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Nightlife in Cairo

Is Cairo Safe at Night?

Cairo is the capital of the country, and as far as the nightlife in Cairo is concerned, you will not be disappointed. The locals in Egypt seem to enjoy the night and they get out after 10:00 pm to party and hop around clubs till late. You just need to be mindful while visiting places, don’t enter or deliberately visit a restricted area.

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There might be a frown when you hear about nightlife in Cairo, but over the years, this part of the concept of night outs in the Middle East has really made its way. You might wonder what you will get to experience in the nightlife in Cairo, so to start with the simple and most important information about the city of over thousand minarets, you are in for a surprise. Cairo has recently recorded to have some of the most mesmerizing nightlife places such as clubs and bars for people of all need. Whether you want to dance along with beer in hand or enjoy a lovely late night around jazz and delicious Middle Eastern food, you have it all.

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Things to Do after Dark in Cairo

1.  Drinking at Bars Next to The Nile

If you want to be closer to the Nile River to admire the beauty of the place, find yourself a bar at the backside of the Zamalek Island.  The very casual and chilled ambience will radiate the true vibe of the nightlife in Cairo. Bars over there are always oozing with tourists and have a certain charm that keeps the crowd pouring. Enjoy yourself having some creative cocktail drinks and food, getting to mix with people of all cultures from around the world while spending a night away solo around the cool breeze of the Nile River.

2. Listen to Music at Cairo Jazz Club

The more you know about this jazz club, the more you would want to visit. Cairo Jazz Club is literally one of the oldest live music clubs in the capital and it is said to be the best place for music lovers. If you are skeptical about the food serves in this club, then drain that second thought. This jazz club serves hopping food just like its music. You will fall in love with the food and bar section. Over the years, this place has welcomed tourists from around the world.

Where: 197 26th of July Corridor, Madinet Al Eelam, Agouza, Giza

3. Enjoy a Dinner Cruise on Nile

You are going to love this one, if you wanted to see twirling dervishes and traditional belly dancers while you eat, you are in luck, because the dinner cruise will grant all your wishes. This is a perfect option for people who wanted to spend a low-key night around people they love, good food, and smoking live entertainment. You can enjoy a traditional folklore dance, eat delicious Middle Eastern food while you eye a boat sailing on the Nile River.

For all the night owls want to roam around Cairo, they can also visit Giza Pyramids to witness the electrifying sound and light show, take an Islamic night tour around the city, shop at Cairo Old Market (See also Shopping in Cairo) or go for a horse carriage ride with a special someone.

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