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Qutub Minar, Delhi

Qutub Minar Facts

Qutub Minar Complex, Delhi
Names: Qutub Minar, Kutub Minor, Qutb Minar, Qutb Complex
Qutub Minar Height: 72.5 meters (327.9 feet)
When was Qutub Minar Built: 1193 A.D.
Where is Qutub Minar: Qutub Minar location is in Mehrauli Village, 15km from New Delhi
Who built Qutub Minar: India's First Muslim King

Qutub Minar, a world cultural heritage, is the world's tallest brick tower built by India's first Muslim king to celebrate the victory over local Hindus. It is a representative of early Islamic architecture. It is still a mystery why this tall tower can be preserved so well. The entire site includes Qutb Minar, Quw-Watul Islam Mosque, Iron Pillar and Alai Minar.

Qutub Minar History

There are five versions of the origin of Qutub Minar. The most convincing story is that Delhi's first Islamic ruler built it to show his conquest of Hindus. To this end, he gave an order to demolish 27 Hindu temples, and then built a mosque under the Kutub Minor with the tiles of the demolished temple. Others say it was built by Delhi's rulers. However, it is generally believed that the tower was not built in one generation, nor was it built in one time, but was built for a long time.

A Round Sandstone and Marble Tower with Five Floors

Qutub Minar in Hindi uses red sandstone and marble as building materials, and it is a round maroon tower. The tower is 72.5 meters (327.9 feet) high and has 379 steps. Its diameter gradually decreases from 14.3 meters at the bottom to 2.7 meters at the top.

Qutub Minar, Delhi
Qutub Mina is 327.9 feet high and has 379 steps

Qutb complex has five floors, each floor is separated by an annular balcony. The first floor is 29 meters high and the second floor is 15.5 meters high. The above layers are reduced by meters. The Qutb Minar has beautiful appearance and unique architectural style. From the first floor to the third floor are made of red sandstone, each floor has convex decorative folds on its outer surface, which has different shapes. The first floor is decorated with staggered triangle and semicircle, the second floor is semicircle, and the third floor is triangle. The fourth and fifth floors of the tower are made of white marble with red sandstone in the middle, resembling a red belt wrapped around the tower.

The stairs inside the Qutb Minar are extremely steep. In 1979, a tour group caused several casualties due to a stampede inside the tower, so the inside of the tower was closed to the public. But you can see it from the minaret of Jama Masjid.

Qutub Cultural Festival

Every year from November to December, Qutub cultural festival is held here. There is a grand performance similar to the international music festival, and you can have the opportunity to see live music and dance performances by modern and classical artists in India.

How to Get to Qutub Minar

The nearest metro station is called Qutub Minar. Tourists can take yellow subway line to get there, then it is about 2 km (6562ft) from the scenic spot, you can walk or take a Tutu.
Ticket Fare
500 rupees for foreign tourists
Qutub Minar timings
All day
Recommended time for a visit
2-3 hours

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