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Agra City Railway Station: Everything You Need to Know

The city of perfect romance, Agra has many mesmerizing locations worth exploring. With fast trains and less distance to be travelled, it has become easier to travel to Agra by train. The Agra City Railway Station has now become a relic of the past and nowadays very few trains stop here. However, travelling to Agra has become quite easier, thanks to the railway connectivity across different stations in India.

Things You Should Know about Transportation in Agra

Agra city has bus and railway stations which are located in the heart of the old city of Agra. The Agra City Railway Station is near Belanganj, the trading hub of Agra. The city of Agra still has that medieval colorful look. The modern-day hustle, narrow lanes and the local amusement allure visitors coming to Agra.

Agra City Railway Station
Tourists Waiting for Agra Train

Inside Agra Train
Inside Agra Train

The Agra City Railway Station was built in 1903 by mistris of Kutch and it belonged to the Great Indian Peninsular Railway in the British era. The station code of Agra City Railway Station is AGA, it’s important to note down or remember the station code because it will help you find trains plying between the cities of origin to Agra. The railway station has facilities for taking care of the basic amenities for the passengers. This station is also well connected to a number of Indian cities that include places like Patna, Allahabad, and Bareilly.

Popular Trains from and to Agra City Railway Station

The trains taken by the travelers travelling to Agra are the JP Ald Express to Allahabad that operates seven times a week, the Ald JP Express to Jaipur operates seven times a week and the Kota PNBE Express to Patna operates four times a week. These trains are comfortable, affordable, and provide facilities to the passengers for a good quality experience.

There are many awe-factors in Agra city that are located near the Agra City Railway Station. Many people visit Agra for a day or two to enjoy all the attractions Agra has to offer. The Taj Mahal is around 1 hour from the Agra City Railway Station. And the Agra Kheria Airport is around 10km (6.2mi) from the station. It is a regular type of station that has two platforms and four halting trains. No trains originate and terminate at this station.

Nearby Railway Stations

The nearby stations from Agra City Railway Station are Belanganj - 1km (0.6mi), Agra Fort - 1km (0.6mi), Raja Ki Mandi - 2km (1.2mi), Idgah Agra Junction- 3km (1.9mi), Bilochpura Agra- 3km, Yamuna Bridge Agra - 3km, Agra Cantt - 5km (3.1mi), Chhalaesar - 9km (5.6mi), and Pathauli - 11km (6.8mi).

Agra Cantt Railway Station
Agra Cantt Railway Station
Below listed are the four trains that arrive at Agra City Railway Station:

1. Agra Cantt. - Tundla MEMU (64955); Timings- 7:30 to 8:05.

2. Etawah - Agra Cantt MEMU (64157); Timings- 5:40 to 8:41.

3. Tundla - Agra Cantt MEMU (64956); Timings- 13:30 to 14:18.

4. Agra Cantt - Etawah MEMU (64160); Timings- 16:20 to 16:45.

You can book online tickets from various booking sites or access the Indian Railways’ official IRCTC website and book your tickets from there. At the spot, booking can be done from the booking counters at the station. As there are not many trains connected to this station, there is ample availability of the tickets and usually, people book their tickets at the counter.

For travelling inside Agra, travelers usually opt for the train service as opposed to bus or cabs. The comfortable and pleasant ride of the train makes travelling fun and amusing. It gets easier for travelers to enjoy the attractions in a short period of time. Starting from the local relishing cuisines to the Indo-Persian architecture, Agra city has a lot to offer.

Hotels near Agra City Railway Station

If you reach late night at the Agra City Railway Station, there are some four and five-star hotels near the railway station, such as the famous Grand Imperial - Grand Heritage Hotel and some other affordable hotels that can be booked by travelers while planning an itinerary for Agra tour.

Agra has been a city of amusement and outstanding cultural heritage. Since the Mughal era, the city has been evolved and has shaped into a vibrant blend of traditional and modern styles, inviting tourists from everywhere to witness the proud vintage collection of monuments and enjoy the modern-day developments and culture of the city.

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