How to Travel to India from UK – Flight, Visa & Tour Plan

Do UK citizens need a visa to travel to India?

India E-Visa Sample
India E-Visa Sample
Yes. From November 27, 2015 on, E-Tourist visa replaced the traditional visa and UK passport holders can apply for it for India tours from UK. All you need to do is complete your application form online, and India will issue you the e-Visa once your documents are approved.

Note: You should get your e-Visa at least four days before you board your flight to India; You only can apply for 2 times at maximum in a calendar year.

Visa fees: £54

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How to Travel to India from UK – Flights

There are few direct flights traveling to India from UK because of long distance. While if you departure from London to Delhi, it has direct lines taking around 8 hours. You need to book plane tickets in advance according to your travel plan.

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Best Time to Visit India

India is tropical monsoon climate with cool, hot and rainy season. The best time to travel to India from UK is between October and March. During this time, tourists can expect a relatively cool and dry weather.

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Best Places to Visit in India

As a big ancient civilization, India is rich in cultural sites and relics. But it also has many natural beauty to blow your mind. So there are many destinations for your travel to India from UK.

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal

Ganges River, Varanasi
Ganges River, Varanasi
Nahargarh Fort, India
Nahargarh Fort, India

For example:
1. Delhi: You can visit the famous Qutab Minar, the tallest minaret in India.

2. Agra: The great Taj Mahal, representing eternal love between king and his wife, attracts numerous people to appreciate this magnificent white marble building. 

3. Jaipur: It is hailed as pink city where you can visit beautiful City Palace and Hawa Mahal

4. Mumbai: It is one of the most prosperous city in India, but you can also find the Asia’s largest slum - Dharavi Slum

5. Kashmir: It is called “Oriental Switzerland”. Most people will go to Srinagar to boat on Dal Lake and engage in various outdoor activities. 

6. Varanasi: It is a holy city for Hindus because of Ganges River. People can admire great puja in the evening or float on the river in the morning to watch sunrise. 

Time Difference between UK and India

India time is 4 hours 30 minutes ahead London.

Money Exchange for GBP and India Rupee

Rough Exchange Rate: 1 GBP = 91.52 INR

INR, short for Indian Rupee, is the official currency in India. Currently, the majority payment way are cash and credit card. So you need to exchange some money in advance for emergency. And it is convenient to exchange pounds at airports and banks.

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Voltage & Power Sockets

Plug Type
Type G
Type A/B

If you travel to India from UK, please take a voltage adapter and a plug adapter.

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Tap Water is Not Drinkable in India

Tap water cannot be drink directly in India because of horrible sanitation condition. You need to drink bottled water in shops and mention that bottle cap intact.

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How to Make Phone Calls

From UK to India:
Dial 00 + 91 + area code + local subscriber number
Dial 00 + 91 + 10-digit mobile number

From India to UK:
Dial 00 + 44 + area code + phone number

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