India Weather in March

From March, the weather of India is getting hot, but not too hot, with an average daytime temperature of 31℃ (87.8℉) and an average night temperature of 18℃ (64.4℉). The climate keeps dry with little rain so that it’s suitable for a travel in India. In addition, the Holi taking place in March is a grand celebration you shouldn’t miss. For the possible tourist crowds, please book your tickets and hotels in advance.
The hottest cities in India in March:
Chennai: 34℃ (93.2℉), Ahmedabad: 36℃ (96.8℉), Hyderabad: 36℃ (96.8℉), Pune: 36℃ (96.8℉)  
The coldest cities in India in March:
Amritsar: 11℃ (51.8℉), Chandigarh: 14℃ (57.2℉), Lucknow: 15℃ (59℉), New Delhi: 16℃ (60.8℉)

Averages for India Weather in March

High Temperature
31°C (87.8°F)
Low Temperature
18°C (64.4°F)
28 mm (1 in)
06:12 ~ 06:46
18:21 ~ 18:39

March Temperatures in India

What to Wear
It’s necessary to wear thin and breathable summer clothes during the daytime in India in March, like T-shirt, dress and short shirt. But the temperature at night in the north is a little low, you should take long-sleeve shirt and thin overcoat like hoodie.
March Travel Guide – Where to Go & Tips
Tourism Rate: 

Travelling to India in March is a nice choice because the weather will change greatly in the following months and is perhaps not suitable for travel. Also, the most attractive festival in India is held during March, namely the Holi. It’s the New Year Festival of India and also a carnival all over the country. It’s mainly held in Mathura and Vrindavan. Firstly, people will hold a ceremony at temples in the morning. After that, they will prepare bags with colorful powder and dust them towards passersby in the streets to celebrate the festival.

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Tips for visitors during the Holi:
1.    Book your tickets and hotels ahead.
2.    Wear some old clothes.
3.    Wear sunglasses and mask.
4.    Be careful with your belongings.
5.    Go out with a male friend if you can.

Besides, you shouldn’t miss the Indian cultural tour in the Golden Triangle Area consisting of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. India’s top attractions located in the area, such as the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort, are worth visiting.

March Weather of Major India Cities
Temperature Sunrise / Sunset Humidity
High Low
32°C/ 89.6°F 17°C / 62.6°F 07:25/ 17:32 44
36°C / 96.8°F 19°C / 66.2°F 07:20/ 18:07 84
28°C / 82.4°F 11°C / 51.8°F 07:56/ 18:38 79
33°C / 91.4°F 20°C / 68°F 07:45/ 18:30 83
34°C / 93.2°F 18°C / 64.4°F 07:08/ 18:13 72
31°C / 87.8°F 17°C / 62.6°F 07:23/ 18:22 73
34°C / 93.2°F
22°C / 71.6°F 07:41/ 18:34 79
33°C / 91.4°F 15°C / 59°F 06:51/ 17:35 75
33°C / 91.4°F 22°C / 71.6°F 06:58/ 16:36 72
31°C / 87.8°F   16°C / 60.8°F 07:44/ 17:48 57
33°C / 91.4°F 17°C / 62.6°F 07:03/ 18:11 74
33°C / 91.4°F 15°C / 59°F 06:56/ 17:43 65
33°C / 91.4°F
25°C / 77°F

New Delhi
37°C / 98.6°F
21°C / 69.8°F

37°C / 98.6°F
22°C / 71.6°F   

38°C / 100.4°F
20°C / 68°F

31°C / 87.8°F
23°C / 73.4°F

39°C / 102.2°F
23°C / 73.4°F