10 Nepal Famous Food You Can Discover

Apart from the famous staple food of Nepal which is ‘Dal Bhat’, there are other iconic traditional dishes that are barely talked about. These dishes are some of the best-preserved treasures and also Nepal famous food. They mainly got the inspiration from their neighbors India, China, and Tibet. The blend of flavors in the spices is accurately placed in Nepalese cuisines; they make some of the healthiest dishes with high nutritional values and less fat. The use of very basic ingredients like tomatoes, chilies, garlic, coriander, and seasonal vegetables makes some of the delicious dishes your taste buds will remember for ages. Discover some of the lip-smacking flavors of Nepal right here.

1. Dal Bhat

You must have heard about this staple dish before but there’s no way that Nepal famous food is mentioned, and Dal Bhat is not on the top of the list. No matter what Nepalese discover, no dish will be able to replace this staple. It’s a rice and lentil dish served with some vegetable / meat curry in the side. Every tourist should try this dish from wherever they are in Nepal, as maximum number of street stalls and restaurants serve this staple.

Pro Facts:  It is often mentioned as “Dal Bhat Power 24 Hour”. This is because it generates the power and strength in the body for trekking and other physical activities.


2. Laphing

If there is one dish with a blast of flavors in every bite, it has to be Laphing. It’s a spicy cold noodle that is prepared with mung bean flour. To get the hit of flavors, these bland noodles are eaten with a cold soup that contains all the spices. The tourists call it a genius assemble because they have a lot of ingredients like chili paste, soy sauce, garlic, some fresh herbs, and spices which give Laphing rich flavor and make it a Nepal famous food. You will have to suggest your need for spices or else you will be served this dish with extra spices by default.

Pro Facts: Carry a bottle of water because the dish is mostly very spicy.

3. Sel Roti

This is another Nepal famous food, and you will find this fusion of donut and bagel in almost every street corner. It is circular bread prepared with sugar, flour, bananas and a few other ingredients. This deep-fried dish is very crispy from the outside and soft from the inside, and it’s best eaten with yogurt or veggies. This particular dish is very popular in most of the Nepalese festivals.

Pro Facts: It has a shelf life of around 20 days.

4. Samay-baji

The ingredients of this Nepal famous food are very much dependent on the seasonal vegetables available and spices as individuals would prefer. You are must to add this dish in your culinary bucket list because some of the ingredients used in this dish are worth tasting. It’s a traditional Newari food and mostly preferred for lunch. The ingredients include their staple, beaten rice, smoked meat that is cooked after marinated with special spices, marinated potatoes, mustard green, garlic, ginger, pickle, and sweetmeat. This wholesome dish is mostly prepared in important festivals.

Pro Facts: This Newari dish is served in all major and minor festivals.

5. Yomari

This delicious white pocket-size dish is prepared with rice dough and stuffed with a sweet paste made out of coconut, sesame seeds, and molasses. This dish is Nepal famous food and among the favorite winter dishes that’s mostly prepared for winter festivals that they celebrate to thank the winter gods for the harvest. This dish has a savory side to it too. In the capital of Nepal, you will also find this dish stuffed with lentils.

Pro Facts: Chief item in the post-harvest celebrations.

6. Gundruk

This fermented Nepal famous food is prepared by storing the seasonal vegetables like radish, cauliflower, and mustard, gathered together in an earthen pot and left to ferment for some time. The pot is kept until the veggies leave acidic juices. Gendruk is used as a side dish and is often accompanied by Dhindo. This fermented dish is very famous in most parts of Nepal.

Pro Facts: It’s claimed to be one of the national dishes of Nepal.

7. Gorkhali Lamb

This dish is famous due to its packed flavors all in one package. This slow-cooked curry dish is made with lamb and a lot of other ingredients; the cooking process is very interesting and will instantly make your mouth water. The lambs are added to the curry and cooked in low heat, then the meat is grilled and an extra layer of chili spices is added to intensify the flavors.

Pro Facts: It’s a blast of flavors in the mouth.

8. Momos

You must have had Momos in nearby restaurants, but the ones Nepal serves are exemplary. None of the tourists leaves this country without trying this staple dish. It comes with different stuffing to enhance the flavors and varieties. They also serve it with different sauces which adds an extra flavor to the cuisine altogether.

Pro Facts: Take this advice and don’t leave Nepal without trying at least five different flavors of Momos.


9. Kanchemba

There are high chances that you are reading about this dish for the first time. This Thakali snack is made with cornmeal porridge; the mixture is spread in long fingers and then deep-fried until it’s crispy from outside. This amazing dish is served with a spicy sauce which will linger your taste buds for some time.

Pro Facts: Sometimes also mentioned as the taste of Nepal.


10. Wo or bara

This dish is prepared by the Newari people in Nepal. The batter ‘wo’ is prepared with green or black lentils. It’s mostly eaten during the Sithi Nakha festival. This light snack is eaten with minced chicken and eggs. It’s a perfect snack for every age group and it’s largely prepared for the crowd during festivals.

Pro Facts: This dish is a must to serve on happy occasions.

These 10 collective dishes are a part of Nepal’s heart and soul. The Nepalese emotionally hold on to their traditions and love to reflect their warmth and kindness through food. The food and its varieties are not limited to the capital of Nepal, places outside Kathmandu has tons of new dishes to try.

Take your taste buds for a ride with some delicious Nepalese food.

Snack away!

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