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Agra Bus – Routes, Stands & Fare

Agra, a city known for its unique architectural wonders and rich cultural heritage, is a major tourist hub in India, with millions of tourists visiting Agra every year. Agra is one of the most developed cities in India, well-connected with highways, airports, and railway stations. The transportation system in Agra is well-developed. If you are planning to travel to Agra by bus, here’s a guide to help you get familiar with bus routes, bus stops, and everything you need to know.

Agra by Bus

Agra is just 240 km (149mi) away from Delhi and Jaipur and can be reached easily from these two major cities by train, bus, taxi, and Air. The most commonly used means of transportation by tourists is the Agra bus. There are several state-run buses available that go to and from Agra. These state-run buses are available from neighboring states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Delhi. To reach Agra by bus from far away states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, etc., tourists need to book private buses that travel such long distances. The fare of private buses depends on the distance covered by the bus and the stops it takes for exploring the beautiful landscape between two places.

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Bus Routes

There are several buses from Delhi to Agra via Noida, which is a major city that falls in between Agra and Delhi. From other states, the buses reach Agra by covering the major cities. The private buses make a stop at major bus stands, whereas the government buses make a stop at various bus stands, due to which reaching Agra by private buses is a faster and preferable way.

The Agra bus routes follow the highway due to which journey is comfortable and fun. From Delhi, the NH2 is one of the best routes from where you can reach Agra. Another Agra bus route is the NH11 that is a four-lane highway connecting Agra with Jaipur via Bharatpur. To reach Gwalior from Agra, buses take the NH3 route which is also known as the Agra-Mumbai Highway.

Buses often take a short break of 40-60 minutes at a restaurant, where the tourists can have food and can refresh themselves for the remaining journey. Many buses plying to and from Agra city are very well equipped with essential facilities that tourists look for before booking the bus tickets.

Bus Fare

The ticket price of Agra bus differs based on the preference of the bus type and the distance of the journey. The government buses charge less as compared to the private buses. The buses are available in various variants, including Non-AC, AC, sleeper, seater, etc. Tourists can choose the variant based on their preference and budget. The bus tickets can be booked online or at the platform counter.

In general, the average bus fare from Jaipur/Delhi to Agra is around ₹250 to ₹600 for government buses and ₹800 to ₹1500 for private buses. Prices can be lower or higher than the mentioned range as the figures are calculated only on average.

Bus Stands

The main bus stands in Agra are the Idgah Bus Stand, Taj Depot, Inter-State Bus Terminal, and Ford Depot. These bus stands are located in different parts of Agra and provide good connectivity with all the major cities in North India.

There are several state-run buses, majorly UPSRTC buses run by the Uttar Pradesh Government. There are deluxe, non-deluxe, AC, Non-AC buses available here. There are several taxis available outside the bus stands through which tourists can reach their hotels, resorts, etc. Rickshaws are also available for the same.

The buses here go to major cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Mathura, and Chandigarh on a daily basis. Buses are always available for these cities, however, it is advisable to book tickets a day or week before the departure date.

Nearest Cities

Travelling by bus is the best option when the destination is within the range of a 500-kilometer (311 miles) radius. Delhi, Jaipur, Varanasi, and Chandigarh are the cities from where maximum tourists travel to Agra. Also, cities like Ahmedabad are nearby. Tourists can easily reach there from Agra as abundant buses are available. For those of you who do not prefer to drive such long distances, you can choose the option of buses as you can find many buses plying from and to Agra.

Things to Remember

•  Do not buy tickets from people who sell on the platform as they might be selling fake tickets or black tickets for a higher price. Buy tickets from the counter at the bus stand in order to get a genuine ticket for the actual price. The tickets can also be booked online, which is another safe option.

•  The buses tend to stop at the restaurants that pay them more commission, ignoring the condition of the restaurant. Hence, if possible, it is recommended to carry food as the restaurant might not be hygienic. Though this does not happen if you travel in luxury buses as the buses stop in good and clean restaurants, prioritizing passengers’ comfort.

•  Do not carry any valuable items on the bus. Tour operators clearly state that they aren’t responsible for any sort of theft. The safety of valuable items is only in the hands of the tourists. Hence it is better not to carry them or if carrying such items, keep them safe where it cannot be reached by others.

•  Private buses have a lot of competition among themselves, due to which they offer tickets for discounts and also provide better amenities as compared to government buses. But the rates are high-priced as compared to the government buses. Check out the prices, if it suits your budget, a private bus can be a better option for a more pleasant and enjoyable journey.

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