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Cafes in Cairo: 7 Best Places to Grab Coffee in the Capital

What do you do when you want to explore some refined food and drinks in a new town? Let us answer this for you, you visit the famous cafes and hotels to taste the tiny wonders they create in their kitchen. You must have tasted the delicious food around the world, but nothing beats the specialties of Egypt. You will find extensive use of vegetables and legumes in most of the cafes and hotels because the rich Nile valley produces them in abundance in good quality.

Let us simplify these complicated descriptions and get you right to the chase; we assembled the seven most popular cafes in Cairo for your convenience as follows:

1. Cafe Corniche

This café is a dessert heaven and all the sweet tooth reading this note down this café. No matter what time you want to visit, just get to this place and it will serve the most delicious Middle Eastern dessert 24 hours. The café is located inside a 5-star Intercontinental hotel and you are going to enjoy some of the fresh brews of coffee, mousse cake, and sandwiches on the go.

Where: InterContinental Cairo Semiramis Hotel, Corniche El Nile Downtown, Cairo 11511

2. Cake Cafe

The name suggests it all, and this place serves some of the most delicious and soft cakes in the town. They have these enormous decorated cakes in various flavors and it’s always overflowing with tourists and locals alike. The interior of the place is classy with a much-defined seating arrangement. You can order from a wide range of selected dessert cakes and eat to your fill.

Where: 14 El Gezira Street, Zamalek, Cairo 11511

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3. El Fishawi

One must definitely come across this café in Cairo if you are exploring the wonders of the alleyways in the city. The history of the foundation of this café is very interesting because the owner once served coffee to his friends in this place and over time, the place turned into this huge café with international recognition. The place also serves shisha and special tea to add up to the coziness. Make sure you try the Turkish coffee of this place, it’s heavenly.

Where: Midan Hussein, Cairo 11511

4. Café Riche

If you happen to visit downtown Cairo, then do not miss to visit Café Riche. The place is a lot different than any other café in Cairo due to its calm and classy interior and surrounding. The place has a very refined menu with a number of drinks and dishes. You don’t even have to worry about the hard drinks because this café also serves beer and some alcoholic beverages. If you want to enjoy an elegant evening dinner away from the hectic city hassle, then this is the café in Cairo to be.

Where: 17 Talaat Harb St | Downtown, Cairo 11511

5. Cilantro

The name suggests the ambience; Cilantro is one of the most influential places that offers a western-style setting and delicious food with an extended menu. They included everything you would look for in a menu, from desserts to snacks, you are going to find in all. The USP of this Café is that they keep churning the menu, adding new, and innovating things onto it, which keeps the customers guessing. Don’t miss the coffee at the café as it serves some of the best.

Where: 33 Mohammed Mahmoud, Ad Dawawin, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate

6. Naguib Mahfouz Cafe

If you wanted to enjoy live music, then this café in Cairo is an amazing place to start with. The Café experiments with various dishes and they are amazing at what they do. The place is hopping due to its live music and amazing food menu and beverages. To add up to the fun, you have shisha and the liberty to sing along to enjoy your time at this café.

Where: 5 El Baddistan Lane, Khan El-Khalili, Cairo 11511

7. Simonds Cafe & Bakery

We have to include a famous bakery on our list. This one is around in Cairo since 1898. If you want to spend time in a vintage place and have an authentic coffee and freshly baked bread, then this is the place to be. We always save the best for the last.

Where: 112 26th of July Corridor, Omar Al Khayam, Zamalek, Giza Governorate

You can only explore so much while you are visiting the capital, and we listed some of the most popular for your convenience. These places have a vibe that screams the Coptic beauty of the city and the country as a whole. All you have to do is get to these cafes in Cairo and enjoy the delicious desserts, and savor the specialties of the place along with some traditional music.

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