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Best Time to Visit Vietnam: November to February

When is the Best Time to Visit Vietnam?

The best time to visit Vietnam is November to February. It’s the dry and cool season. The temperature is not very high and there is less rainfall.

Best Months
November to February
Temperature: 20 - 28℃ (68 - 82.4℉)
Clothes to Wear: Take some breathable clothes like shirt and dress, and prepare a thin coat for the cooler nighttime.
Best Season
Dry Season
Advantages: pleasant climate, cool temperature, less rainfall, reasonable travel cost, beautiful beach, fresh natural scenery, good air quality
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Peak Season & Slack Season

Peak Season: November to March

The temperature is moderate. It’s during the dry season which means travelers don’t need to worry about the rain. But the price of air tickets and hotels are higher due to the large number of visitors.

Slack Season: May to August

It’s the hottest period of Vietnam and the rainfall is also larger. However, the price of air tickets and hotels are lower and the number of visitors are less which means you can enjoy yourself at a more leisurely pace. Also, the scenery is as beautiful as in the peak season.

Shoulder Season: April, September, October
It’s not very hot with occasional rains. There are many holidays during this period when tourists can learn some special customs and take part in unique celebration activities.

Month Travel Season Temperature
18 - 25 ℃ / 64.4 - 77 ℉
19 - 26 ℃ / 66.2 - 78.8 ℉
21 - 29 ℃ / 69.8 - 84.2 ℉
23 - 31 ℃ / 73.4 - 87.8 ℉
25 - 33 ℃ / 77 - 91.4 ℉
25 - 33 ℃ / 77 - 91.4 ℉
26 - 33 ℃ / 78.8 - 91.4 ℉
25 - 33 ℃ / 77 - 91.4 ℉
24 - 31 ℃ / 75.2 - 87.8 ℉
23 - 30 ℃ / 73.4 - 86 ℉
21 - 28 ℃ / 69.8 - 82.4 ℉
18 - 26 ℃ / 64.4 - 78.8 ℉
Best Time to Visit Hanoi - April - May & October - November

The weather of Hanoi in April and May is pleasant. The rainfall is not heavy, most of which are short showers. Besides, the weather in October and November is cool and dry which is suitable for travelling to Hanoi. You can walk through the ancient streets, visit historical museums and temples, and taste delicious Vietnamese food.

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Best Time to Enjoy Ho Chi Minh City - November to April

Ho Chi Minh City is in the south of Vietnam. There is much rain and sometimes storms from May to October. If you go there from November to April in the dry season, you can enjoy blue sky and clean air most of the time. You can visit many spectacle churches and enjoy the night life in this city.

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Best Time to Visit Nah Trang - February to April
The weather is pleasant and drier from February to April in Nah Trang. You can merrily enjoy the best condition of beaches. Except having a sun bath on the beautiful beach, you should go to the night market to taste delicious sea food.
Best Time to Enjoy Ha Long Bay - April - May & October - November
From June to September, there are lots of rainy days and from December to March, chilly winds make the travel to Ha Long Bay not so pleasant. So April, May, October and November are the best period to travel to Ha Long Bay. It’s cool and dry and you can enjoy the sunshine and water sports with abandon.
Lunar New Year
Avoid travelling to Vietnam during Tet, Vietnamese New Year and the biggest festival of this country. It is held in late January or early to middle February. During the festival, Vietnamese return to their hometowns to get together with their families. This leads to the price of air tickets getting higher. Also, many shops and restaurants are shut down or shorten their opening time.

However, it’s a god-given chance to experience their New Year customs. You can stroll along the streets to feel the festive atmosphere, taste the special rice dumplings, see the Vietnamese theatergoing and admire the beautiful flowers.