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5 Most Popular Events in Cairo

Cairo is an international city, steeped in history and culture. The city is also famous for hosting world-class events and festivals for the local as well as international guests. These events in Cairo are often an important part of the social calendar of the locals.

Here are some of the important events in Cairo, which are worth a visit.

1. Cairo International Film Festival

Date: 19th to 28th November
Hosted at: Cairo Opera House
Tickets: EGP600

The Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the Middle East. Currently in its 42nd year, it is an international competitive film festival screens more than 100 films and documentaries from different parts of the globe. A star-studded event of the Middle-East, the CIFF is one of the must visit events in Cairo for the movie buffs.

2. Cairo Jazz festival

Date: First week of October
Hosted at: AUC Garden, Ewart Hall and Fountain Stage
Tickets: Around EGP450 (subjected to change)

A three-day festival celebrating Jazz is frequented by music lovers. One of the gala events in Cairo, the festival is running since 2009 and attended by the big names like Ziad Rahbani, Gilberto Gil, Carles Benavent, and many other renowned names in the music industry. The event hosts additional workshops for kids and special jam sessions where guests can listen to the eminent jazz artists from the country.  

3. Pharaonic Race

Date: End of November
What is it? – A 100 km (62 mi) marathon
Start: Faiyum Governorate,
Finish: 252 Al HaramOula Al Haram, El Talbia, Giza Governorate, Egypt

A 100-kilometre race, inspired from an ancient Egyptian military ritual, is a full marathon. The race track runs through the Sakkara Pyramid and Faiyum Oasis, covering some of the important landmarks of Cairo including Elleshet Pyramid, Hawara Pyramid, and Dahshur Pyramid.

According to a stone relief discovered in the late 70’s, Pharaoh Taharka hosted friendly races within the military camps to boast the morale and enthusiasm of the soldiers. The participants of the race ran through the same course, as the existing race, and surprisingly covered the race in almost eight hours. The Pharaonic Race celebrates the ancient traditions of Egypt, and is an interesting event to participate.

4. Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival

Tentative Date: March – April
Hosted at: Different venues in Cairo
Tickets: EGP220

A contemporary art festival of Cairo, the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF) celebrates the art and culture of Egypt. During the event, national and international artists come together to showcase their art. Some of the most visited events under D-CAF include music concerts, movie showcases, workshops and art discussions by important artists.

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5. Cairo Bite

Date: Usually mid-April
Hosted at: The Family Park, New Cairo
Tickets: EGP180

One of the biggest events in Cairo, the Cairo Bites is haven for food lovers. The two-day event celebrates the Egyptian gastronomic culture. You can try local and international cuisines, indulge in the music concerts, and participate in cooking competitions. Overall, the Cairo Bite is an aromatic fest ideal for the food lovers. So which events in Cairo stirred your curiosity? Do let us know.

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