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9 Interesting Facts about Goa Every Travel-holic Should Know

India is an interesting mix of tradition and culture. Some of the states highly represent the spectacular spiritual belief and brilliant tourist locations. You wouldn’t even have blinked before murmuring Goa, because when asked about one destination to spend a peaceful holiday with sun-kissed beaches, it is by default Goa. If you need to know some of the interesting facts about Goa to keep yourself updated, then take a look below. The state vibrates with different level of energy altogether.

1. Panjim was made the capital of Goa by the Portuguese in the year 1843 till 1987. Goa, Daman & Diu was a union territory. Goa was carved out of it and turned into a separate state later. However, Daman & Diu continues to be a union territory. After the Independence, the government requested Portuguese territories to stay ceded in India; however, after they refused the union territory of Goa, Daman & Dui was annexed by the Portuguese military.

Panjim Old Capital
Panjim Old Capital Colonized by Portugal

2. You might not know that the state of Goa lies in the Konkan region towards the western part of India. It also borders the Karnataka in the east and south, and Maharashtra in the north.

3. Even though it is the smallest state by area and it’s the fourth smallest by population, Goa is said to be the richest state in India in terms of GDP per capita. This is one of the interesting facts about Goa that it is mostly run on the tourism industry. Every year Goa receives the highest number of tourists from all around the world since the weather of Goa is the most suitable and remains pleasant throughout the year. Goa people have a decent source of income with tourism serving, which is the purpose at the top of the list.

4. You will love the brilliant architecture of Goa buildings and churches that resemble the best of the Portuguese tradition and culture from the past. When spirituality comes into the picture, the Mangeshi temple is known as the largest in Goa. The temple is dedicated to the Mangesh that is said to be the reincarnation of Lord Shiva.

Panaji Church in Goa
Panaji Church

Se Cathedral in Old Goa
Se Cathedral

5. Goa is filled with diversity in every corner of the state, which is also an interesting fact about Goa. You will be able to find people from different religious backgrounds who are deeply rooted in their ancestor’s traditions.

6. Dudhsagar Falls, having a height of 310 m (about 1,017 ft), is said to be one of the highest falls in India. It is situated on the Zuari River. Around the lush greenery of the nearby Sanctuary named Bhagwan Mahavir, the place receives thousands of visitors during the monsoon season.

7. Goa is also said to have the best Bird sanctuary in India called the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, it is also considered as one of the most important bird sanctuaries of India.

8. Another one of the interesting facts about Goa is that the Marmagao harbor is virtually at the convergence of Zuari and Mandovi rivers. And Sonsogor is said to be the highest peak of Goa which lies on the Western Ghats with an altitude of 1,166 m (3,825 ft).

9. Calangute Beach is known to be the most popular beach for experiencing the best water sports in Goa.

Calangute Beach
Calangute Beach

In Goa, Konkan was taken as the official language in the year 1993. As compared to any other state, Goa is the one that offers a two-wheeler taxi; people hire motorcycle taxis at an affordable rate. Apart from tourism and brilliant locations, Goa is also rich in agricultural resources. The economy is greatly influenced by export. When it comes to entertainment, attractions, and activities in Goa, you will be surprised to know just how much this place adds up to the happiness of millions of lives around the world. You will be able to relax at the beaches, go for water sports, enjoy the delicious Goan food, and many other things that are not easily found in any other state or beaches.

These interesting facts about Goa aren’t enough, the real beauty and attractions in Goa are well explored once you visit Goa. Don’t forget to carry your camera to capture the excellence of this stunning location.

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