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India Weather in June

Stepping in to the rainy season, India experiences hot and rainy weather in June, with an average daytime temperature of 34℃ (93.2℉) and average night temperature of 25℃ (77℉). Not only has the rainfall increased, but there are often storms. So we can say, June is a month full of rainy and stormy days with high temperature. Although the climate is not very nice, there are some places you can go if you want to travel to India in June.
The hottest cities in India in June:
Jaipur: 40℃ (104℉),  Ahmedabad: 39℃ (102.2℉),  Agra: 40℃ (104℉),  Amritsar: 40℃ (104℉)
The coldest cities in India in June:
Hyderabad: 24℃ (75.2℉),  Bangalore: 21℃ (69.8℉),  Pune: 23℃ (73.4℉)

Averages for India Weather in June

High Temperature
34°C (93.2°F)
Low Temperature
25°C (77°F)
211 mm (8.3 in)
05:23 ~ 05:27
19:14 ~ 19:23

June Temperatures in India

What to Wear
The UV rays in India in June are very strong, so it’s better to wear some thin and breathable clothes with long sleeves. Of course you can wear a T-shirt or dress, but don’t forget to take a parasol or sunhat with you. By the way, there are also many rainy days, so you can take an umbrella with you. Sometimes there are storms and you should prepare a raincoat. Canvas shoes are not recommended as they easily get wet.

June Travel Guide – Where to Go & Tips

Tourism Rate: 

If you want to travel to India in June, you should not miss the Garden City Bangalore, in which the climate is pleasant even in June and there are many famous Dravidian Style architectures like the Parliament Building built in 1954, the ancient and unique Bull Temple and some classy bars each of which has unique musical style and decorations. Besides you should visit the famous Himalayan summer resort Darjeeling where you can visit the zoos, climbing schools and enjoy the misty views. The historical and beautiful costal city Chennai is another wonderful destination where there are many museums and forts. You can also take a sun bath on the famous Marina Beach.

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June Weather of Major India Cities
Temperature Sunrise / Sunset Humidity
High Low
40°C/ 104°F 28°C / 82.4°F 07:25/ 17:32 44
39°C / 102.2°F 28°C / 82.4°F 07:20/ 18:07 84
40°C / 104°F 24°C / 75.2°F 07:56/ 18:38 79
30°C / 86°F 21°C / 69.8°F 07:45/ 18:30 83
37°C / 98.6°F 25°C / 77°F 07:08/ 18:13 72
38°C / 100.4°F 27°C / 80.6°F 07:23/ 18:22 73
33°C / 91.4°F
25°C / 77°F 07:41/ 18:34 79
35°C / 95°F 24°C / 75.2°F 06:51/ 17:35 75
41°C / 105.8°F 26°C / 78.8°F 06:58/ 16:36 72
34°C / 93.2°F   27°C / 80.6°F 07:44/ 17:48 57
39°C / 102.2°F 26°C / 78.8°F 07:03/ 18:11 74
32°C / 89.6°F 27°C / 80.6°F 06:56/ 17:43 65
33°C / 91.4°F
25°C / 77°F

New Delhi
37°C / 98.6°F
21°C / 69.8°F

37°C / 98.6°F
22°C / 71.6°F   

38°C / 100.4°F
20°C / 68°F

31°C / 87.8°F
23°C / 73.4°F

39°C / 102.2°F
23°C / 73.4°F