Sunbathing in Serenity at Benaulim Beach

Goa has some of the beautiful beaches under its name and that being the ultimate reason why it is the most famous state for a holiday destination. Among the clouded list of famous beaches, few hidden gems will completely stun you, and Benaulim Beach is one of them. It is located between Sernabatim and Varca beach and it’s a long stretch of beautiful sandy beach going all the way towards Varca in the south and Colva in the north.

The beach is reported to be very clean with a serene view. This side of Goa is comparatively much calmer than the other beaches in the north. The long stretch of the beach is a very quiet and secluded area and you will hardly see anything for some miles, then you will come across a cluster of shacks, restaurants, and sea-facing lounges.

Another closest town to this beach is Margao in a distance of around 10km (6.2 miles), you can easily travel from the train and take a private taxi to reach the destination easily.

Best time to Visit Benaulim Beach

Benaulim Beach is never too crowded and tourists mostly visit during the winter months between November and February, which are the pleasant months and the weather mostly remains suitable for tourists. Sightseeing is fun and you will find most of the pubs, cafes, and shacks open. However, if you are planning on visiting during the month of monsoon, then re-plan because the shacks and other attractions are not that active.

Best Things to Do at Benaulim Beach

1. See the Churches – There are many churches near the area and visited by many tourists to enrich their souls with spirituality. People travel from all over the world to see the rococo structural design at the St. John the Baptist Church. The parish hall is just beside the church and a cemetery that sits across the street. You will love the soothing vibe of this place.

2. Goa Chitra Museum – For artists, this place is the best attraction at Benaulim Beach. It is considered as the best museum in Goa for housing over 4,000 artifacts, there are regular workshops and art-related programs held in the premises to encourage and promote art.

3. Water Sports – Goa is not the place to return without experiencing some water sports. If you are visiting the beach at the peak season, you will be able to get hold of some of the interesting water sports like speed boats, parasailing, banana boats, windsurfing, and jet skiing. You will also be able to experience the dolphin sighting with the help of your guide or on a boat ride. There is a high possibility for you to see a crocodile, or carry out fishing.

4. Bull Fighting – You might be interested in this one too, for a thrilling adventure. You must witness the bullfighting at Benaulim Beach. This event mostly happens in the rice field where you will find people circling and cheering, this event is called Dhiro where even betting takes place.

5. Go Kart Racing – This beach is one of the very few that offers Go Karting. There are around two surrounding places for Go Karting tracks, one in Nuvem in south Goa and Arpora in north. The places are open for adults as well as for kids above 12 years. However, Arpora doesn’t have any track that allows children, so if you are planning with family then you must go for the other option. The Nuvem track is open from Tuesday-Sunday between 4 pm-10 pm, so plan accordingly.

Sandy Pleasures

Benaulim Beach has a natural touch a little more than the other beaches. The place is quite affordable and it’s mostly preferred by tourists who are under budget. The beach offers beautiful spots to swim, especially because the beach has no stones and you can happily take a long walk in the beach stretch. The beach has no jellyfish in the seabed, so you will be able to enjoy the swim.

You will love the beauty of the beach even more during the sunset because the place looks stunning. The horizon across the beach is a dreamy sight, and if you are planning to witness the scene, don’t forget to carry your camera. You will also enjoy the beach bonanza fair that happens in April, for three consecutive Sundays. The fair is a happy sight with the natives singing and dancing in folk songs. The event is considered one of the perfect places for entertainment. 

How to reach Benaulim Beach?

Since the place is considered a secluded place in mostly active during the peak season, it’s better to make the booking before you arrive. Here are some of the travel details to keep in mind.

• Nearest airport — Dabolim airport (23.2 km/14 miles)
From the Goa International Airport, Dabolim, travelers can book a pre-paid cab or yellow taxi to reach the destination. The one-way cab fare for the entire trip would be around INR 1,100 (the prices are subjected to change).

• Nearest Railway Station – Margao (5.4 km/3.3 miles)
Margao is the nearest railway station to Benaulim Beach. Passengers can hire a cab or two-wheeler to complete the remaining leg of the journey. The train tickets cost around INR 200 to 500. The taxi fare ranges from INR 800 to 1,000, and the trip would be completed in 15 minutes.

Benaulim will be a perfect place to find your peace of mind within a budget, get your itinerary in place and visit this beautiful beach.