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Tughlaqabad Fort

Tughlaqabad Fort is a ruined place in Delhi, built in 1321 by the founder of Tughlaq dynasty, Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq. The fort was the famous establishment of its time but later it was partially destroyed in 1327. However, the grandeur of this place still reflects the royalty of the Mughal period. The place is pretty close to the commercial area that took up the name from Tughlaqabad, learn more about the history and famous attractions to see inside the fort.


Entrance Fee: The entrance fee for Indian adult is 20 INR. For foreigners (adult), the entrance fee of

Tughlaqabad Fort is around 100 INR.

Visiting Time: Between 7:00 am to 5:00 pm (Daily)

Photography: No fee is charged for taking photographs

Famous For: Excursion trip, architecture, photography, history, and sightseeing

Visit Duration: 2 hours will be more than enough to explore the place.

Infrastructural Highlights

The Tughluqabad fort consists of some of the most striking stone structures that are seen in most of the surrounding area. The wall of the main barrier is filled with rubble that reflects the specialty of the Tughlaqbad Dynasty. This incredible fort was famous to have 52 grand gates in the past; however, the gates were destroyed over time and now only 13 remains. The gates of the fort completely complement the walls, which are about 10 to 15 meters (33-49 feet) high.
Let us give you the information about the Tughluqabad Fort that is divided into several parts:

• You will find the adjacent palace that mostly contains the royal residents and underground passage and Meena Bazar at the basement.

• The Bijal Mandal, which is commonly known as the Citadel is still remaining along with some long underground passage.

• There is also a wider area that you will find between the gates in a rectangular grid.

The south area of the fort houses the water reservoirs; the fort in total contains seven huge rainwater reservoirs for later use. The infrastructure of the fort still stands tall in some portion, while completely ruined in other parts.

Historical Insight

This fort was built by the order of the first king of the Tughlaq dynasty to protect the area from invading Mongols. He selected this area to prepare the fort with some of the complex architectures. The entire plan of defending his people and defeating the invaders went down the drain when the capital was shifted from Delhi to Devgiri. The Tughlaqabad Fort can be easily considered as an architectural beauty that every tourist loves to visit.

Best Time to Visit

It is not just about Tughlaqabad Fort, most of the places in Delhi are best when you visit during the winter season. You will not face harsh sunrays, and the weather is relatively more pleasant during the winter months. The months between March to November will be perfect to visit this brilliant place in Delhi.

Things to Do

The place is beautiful and you will get enough time to explore the ruins and perfectly restored inner halls of the fort. Before you get into the attraction and places to explore inside the fort, you must know that dressing up light and wearing comfortable shoes is the key to enjoying the visit.

•  When you are visiting the Tughlaqabad Fort, make sure you are visiting all the incredible gates; they are spectacular to look at and one of the famous things to see in the fort.
•  Photographers will find some of the great shots in the fort, the locations look wonderful during the sunset and you must not forget your camera.
•  Explore the stunning royal residences, public halls, and passageways in the fort.
•  The fort also has a beautiful tomb-complex and tourists go crazy about the view.

Fascinating Things about Tughlaqbad Fort

Tughlaqabad fort is proof of the incredible Mughal era in the past. If you really want to experience the beauty of exploring this fort, you must have a little back-story about the place. We selected some of the astonishing historical facts to help you understand the grandeur of Tughlaqabad Fort.

• The stories state that a powerful saint cursed the fort; he cursed the growing popularity and beauty of the fort due to the arrogance of the king. He cursed the place to be forever barren and unoccupied.
• During the construction of the Tughlaqabad Fort, the king Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq made it mandatory for all the workers to participate in the building.
• The fort was never completely populated even after several years of construction, it was left barren and around 15 years later the fort was left empty with no resident.
• People also talk about stories of the fort being haunted by jinns, some even claim to have experienced paranormal vibes from the fort at night.

How to Reach

Tughlaqabad Fort is located on Mehrauli-Badarpur road, which makes it extremely easy to reach from any means of transportation. The fort is easily accessible by metro, taxi, rickshaw, and road.

By Bus:

You will find the bus stop to be in walking distance from the fort and some of the regular buses run through the network of the fort. You will be able to take buses like 414, 511, 874 LTD, 525, 544, 714 and 717. The bus charges between INR 10-70, depending on the distance you are covering.

By Metro:

The closest metro station is Govindpuri metro station, which is around 5 km (3 mi) away from Tuglaqabad Fort, you can travel via metro in about INR10-30. See also Delhi Metro

By Air:

The fort is 20 km (12.4 mi) away from Delhi International Airport. You can hire any taxi services in Delhi to take you around the city, and to reach Tughlaqabad Fort. The prices are different for different cars and they charge differently based on the km.

By Rail:

The fort is 12 miles away from New Delhi Railway Station. You can take any public transport from the station in order to reach the fort.

By Taxi:

They usually charge the flag down the price as the location to another transportation platform. You will be able to reach in about INR 30- 70 per person. See also Taxi Services in Delhi

Important Travel Tips

Exploring the Tuglaqbad Fort can be a memorable experience if only you follow some of the pre-visit rules. No matter which country you are from, and what time of the year you are visiting the city, just make sure you are following some travel tips to escape trouble. Let us give you a few tips to follow:

•  Hire a local guide if you wish to gain all the information about all the historical facts of the fort.
•  You must carry water with you and some snacks as food items will take longer to search.
•  Always wear comfortable pair of shoes while exploring the fort, as the ground is mostly uneven.
•  Wear comfortable clothes based on the weather and months you are visiting.