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Taxi Services in Agra - Best Route Plans, Fare Details, and Tips

There are many ways to reach and explore Agra. One of the most popular means of transport is taxi. There are several taxi services in Agra that provide facilities for exploring the city. There are several taxi services in Agra that cover the places including Mathura and Vrindavan, covering the sightseeing places present in and around Agra. A taxi can be hired directly from the agency or can be booked online easily.

Details of the Taxi services in Agra

Best Route Plans

There are many route plans offered by taxi service providers, these route plans include visits to the Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort,etc. These taxi services also offer to drop to Delhi and Jaipur, the two other cities of the Golden Triangle of India. The taxi services in Agra also offer to cover the major tourist attractions in Mathura and Vrindavan. Tourists must check out the route plans offered by the taxi services, can also customize the route plans, based on their preference of places to visit. Sometimes the route plans offered by the taxi agencies include very few places, excluding many important places. Hence customization comes handy to the tourists.

Types of taxi services

Most of the taxis in Agra comes with AC. All the charges for AC are included in the plans hence tourists need not pay any amount separately for the AC. The services available are 5 seater cars, 8 seater cars, and tempo travelers for groups. The fares are mostly pre-decided and are displayed on the plan charts. The fare for 5 seater cars is less, whereas the price for vehicles with high seating capacity is high.

Local Taxi, Agra
Local Taxi with AC, Agra

Fatehpur Sikri
Fatehpur Sikri in Agra

Fare Details

The fares are fixed for plans provided by the agency. Most of the taxi services in Agra work only for 8 hours. Tourists taking more than 8 hours to cover the sightseeing places would be charged an additional fee. The average fee for 5 seater cars would cost around INS 1800-2200, the average cost of 8 seater cars would cost around INS 2500-3500, for big vehicles, it would cost around INS 4000-6000, depending on the plans chosen by the tourists.

Types of plans available

There are different categories of plans offered by taxi services. The plans include sightseeing in and around Agra, inside the city travelling, sightseeing outside Agra, travelling to major cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Varanasi, etc. from Agra. The plan of travelling to other cities would be a valuable plan. The tourists can customize the sightseeing plan by adding places in the plan which they would like to visit.

Tips while Choosing Taxi services in Agra

There are many taxi services in Agra. Some of them offer the best plans at reasonable rates. Hence the tourists are advised to enquire at different agencies and then hire a taxi after assessing the plans offered by different agencies. Book a taxi from the agency. Do not hire a taxi directly by talking to a taxi driver. Taxi drivers, when approached individually tend to charge fees based on the tourists’ purchasing power. The agencies charge a pre-decided amount of fees, hence the tourists wouldn’t be overcharged.

People are Hailing a Taxi, Agra
People are Hailing a Taxi in Agra

Jaipur Street Scene
A Taxi Tour from Agra to Jaipur

While travelling inside the city by taxis, it is recommended to use online taxi services in India like Uber and Ola which charge fees based on a fixed price. Agents charge a pre-decided fee which can be costlier. Try to manage time and cover places in the time given by the taxi driver in order to cover the places that are decided in the plan.

Enquire to the local public about the taxi service agency as it is important to book a reputed taxi service. Hiring a reputed taxi service agency is better for safety and also to avoid being overcharged.

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