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Best Time to Visit Egypt

When is the best time to visit Egypt?
The best time to travel to Egypt is from October to February of the following year, because during the period, the temperature is not too high and the climate is pretty mild. From March to September, the temperature is high, which is not suitable for outdoor sightseeing in the daytime.
Best Months
October - February
Temperature: 4 - 35℃ (39.2 - 95℉)
Clothes to Wear: shirt, thin sweater and hoodie
Best Seasons
Autumn, Winter
Advantages: pleasant temperature, affordable travel expenses, great to see Pyramids and cruise the Neil
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Time Better to Avoid
From the end of March to May every year, hot wind from the south rolls up a large amount of sand and dust in Egypt, which is called “Pentecostal wind” by local people. During this period, a lot of sand and dust mix in the air, and even the houses are covered with a thick layer of dust, which causes great inconvenience to tourists.

During the month of Ramadan, many restaurants are closed during the day. It may take time for tourists to find a restaurant to dine.

Peak Season & Slack Season

Peak Season: October to February

Although it is winter in Egypt during this time, the temperature is moderate, and there are many local special festivals. However, the hotel prices and air tickets are expensive.

Slack Season: March to May

It is windy and dusty from late March to May, which has a great impact on travel. Fewer tourists are willing to travel to Egypt from March to May, so the air tickets and hotel prices is the cheapest in a year.

Shoulder Season: June to September
It is summer from June to September. As a tropical country, it is pretty hot in summer. But due to the large temperature difference, the climate is relatively pleasant in the morning and at night, and tourists can visit the outdoor attractions in the morning and evening. The price of flights and hotel is not as expensive as peak season and there are less tourists at hot scenic spots.

Month Travel Season Temperature
10 - 21℃ (50-69.8℉)
10 - 22℃ (50-71.6℉)
Spring 13 - 26℃ (55.4-78.8℉)
Spring 17 - 30℃ (62.6-86℉)
Spring 21 - 34℃ (69.8-93.2℉)
Summer 23 - 36℃ (73.4-96.8℉)
Summer 25 - 37℃ (77-98.6℉)
Summer 25 - 37℃ (77-98.6℉)
Summer 23 - 35℃ (73.4-95℉)
20 - 32℃ (68-89.6℉)
15 - 27℃ (59-80.6℉)
11 - 22℃ (51.8-71.6℉)
Best Time to Cruise the Nile – October to next April
The Nile with beautiful scenery on both banks is one of the most amazing scenic spots in Egypt. During this period, the temperature is pleasant. Other time is very hot with strong ultraviolet rays.
Best Time to Appreciate the Pyramids – October to next February
During this period, the weather is mild, when you can pay a visit comfortably. If traveling in summer, you’d better go there in early morning to escape sever heat. March to May with dusty wind can influence your eyesight to admire the great project from afar. See also Giza Pyramids
Best Time to Enjoy Red Sea – June to September
Snorkeling and diving must be the most famous sports in the Red Sea. From June to September, the sea temperature is very mild at around 27℃ (80℉), making it a great destination to escape the summer heat of other parts. Tourists had better book rooms in advance. See also Things to Do in the Red Sea
Best Time to Visit Egypt's Western Desert – September to November
It is not a wise choice to go to desert in windy spring and hot summer. And it is extremely cold at winter night. So September to November is the best time for travelling.
Travel to Egypt during Festivals

The Day of Beneficial Wind

April 9 is the traditional Egyptian festival "The Day of Beneficial Wind". On that day, people go spring outing. It is one of the oldest traditional festivals in Egypt. It began around 3000 BC and is said to be the day when charity gods defeated evil gods. Visitors can not only enjoy the natural spring scenery, but also enjoy the colorful performances of folk art groups.


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. The name of the month means "forbidden month" and is a month of Muslim fasting. It is the month when Allah lowered Quran to Muhammad. It is not recommended to travel to Egypt in Ramadan when many restaurants, cafes and shops are closed in day, bringing much inconvenience to tourists. However, the nightlife is as colorful as usual days, or even more exciting.

Eid al-Fitr

The time is on October 1 of the Islamic calendar, when Muslims put on their festive costumes and go to the mosque to participate in celebrations, congratulating each other on the successful completion of the "Saum" and presenting gifts. Every Family make delicious traditional food and give it to others. After Ramadan, restaurants and shops resume normal business.