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Everything to Know about Air Travel in India

Air travel is by definition going to be a seamless experience. That being said, many think it is just the ticket and the passport that underlines a proper flying experience.

Booking air ticket to India is similar to any other place apart from certain formalities that you have to take care of while applying the visa. The rules and guidelines vary according to your home destination. Currently 75 countries are enlisted as eligible for Indian Tourist Visa on Arrival that remains valid for 30 days.

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When you have an air travel in India inside its territory, the following points will serve helpful to arrange a seamless domestic travel:

•    Ensure the name & spellings on the passport are same as that on the domestic flight tickets as well

•    Present a copy of printed e-ticket to enter airport and Check-in

•    To receive confirmation of booking on SMS, make sure you provide the correct mobile number

•    While booking, infant are not provided seat

•    To avail discounts and other offers on children ticket fare, provide Date of birth of the kid

•    Child under 5 years are not allowed to travel as un-accompanied minor

•    It is recommended to get the travel and medical insurance before flying, even for domestic flying

•   Pets such as dogs, cats and birds, may be allowed on board up to a maximum of five kilos (please follow the airlines’ guidelines and permission and are better to book directly with the airlines.)

Quick Tips for Smart and Safe Air Travel in India

Initial arrangements

Make the vital preparations and arrangements before you land in the air terminal. It will assist you with moving all the more rapidly and productively. Know about the security forms beforehand to pack accordingly.

Keep this checklist handy to enjoy a seamless travel:

•   Attire

There is no specific style or sort of apparel needed for air travel in India. In any case, certain garments and adornments might set off a caution on the metal indicator which is when you might have go through another series of security check. However, India being a socio-culturally conservative society at its heart, it is better to not remain scantily dressed while in public places which includes airports. 

•   Pack smart

There are some constraints on what you can carry and pack in your handbag when having an air travel in India. You have to screen the majority of the things and perhaps get hand-looked as a measure for the safety efforts. This test may at times be purging most of the content from your bag and repack.

•   Be careful about the last checklist

As you are dressed, stuffed and all set, did you think about the pre-flight things to pack? Make sure to go through the guidelines that are mentioned in the airlines website or ticket. Find out if there are any recent changes in the baggage allowance to avoid the security hustle.

•   Access Requirements

Once you have a confirmed air ticket for the journey or a valid airport entry permit, you can enter the passenger terminal.


•   Security Process and Procedures

Acquaint yourself with the latest security process and procedures. It will help you avoid the inconvenience to yourself as well as others.

Basic Etiquettes You Can’t Miss Air Travel in India

•    Be polite and respectful towards the crew

This happens to be the first point as too often there are instances how the passengers misbehave with the crew members, especially with the air hostess. The airlines crew will help you make the flight a happy journey and also save you if you face in any trouble on the aircraft. It is absolutely wrong to think that someone serving your food is not skilled per se. You would show a whole wrong side if you fail to extend courtesy to them. 

•    Have respect for others in public space

When travelling on Indian domestic flights, be respectful towards others. Also, be mindful about the amount of carry-on luggage, you etiquette and how you treat your co-passenger. Converse in low tones softly and refrain from playing music or videos of speaker. Also, make sure to keep the recline such that it does not disturb the person behind.

•    Do not over-drink

The lower level of oxygen in your blood while flying can make you go tipsy faster than while on ground.  It is, thus the passengers’ responsibility to maintain the alcohol quantity. Some airlines have the bar on their flights for entertainment however, make sure to not gallop into the 'free' wines and whisky.

•    Do not be an inconvenience to others

Akin to travelling in any other public transport, make sure you maintain certain decency in your dresses and body odour. Abstain from consuming fetid food such as onions or garlic, body odour, disrespecting or disobeying the crew, taking up the entire armrests as all these are basic instances of disturbing others. A very big no-no is to put up the feet on the seat or removing the socks as if it is your couch.


•    Don't hurry for the phone immediately upon landing

The minute the plane's touchdown, passengers switch on their phone. Waiting a couple of more minutes wouldn't actually be a kill joy. There’s a scientific reason why the mobiles and other electronic gadgets are requested to switch off while flying. So, why not instead enjoy the vista outside?

•    Followe the queue to get up and down in the aircraft

We all have the seat numbers aligned and assigned. There’s no point rushing in getting on or off the plane.  Trust us, you will not be left abandoned at the airport!

Special Services

•    For elderly and physically disabled passengers, wheel-chairs services must be booked in advance

•    If you have any special requirements for your meal, speak directly with the airlines to make the arrangements
•    There might be some extra charges for the specific seat choices. You can request for the same and will be assigned upon availability

•    Find out about the Frequent Flyer & other Airlines Privilege Cards before booking the tickets.

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