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Agra Airport: Flights, Fare, Routes & How to Get There

Travelling to Agra by air is not the most convenient option. Of course, it’s the fastest way to reach Agra from Delhi and other nearby cities, but due to limited connectivity, the Agra Airport isn’t as busy as the other airports in India. If you are travelling to Agra by air or are planning to take a flight from Agra, here’s an ultimate Agra Airport travel guide.

Things You Need to Know about the Agra Airport

If you hear or read about ‘Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Airport’ in India, don’t get confused as that’s what the Agra Airport is called nowadays. The IATA code for the Agra Airport is AGR, so remember the code as you’ll need it while booking air tickets. One of the interesting things about the Agra Airport is that it also serves as a military airbase while serving as a public airport. If you visit the place in October, make sure to attend the Air Force Day events that take place every year on October 8.

Cheap Flights, Fare, and Routes

Following are the flights that connect Agra with the other Indian cities:

Agra-Delhi Flights:

Air India, a government-owned airline in India offers flight services between Agra (AGR) and New Delhi (DEL) Airport. You can also find Alliance Air flights flying between the two cities. As far as the timing is concerned, the non-stop flights take only an hour to reach Agra from Delhi by air. There are some flights that can take even 5-8 hours depending on the route and stops.

Air India operates flights between Agra and Delhi from morning to evening. So, you won’t find it difficult to get a flight of your choice. If you are booking tickets in advance, the standard fare for economy class is approximately Rs. 4,000.

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Agra-Jaipur Flights:

Alliance Air provides its services to people travelling from and to Agra and Jaipur. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the number of flights between Agra and Jaipur is limited. There’s hardly 1-2 flights a day, so you need to make sure that your travel plans are in alignment with flight timings. As of this writing, the Jaipur-Agra flight departs at 10:15 AM and reaches Agra at 11:15 AM. The return flight is at 11:40 AM that reaches Jaipur at 12:35 PM. The best thing about the Jaipur-Agra route is that the flights are non-stop and ticket prices are low.

On normal days, a one-way flight ticket from either city can be booked for as low as Rs. 1200. However, you need to make bookings in advance. The total time taken by the flight from Jaipur to Agra is 55 minutes. The airport code of Jaipur is JAI, in case you need it.

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Agra-Bangalore Flights:

From morning to evening, there are many connecting flights that fly between Agra and Bangalore. If you’re planning to travel to the South Indian region, Bangalore (also known as Bengaluru) is the best place to be. The airport code is BLR and you can easily find flights from Agra Airport for Bangalore. IndiGo and Alliance Air are two major operators that provide flight facilities connecting these two major cities of India.

For non-stop flights, a one-way ticket would cost anywhere around Rs. 5000. For break journeys or flights with more than 1 stop, you may have to spend around Rs. 10,000 for a single trip between Agra (AGR) and Bangalore (BLR).


Agra Airport has the capacity to accommodate over 750 passengers. The two terminals, domestic and international, have a capacity of 250 people each for departure and arrival. There are 5 check-in counters with 3 immigration and 2 security counters. There are four counters for custom. That said, the airport also has several shops where travelers can make a purchase of food items, clothes, and collectibles.

How to Reach Agra Airport

If you want to reach Agra Airport from Tajganj, you need to travel around 13 kilometers (8 miles) to reach there. There are taxis and auto-rickshaws available in Agra that can take you to the airport. Some hotels also provide airport pick-up and drop facilities, so check with your hotel if they have any such service on offer, as it can save you money and time.

There is no direct bus service available, so you will have to rely on taxis and auto-rickshaws to reach Agra Airport. The fare for the same would be Rs. 200 from the Tajganj area. Depending on availability, the fare can go up to Rs. 300 to Rs. 400 sometimes. If you’re booking a taxi online, make sure to use services like Uber and Ola as they are cheaper and you won’t have to deal with random taxi drivers that often charge more.

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Below you will find more details about how to reach Agra Airport from any part of the city.

1. Fatehpur Sikri to Agra Airport:

The airport is 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Fatehpur Sikri and if you’re planning to reach the airport directly from there, it’s better not to book a taxi as it may cost more. There are private and government buses that operate between Fatehpur Sikri and Agra. The ticket price for these buses is Rs. 60, so you can easily reach Agra by paying less and from there you can book a taxi to reach the airport. But if you want to hire a taxi from Fatehpur Sikri to Agra Airport, it will cost you around Rs. 800.

If the timing is a concern, remember that buses from Fatehpur Sikri to Agra take around 1 hour. You can get down from the bus at Tata Gate and from there you can take a cab for airport. It will save you more time and money. Taxis go directly, so you can expect to reach the airport in 1 hour.

2. Sikandra to Agra Airport:

Sikandra is 14 kilometers (8.7 miles) away from Agra airport, and you can easily book a taxi from there. There are some private buses available in Agra that can take you to the airport, but they are mostly unreliable as they rarely follow a schedule. Booking a cab from Sikandra will cost you Rs. 300. Taxis hardly take 40 minutes to reach airport.

3. Agra Fort Railway Station to Agra Airport:

This 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) distance can be easily covered in 35 minutes if you hire a taxi or an auto-rickshaw. Agra Fort Railway Station and Agra Cantt Railway Station are not too far from the Taj Mahal, so coming from either place to Agra Airport will cost the same and the best ways to reach Agra Airport are taxis and auto rickshaws.