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Best Time to Visit India

When is the best time to visit India?
October to March is the best time to travel to India as it’s not very hot and seldom rains during this period. The weather condition for travelling is better than any of the rest months. However, if you visit the northern mountain area, the best months are from April to July.

Best Months
October - March
Temperature: 15 - 28℃ (59 - 82.4℉)
Clothes to Wear: T-shirt, dress, thin coat, hoodie, thin sweater
Best Season
Advantages: dry and cool climate without storms; many sunny days
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Peak Season & Slack Season

Peak Season: October to March

The weather is warm and dry, very pleasant for travelling. Days are clear with brilliant sunshine and fresh air. Besides, compared with the rainy season, there are fewer mosquitoes. 

Slack Season: June to September
It’s the rainy season of India with frequent rains and sometimes storms. There is often short shower in the north and heavy rain in the south. Visitors must take rain gears and endure the heat and humidity. There are less tourists and it’s possible to negotiate for better prices.

Shoulder Season: April and May
It’s the hottest period in a year in India and the temperature can sometimes even reach 40℃ (104℉). But still many people choose to come here to visit summer resorts like Darjeeling and Kashimir Valley.

Month Travel Season Temperature
12 - 25℃ (53.6-77℉)
14 - 27℃ (57.2-80.6℉)
Summer 18 - 31℃ (64.4-87.8℉)
Summer 22 - 35℃ (71.6-95℉)
Summer 24 - 36℃ (75.2-96.8℉)
25- 34℃ (77-93.2℉)
24- 31℃ (75.2-87.8℉)
24- 31℃ (75.2-87.8℉)
23 - 31℃ (73.4-87.8℉)
20 - 31℃ (68-87.8℉)
16 - 28℃ (60.8-82.4℉)
12- 25℃ (53.6-77℉)
Best Time to Visit Taj Mahal - October to March
Taj Mahal is located in the north of India. From June to September, there is too much rain, although most of them are short showers. From October to March, the north is very cool and dry. You can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset of Taj Mahal. Pay attention to its opening time: 6:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday.
Best Time to See the Ganges River - November to March
April to October is in the flood season of the Ganges River and the weather in surrounding areas is hot and rainy. In comparison, the weather from November to March is warm and dry. The best period to visit the sacred river in a day is evening during Ganga aarti.
It’s the traditional New Year of India and held in February or March. People will be dressed up colorfully and throw pigment powder towards others in the streets. At the same time, they sing and dance to celebrate the coming of spring. If you visit India during this festival, do not miss this interesting and crazy experience. Please book air tickets and hotels ahead, and keep your property safe.
It’s an important festival of Hinduism and held in October or November. All the temples, parks and shops are decorated by a variety of lights. You can also attend the praying ceremonies and lots of artist programs. However, it can be noisy because of the fireworks to celebrate the festival. And of course, the tickets of airplane and train and the hotel rooms are all difficult to order. Besides, during the festival, Indians will have a vegetarian diet; be aware of this when ordering meals at restaurants.

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