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7 Most Visited Streets in Cairo for Foreign Tourists

Egypt has some of the incredible streets with amazing stories and shopping destinations (See also Shopping in Egypt), and we guess you already know that. The emphasis today will be one seven of the most visited and brilliant streets in Cairo. Some of the streets have difficult and inquisitive names that will keep you guessing and frustrated because you won’t be able to pronounce it. However, that’s not all, let us bring you up close and personal with some of the streets you shouldn’t miss visiting.

1. Talaat Harb Street

This can be described as a dream within a dream, Downtown is as it an amazing location to be, and it has two main streets in Cairo, Sharia Qasr El Nil and Sharia Talaat Harb. There are enough places to be when you are in this area, you can visit patisseries and cafes around the corner (See also Cafes in Cairo) and have a great time because they serve some of the incredible dishes and coffee you have ever tasted. The café especially has been a hub for writers and intellectuals meeting since 1908. Also, this is a great spot to have a beer or two with friends and explore the neighborhood. It is a cozy place.

2. Al Muizz li Din Allah Street

This street is named after the Fatimid Caliph after he conquered Cairo in 969 AD. This street is filled with all kinds of entertainment; you talk about delicious traditional food stalls, storytellers, entertainers and other things. A complex is a great place for tourists as it reflects the true Cairo from the bygone era. The place also has some of the beautiful minarets, domes, and facades of stripped stones. You can always visit this place with a tour guide who can take you around the right places, or visit alone and explore the beauty.

3. Al-Azhar

You might not be aware but the location Al-Qahira in Cairo is going through a major transformation and that is somewhere the cause that is making changes in the physical, social, and economic environment of the place. We talked about these changes to set the stage for explaining the exact location called Al-Azhar, this street and another surrounding of Al-Azhar is a major part of this transformation happening in the centre-right now.

The street has some of the most popular tourist attractions like the Al-Azhar Mosque, Al-Azhar University, Al- Azhar Park, and many others. You will love this places all that it has to offer to a tourist.  

4. Darb Al Asfar Street

This area is mostly dedicated to trades, crafts, and leather ware. This street is a tourist’s favorite for all the right reasons. This street in Cairo has some very unique shops selling drums and other props for the entertainment industry. It is extremely colorful and has all these shops loaded with costumes for dancers, wooden tables, chairs, fancy clothes, teapots, potteries, and other items. Apart from that, you will also find some shops selling sheesha is all shapes and sizes. There are pipes and tobacco sold of high quality.

5. Khan El-Khalili Street

You will find the mention of this street in almost every tourist spot and travel column on Cairo. Among the famous streets in Cairo, Khan el-Khalili is the famous one. This street is always overflowing with people and traders selling and buying items, this place offers amazing souvenirs and gift items that you would want to take home.

The shops in this area are comparatively bigger than in any other place, you will love the miniatures of pyramids and stone studded monuments to remind you of this place once you leave town. The souvenirs are cheap here and you will find reasonable prices in this place. You can take a turn to the Midaq Alley to explore the beautiful architecture.

See also Khan El Khalili Market

6. Joseph Tito

This street is named after an actor and the street is named after him because he was one of the most influential figures in 20th century in the resistant movement. Various travelers, and the reason we are mentioning this street is not that it has super cool trade or entertainment embedded in this place regularly travel this street. The reason we mentioned this place is simply because the name of the streets has found much recognition by tourists and they just consider it special for some reason along with all the must-visit locations in Cairo.

7. Masr W-el Sudan

The street was earlier known as Malek Masr W'el Sudan, but after the revolution of 1952, the Malek was removed and the street is now known what it is now. This history behind these streets makes people visit and relive some of the history stories narrated verbally by the tour guides. Along with some of the brilliant places in Cairo, these unique streets with unique names have attracted tons to tourists to explore the unusual streets in Cairo.

These streets are some of the most visited places in Cairo when you are in town; make sure you visit these streets to experiences the best of Egypt.

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