Jaipur Airport: Cheap Flights, Fare, Routes, Facilities & How to Get There

The largest airport in Rajasthan, Jaipur International Airport, is the most pleasant and the only international airport in the state. It is located in Sanganer about 13km (8mi) from the city of Jaipur. The airport has undergone renovation and expansion plans to improve the quality and service of the airport. Already the Jaipur airport handles around 1.5 million passengers on a yearly basis.

The Jaipur airport was renovated to accommodate large aircraft such as Boeing 747 and Airbus A380. It can accommodate around 14 A320 aircraft. There are two terminals at the airport, Terminal 1 being the international terminal, where the majority of the flights arrive and depart for the Gulf States, and Terminal 2, the domestic terminal for flights connecting almost all the major states in India.

Flight Fare

Direct service flights are available for people travelling to Delhi and Mumbai that saves days of travelling via buses and trains. The flight between Jaipur and Delhi is only a short flight of 50 minutes. Kingfisher Airways and Jet Airways are the two flights that operate on this route. The flight fare is around INR 5,000. The other route between Jaipur and Mumbai takes only one hour and thirty minutes for the flight to reach either way. Jet and Kingfisher Airways operate on this Jaipur-Mumbai route with daily departures. These flights cost almost INR 9,000.

For domestic flights depending upon the distance, destination and number of passengers, the fares of the respective flights vary accordingly. If you book your flights beforehand for instance ahead of a month, you can get quite affordable and cheap deals in both domestic and international flights. Usually, the price ranges from INR 3,000 to INR 9,000 for connecting and non-stop domestic flights and for international flights it can be a lot more based on the flight. You can get relatively cheap flights during the non-festive season period.

Flight Routes

Flights of GoAir, Air India, SpiceJet, Jet Airways and Air Costa connect Jaipur with domestic flights for cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Udaipur, Dehradun, Varanasi, Guwahati, Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bangalore, and Udaipur. International flights of Air India, Etihad, Air Arabia and Oman Air from Jaipur are connected with the cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Muscat in the Middle East and from other countries such as Singapore, Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur. Other countries will also soon be connected to the Jaipur International airport.

Airport Facilities

Jaipur Airport provides many amenities and modern services that have made it a passenger-friendly airport. The passengers can access facilities such as ATMs, currency exchange offices, food facilities, showers, lockers, luggage storage, information desks, and drinking water with disposable glasses, vending machines and child care rooms. The newly built airport terminal built in the airport has a central heating and air-conditioning system, baggage carousels, escalators, and large parking bays. The only thing that bothers travelers sometimes is that there is no free Wi-Fi at the airport.

Shopping in the Jaipur Airport

For passengers waiting for their flights and for people whose flights get delayed, the airport provides an option for passengers to engage in shopping in the retail stores that sell jewelry, stationery, and handicrafts. Cafes, fast food restaurants, and cold drink vending machines are also available inside the airport for grabbing a bite. And on the first floor of Jaipur International Airport, you can relax in the lounge after clearing the security.

To and from the Airport: Train Stations, Taxis and Buses

Travelling to and from the airport is quite easy as the airport is only 15km (9.3mi) away from the main city and there are many car hires, taxis and rickshaws for the travelers.

From Jaipur airport, if passengers need to take a train, Jaipur Railway Station is located about 12 km (7,5mi) from the airport. Pre-paid airport taxis and on-spot taxis are available from the airport to take you to your destination. By taxis, you can visit the city center in Jaipur in only 20 minutes. The ride-sharing services are also available by the online cab applications. And if you want private transportation from the airport to any destination you can order a transfer.

Bus facilities by the RSRTC (Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation) are also available from the international airport for passengers. These buses are economically priced for all the routes but if you have a lot of luggage it is better to book a cab. To reach the city center in Jaipur it takes around one hour from the airport.

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Passengers travelling for businesses and other purposes, there are various exquisite hotels offering a comfortable and royal stay for travelers. Hotel such as Radisson Blu Jaipur, Lalit, Hotel Royal Orchid, The Fern, Zade House, etc. are some of the famous hotel accommodations for an easy and peaceful stay after a long tiring journey.

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Jaipur is a year-round travel destination but during winters from December to February due to lack of visibility on the runways and dense fog, a number of flights are likely delayed, diverted or cancelled. So while planning your trip, it is better to book your flights during summer and autumn spring season.

Jaipur has always been one of the most attractive and alluring destinations for travelers and tourists from across the world. This city welcomes everyone with open arms and mesmerizes everyone, with its beautiful and vibrant colorful culture and heritage. To visit this heavenly abode and immerse themselves in the city’s charm and enchantment, the number of travelers is increasing on a daily basis. Therefore, there are some extension plans for increasing the capacity of the airport to handle passengers.