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Cairo Metro

Key Highlights of Cairo Metro

Services available: Around Greater Cairo area

Number of lines: 3 (Marked as Red, Blue, and Green lines)

Number of stations: 86

Frequency: Every five minutes

Tickets cost: EGP 5-10 for adults (concessions for students, differently-abled, and senior citizens available on providing necessary proof)

Working hours: 5:00 AM to 12:00 PM (Operations extended till 2.00 AM during Ramadan)

The Cairo metro or Metro Anfaq al-Qahirah is the one of the oldest rapid transit systems of Africa and the Middle East. Operated by the National Authority for Tunnels, it is an efficient and comparatively cheaper mode of transport within the Cairo city.

Currently, the metro system of Cairo has three operational lines – color-coded as Red, Blue and Green – numbered as 1, 2, 3. During the rush hours (7am to 9am and 3pm to 6pm), tourists might find it difficult to set foot on the cab. Apart from that, boarding a metro is fairly less aggravating.

For women passengers, Metro Anfaq al-Qahirah has reserved special coaches in the center of each train – signed Ladies boldly.

The eye-catching red ‘M’ at the entry gate of the metro stations in Cairo makes it easier to spot for travelers.

Details on the Cairo Metro Network

The Metro Anfaq al-Qahirah is currently running a three-line network numbered and color coded for easy identification.

1. Line 1 (Blue)

The Cairo metro network began with Line 1 in 1987. Initially, covering the distance of 29 kilometers (18 mi), it was later extended for another 20 kilometers (12 mi). Line 1 is marked in Blue color and runs from Helwan till New El-Marg. Usually, the distance between the two points can be covered in 75 minutes. The Line 1 is also referred to as French Line.

List of metro stations and their respective lines for Line 1 (Blue Line)
•    Helwan
•    Ain Helwan
•    Helwan University
•    Wadi Hof
•    Hadayek Helwan
•    El-Maasara
•    Tora El-Asmant
•    Kozzika
•    Tora El-Balad
•    Sakanat El-Maadi    
•    Maadi    
•    Hadayek El-Maadi    
•    El-Zahraa'
•    Dar El-Salam    
•    Mar Girgis        
•    El-Malek El-Saleh    
•    Al-Sayeda Zeinab    
•    Saad Zaghloul    
•    Orabi
•    Ghamra
•    El-Demerdash
•    Manshiet El-Sadr
•    Kobri El-Qobba
•    Hammamat El-Qobba
•    Saray El-Qobba
•    Hadayeq El-Zaitoun
•    El-Matareyya
•    Ain Shams
•    Ezbet El-Nakhl
•    El-Marg    
•    New El-Marg

P.S: Sadat and Al-Shohadaa connects Blue Line and Red Line (Line 2)

2. Line 2 (Red)

Another wing of the Cairo metro network, the Line 2 is marked in Red color. Locals often call the line as Japanese line. The line is around 21.6-kilometre (13.4 mi) long and comprises of underground and elevated tracks. The point to point distance is covered in 38 minutes.

List of metro stations and their respective lines for Line 2 (Red Line)
•    El-Mounib
•    Sakiat Mekky
•    Omm El-Masryeen
•    Giza    
•    Faisal
•    Cairo University
•    El Bohoth
•    Dokki
•    Opera    
•    Sadat
•    Mohamed Naguib
•    Attaba
•    Al Shohadaa
•    Masarra
•    Rod El-Farag
•    St. Teresa
•    Khalafawy
•    Mezallat
•    Kolleyyet El-Zeraa
•    Shubra El-Kheima

Nasser connects Blue line with the Green Line.

3. Line 3 (Green)

The Line 3 is the latest addition to the existing Cairo metro and a portion of the line is still under construction. After the said constructions are over, this line will connect the Cairo University to the Cairo international Airport. It takes around 38 minutes to cover the entire line.

List of metro stations and their respective lines for Line 3 (Green Line)
•    Adly Mansour
•    El Haykestep
•    Omar Ibn El-Khattab
•    Qobaa
•    Hesham Barakat
•    El-Nozha
•    Nadi El-Shams
•    Alf Maskan
•    Heliopolis Square
•    Haroun
•    Al-Ahram
•    Koleyet El-Banat
•    Stadium
•    Fair Zone
•    Abbassiya
•    Abdou Pasha
•    El-Geish
•    Bab El-Shaaria

Attaba connects the Red Line and the Green Line.

Important Metro Stations

· Ataba – Close to Downtown Cairo
· Bab Al Shaaria – Makes Northern portion of Cairo accessible
· Opera – Ideal to reach the Cairo Opera House and Zamalek
· Giza – Adjacent to Giza train station – get down to board the buses for Giza Necropolis
· Mar Girgis – Close to the Coptic locality of Cairo
· Mohammed Naguib – Get down to reach Abdeen Palace.
· Al Shohadaa – Get down to reach Ramses Railway Station and Midan Ramses
· Nasser Sharia – Close to Downtown
· Sadat – Near Egyptian Museum

Cairo Metro and Tickets

Usually the tickets cost around EGP 5 for nine-station ride, while EGP 7 is charged for rides up to 15-station ride. For the rest of the trip, EGP 10 is charged. Students, senior citizens, and differently-abled passenger are offered concessions on the tickets. To avail the benefits, passengers have to provide valid proof for the same.

Things to Remember While Riding with Cairo Metro

1.  Riding the metro without a ticket is a punishable offence

2.  Men are not permitted inside the women compartments

3.  Smoking inside the metro cabin is prohibited

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