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Cairo Travel Guide

Name: Cairo
Area: 3,085 sq. km. (1,191 sq. mi.)
Population: 9,539,673 (2017)
Language: Arabic
Country: Egypt
Currency: Egyptian Pound (EGP)
Time Zone: UTC+02:00 (EST)
Religions and Beliefs: Sunni Islam, Christianity, Judaism

Cairo, the biggest metropolis in Arab world and Africa, is the fusion of ancient monumental beauty and culture. It is set in the banks of River Nile and surrounded by skyscrapers and mesmerizing ancient monuments. Apart from the Pyramids of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the city has much more amazing things to offer such as the world’s largest collection of pharaonic antiques in Egyptian Museum, ancient city of Memphis, historical architectures in Islamic Cairo and Coptic Cairo, “Paris on the Nile” – the modern Midan Tahrir area…They are all must-visit places for Cairo travel.

Cairo Map
Best Places to Visit
All Cairo Destinations

Undoubtedly, the Pyramid of Giza is the last of the Seven Wonders of the World and most of the tourists will have that in their Cairo travel. This location is right on the edge of the city and is the perfect place to explore the beauty. The second location is perfect for people who want to explore the ancient culture and traditions. The Egyptian Museum houses over 120,000 artifacts of ancient Egypt including the most famous Tutankhamun gold death mask. Al-Azhar Mosque is a must-visit for spiritual people and the one looking to be amazed. It is one of the earliest surviving mosque, which was completed in 972.

Best Time to Visit Cairo: March to April & October to November

The perfect time for Cairo travel is the months between March to April and October to November. The temperature is comfortable for sightseeing. With less crowds, you can enjoy exploring the city at ease. The hotel rate is relatively low, too. Summer in Cairo are relatively hot and dry. July is the hottest month, with average temperature varying from 22°C (71.6°F) to 35°C (95°F). You are ought to dress modestly in Cairo and carry light pajamas, t-shirts, scarf, long skirts, light jacket, hiking shoes....

7-Day Cairo Weather Forecast

Ranking List of Cairo Food

Foul Mudammas is a delicious breakfast dish made with fava beans, tomato, onion and lemon juice. Foodies on their Cairo travel can try this dish to start a perfect day. The second dish needs no introduction because it is quite popular globally, Felafel is another dish that you will find in abundance in most of the street corners and in restaurants in Cairo. The third dish is also the star in middle east, you will find all kinds of shawarma and the most delicious one will have sliced onions, tomatoes, spices, chunks of meat and some secret sauce to bring everything together.

  • Tabla Luna:  Street 231, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate. This is one of the best Latin American restaurants in the centre of Cairo. There you can enjoy traditional and continental dishes such as Chicken Enchiladas Platter and mouth-watering desserts.
  • La Bodega:  157, 26th of July Street, Baehler’s Mansions Zamalek, Cairo. It is popular for the Mediterranean and French aperitivo spots, and you will love the elegant environment with some 1930 interior.
  • Naguib Mahfouz Café:  5 El Badestan Lane, Khan El Khalili, Down Town Cairo. This cafe are named after a famous Egyptian writer who also won the Nobel Prize. It is one of the oldest cafes situated in the famous bazar area, offering some good food and a wonderful atmosphere.
Where to Stay in Cairo - 80% Tourists Choose New Cairo

If you want to experience the nightlife or explore the brilliant suburbs, then New Cairo is the place for you. The location is also a commercial hub and most of the businesses have settled there. It has some nice budget and luxury places. Zamalek is a district on Gezira Island and it is mostly considered by wealthy people. If you expect to have a luxurious time during Cairo travel, then this location will do. The downtown is carefully built by a French architect in the 19th century and you will get a very rustic and ancient vibe with an unexpected modern twist.

Cairo International Airport is about 30 minutes’ drive from the city center, Liberation Square. You will get an easy transfer from the taxi association in collaboration with the airport. Giza Railway Station is well-connected with most of the popular cities in Egypt Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria…. Train travel time to Cairo from Luxor is about 10 hours and 13 hours from Aswan.

If you want to get around the city by local transportation, Microbus is a good choice. It cost LE5 to LE10 for trips inside the governorate cities. The basic fee Cairo taxi is EGP 5, the kilometer price is EGP 2.5. There are totally 3 metro lines in the city that could transfer you to popular places like Egyptian Museum and Coptic Cairo. You can also explore the river bus, which will take you from downtown Cairo to Giza and extended to Cairo University.

Top Shopping Markets
  • Khan Al Khalili:  Al-Azhar Street, Cairo. It is said to be centuries old. People who take delight in shopping must visit this place to buy unique souvenirs and gulp in the rustic surrounding.
  • Souk Al Fustat:  Corner el Emam Street and Hassan al Anwar Street. The Souk Al-Fustat is located in the outskirts of Coptic Cairo and it is popular for receiving foreign buyers. The market sells amazing handmade items and Mamluke lamps.
  • Soor el-Azbakeya:  Just off the Attaba metro stop and near Azbakeya Gardens. It is the oldest book market in Cairo, dating back to the late 19th century, with over 100 book shops and stalls. Book lovers usually flock around here to discover old and rare books.

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