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Cairo Transportation

Cairo is the heart of Egypt, not just because it is the capital, but also because Cairo is the proud owner of most of the popular destinations. It has to be one of the most visited cities in Egypt because none of the tourists gets around the country in the country without visiting Cairo. If you have this city on your itinerary, then you ought to read these details. Thank us later!

As the demands of the topic, we will be dividing the subject into two different sections for the sake of Cairo. This city is bustling with so much history and ancient culture that you will constantly have to move around from one place to another to cover the locations. To start with the most thoughtful one, you will read the modes of transportation in Cairo, that you can use to move around the city.

How to Get to Cairo?

Now that you know which transportation in Cairo is appropriate for your travel, it’s time to get you to Cairo. We assembled some of the mode of transport that can take you to Cairo from downtown with the estimated price for one person. Hope these details help you in planning your trip.

•  By Air

Cairo International Airport, the biggest transportation in Egypt, is well-connected by international airlines like Singapore Airlines, Air France, British Airways, Emirates, Alitalia, Jet Air and Etihad Airways. The airport also offer cheap domestic flights to Cairo from Luxor, Alexandria, Casablanca and so on.

•  Local Trains

Cairo Train
You must have read about the extended train routes Egypt, and Cairo is a very important part of the train network. Ramses Station is the main train station in Cairo and it is connected with the remotest parts of Egypt.
Estimated Price- The price for one-way ticket for the 1st class between Cairo and Aswan is around LE81 (Egyptian pounds) for an individual. That's approx. $15 (Cost can vary slightly after the pandemic)

•  Car Rental Services

Cairo is a prominent international city and you will find many car rental services around the tourist hub and in all the popular destinations. The car rental service comes with both the options for you, you can get a driver or self-drive the car if you want. Along with Car rental, you will also see some Motorbike rental services and they are quite cheaper than the car rental service.
Estimated Price- $24-$34 for Standard-premium cars

•  Taxi Cabs

Cairo Bus
Travel to Cairo by Bus
You will find app-based cars cabs and other local car transportation at a good rate. You have Uber and another transportation portal that can come in handy while you are planning for your next destination on spot.
Estimated Price- The basic fee is EGP 5. 00, the KM price is EGP 2.

•  Local Bus Network to Cairo

Cairo has a very elaborate network of road transportation and the Cairo Transport Authority has various buses of a different kind running through the important network, you can travel in air-conditioned buses, or local buses depending on which route you take.Estimated Price- You will have to pay 1 Egyptian pound (around $0.11) for a one-way ticket, and the tickets can be bought from the ticket booth of each station.

Getting around in Cairo

1.  Travel through Metro

The construction of metro lines started in the year 1980 and Egypt got its first route of the metro from Helwan south of Cairo to El Marg north of Cairo. After decades of development, the metro routes serve as the fastest mode of transportations in the city as compared to road transportation in Cairo, which are always crowded.

2.  Private Transport

Any private transportation is always better than public transport, but it will be more expensive. Getting a private car saves a lot of time and gives you complete privacy. There are taxi, or Uber and Careem as an option for you as private transportation in Cairo. These modes are easy to hire as the booking can be done online or via an app.

Cairo Metro
Cairo Metro

Carriage in Cairo
Take a Carriage in Cairo

3.  Take the Carriage

This is the fun part, if you have a decent amount of time and you are ready to be stuck in traffic, then take a carriage. You can find many carriages in downtown, Giza, Zamalek, and around the Nile River. But the fact is that this more of transportation is used for sightseeing and clicking the romantic picture.

4.  Other Public Transport

There is another mode of transportation in Cairo like the local buses, the public buses, microbuses, and so on. The city has a large network of road transport and a ring road that circles the important parts of the city. The hub to find any kind of transport to go around in the city is Abd El Moneim Riyad Square and Ramsis Square.

5.  Take the Nile Taxi

Although this mode of transportation in Cairo is quite new but mind you it’s very popular. The Nile Taxi sounds funny, but it is a fun mode of going around. However, you need to have enough patience to wait for the Nile taxi to be completely filled until it starts, then you are most welcome for this information. You can pre-book and the details will be easy to find in some of the official websites.

6.  Try out the River Bus

You read about the Nile taxi, it’s time for you to get some information about the River Bus. We will try to be as graphic as we can in the details, it generally looks like a bus just that it floats like a boat. If you are travelling anywhere near the riverside, then you can try the River bus. It’s fun and it has the route to Coptic Cairo.

This mode of transportation in Cairo for getting around and reaching the place is a complete delight. Each transportation has a story to tell, and it will only enhance your experience of exploring a city. The Ministry of transportation and other government bodies take all the decision related to the transportation change in the city and the country as a whole, and they are improving it every single year, making relevant changes to give a great support network for tourists and locals alike.