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How to Travel from Chennai to Goa

Goa is one of the most fabulous holiday spots of India – frequently visited by both Indian and international tourists. The sun, sand, and the beaches all make Goa a pocket paradise for vacationers searching for some time to a much-needed break.

This write-up is dedicated to helping you in covering the Chennai to Goa travel itinerary. You can either take a fourteen-hour road trip or opt for a journey via train to reach the destination. Additionally, several airlines operate between these two cities throughout the day.

Here is a detailed overview traveling to Goa from Chennai.

Chennai to Goa via Airways

One of the easiest modes of transports between these two cities is airways.

Departure airport (from Chennai): Chennai International Airport

Arrival airport (in Goa): Goa International Airport

Non-stop flights between Chennai to Goa complete in two hours. Some of the Indian carriers running regular services between these two cities are:

• Vistara

• SpiceJet

• GoAir

• AirAsia (India)

• IndiGo

• Air India

Usually, the tickets cost around INR 3,000, but the prices are subjected to change. To book the tickets, you can log in on the official website of the airline providers or any third-party ticket booking agency.

Chennai to Goa Road Trip

Unfortunately, there are no direct buses to Goa from Chennai. You have to come to either Hyderabad or Bangalore and then take a bus for Goa.

On the other hand, you can go for a Chennai to Goa road trip. The entire journey (912.9 km/ 567.24 miles), over the NH 48, can be covered in 18 hours. In the route, you will find several toll gates – so prepare to pay the toll fee. The route traverses from:

Chennai - Bangalore - Tumakuru - Chitradurga - Davangere - Hubballi - Goa

On a Chennai to Goa road trip, remember to take breaks so that you do not tire yourself. Also, always get your car serviced before heading for such a long trip. Stock on food and water is another helpful trip.  

Chennai to Goa via Train

Trains are another popular mode of transport among the tourists due to two reasons. Firstly, the Indian Railway provides comfortable trips at affordable rates. Secondly, train journeys are an excellent way of getting a glimpse of Indian culture and heritage.

There is only one direct train between Chennai to Goa 

Mas Vasco Express (17311)

Departs: Chennai Central railway station (MAS)

Destination: Vasco Da Gama (VSG)

Duration: 20h 55min

Departs on: Friday

Departing time: 13:50

Classes: AC 3 Tier (3A), AC 2 Tier (2A), Sleeper (SL) 

Ticket Prices: AC 3 Tier (3A) – INR 1,335.00; AC 2 Tier (2A) – INR 1,915.00; Sleeper (SL) – INR 495.00

You can book the tickets for your journey from the official ticketing channel of the Indian Railway online.

To travel within the city, you can always hire a two-wheeler (most preferable mode of transport in Goa) or rent a car.

Overall, Goa is a magical destination that calls tourists into its arms. The beautiful beaches, colorful flea markets, stunning landscape, and exotic seafood everything makes this place a magical paradise.

So, are you interested in making Chennai to Goa?

If yes, then what are you waiting for – just book your tickets and head to this magical destination.  

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