windy days; these activities are carried out throughout the season.

• For people who want to experience spirituality and meditation, joining the Indian Yoga centers will be the second-best thing to try, it will teach you to control over your mind and body. You will be given an option to attend the weekly classes or monthly classes depending on what kind of sessions you want to take.

• Ayurvedic massage is another well-known thing in Candolim beach to replenish skin and help in the transformation of mind and body. These massages are also good to treat problems like migraines and backaches, etc.

• Candolim is also amazing for music lovers and people who love shopping, there is a flea market set up in the surrounding area where you will be able to shop some of the amazing things from global sellers.

• Candolim beach is also a hub for night beach parties, places like Shiro Nightclub, Pharos, Club LPK, etc. are the prime spots to enjoy a lively party. You will enjoy live music, a mocktail, cocktail, karaoke, and many interesting things.

Shopping in Candolim Beach

If you love collecting souvenirs from your travel destinations, then this beach has some of the best places to do that. You will be able to get your hands on the artificial colorful stones, custom made clothes, metal jewelry, and highly crafted souvenirs designs on wood and metal. These won’t be the end; you will also be able to buy designer bags, elegant gems and much more. You will get custom made dresses stitched in Bollywood style by special tailors.

How to reach Candolim Beach?

By Air

Dabolim is the closest airport to get to Candolim, which is at a distance of 46 km (28 miles). There are available buses from the Madgaon junction that will take you to Candolim beach.

By Rail

The closest railway station is located at Thivim (Thivim Railway Station), which is around 21km (13 miles) away.

By Road

Candolim Beach is well connected to the Panjim Bus Station, which is at a distance of 12 km (7.4 miles).

Here are a few details about the estimated fare and routes you will be travel to Candolim beach from the hotspots of Goa.

Car Route- 36-55 minutes

Estimated- INR 950- 1,200

Via NH 66

Bus Route- 1 hour 42 minutes

Estimated- INR 150-250

Dabolim> Panaji KTC Bus Stand> Candolim Market> 11 minutes’ walk to the beach

Town Car-36-40 minutes

Estimated- INR 1,900- 2,700

Note: The easiest way to go around in Goa is to hire a cab, if you want to avoid a break journey, then talk to the available cab service and hire them to reach the destination easily. Also, the travel expense to the Candolim beach may vary due to the mode of transport you choose or seasonal rush.

To top off the magic, you will also find the Goan food to cover up the gaps. Candolim beach is said to grow on you in a very short span of time. Don’t forget to carry your camera to capture the unforgettable moments in Goa.