5 Ways I Can Make Nepal Trip Cost in Budget

Apart from the scenic beauty and stunning landscapes, Nepal is also a good place for budget travelers and backpackers. This place has a lot to offer in terms of culture, tradition, food, nature, spirituality and memorable destinations. A few things might have changed over the years in terms of accommodations and Visa, but it still remains one of the most recommended places for people in search of solitude and adventure both. To help you scale your budget, here are 5 important ways to summarize your Nepal trip cost. But prior to that, take a run through few tips quickly.

Go-to Tips for Budget Traveling
Plan out of season
Come up with at least two plans
Keep your accommodation options flexible
Book your flight tickets in advance
Prepare yourself for public transport
Don’t overspend on lavish eating

Now that you have a rough idea about planning your budget-friendly Nepal trip, here are 5 important things to remember if you are up for economical traveling.

1. Arriving on a Budget

Covering the Nepal trip cost also includes the flight tickets and Visa charges along with all the other extensions. The best way to get the on arrival-Visa load off your shoulders is by saving the exact amount of money and getting the Visa when you land in Nepal. It saves you a lot of time and at the same time avoids any chances of fraudulent.

2. Swear By Budget Accommodation

Cost-effective accommodations in Nepal are found in plenty. And the best part is that you don’t have to go to the outskirts of Nepal to find low-cost accommodation. You can very well find them in urban areas too. There are guesthouses and dorm beds that are easily available for single as well as for plus one backpackers.

Budget Accommodation in Nepal

Another easy way to travel in a budget-friendly manner is to go for community homestay. It is a smart way to save some hardcore cash on lavish accommodations. Along with saving money, you will also get a warm homely environment, and sometimes, the host of the homestay also arranges the hike and other recreational activities.

3. Cost-effective Eating in Nepal

It’s quite tempting to not try some of the simmering dishes you come across on the streets of Nepal. However, you have to be smart with your eating habits when you are trying to cover a specific Nepal trip cost. Also, because eating anything out of temptation can get you in trouble.

Food borne diseases are very common with tourists, and that happens because of the dangers of refrigerated and preserved foods are overlooked. To avoid health complications, try the easy and smart way of going for local places where dishes are freshly cooked and served.

The idea of sticking to the budget while traveling Nepal can also be maintained by avoiding eateries that charge VAT from the tourists. It is suggested to avoid a lot of deep-fried dishes too, just focus on boiled or less spicy food to stay charged and safe throughout the trip. There are also a lot of options for vegetarians as well as for meat lovers which can be quite supportive of Nepal trip cost.


4. Affordable Trekking Sites

This is the trekking site where the cost of staying and exploring Nepal could go high. The wisest way is to pick the trekking trails that cost you less than the more remote ones which are pricey for obvious reasons. Considering a local guide can be budget-friendly and can add to your plans of maintaining affordability.

Everest Base Camp

Here are some of the affordable trekking sites.

• Everest Base Camp
• Annapurna Base Camp
• Langtang Valley Trek
• Mustang Trek
• Manaslu Trek

Also, we highly suggest you hire an experienced trek guide only after interviewing more than one. The second thing that you must follow is to get the trek insurance before starting with trekking. There are a lot of tourists who try to go for a trek without getting their insurance, which sometimes had led to dangerous situations. Also, calling in for a rescue cost you a lot. 

5. Budget Entries in Nepal Heritage Sites

The heritage sites in Nepal were free of cost earlier, but now it has entry charges for most of the locations. The prices are rapidly increasing and it’s important to understand the situation. One thing you can do to reduce the Nepal trip cost is to save separately for visiting the heritage sites in Nepal. Also, take a rough note of the places that have low or no entry costs in Nepal. However, the cost can vary at the time you visit, so stay

Nepal Patan Darbur Square
Patan Darbur Square
flexible with the prices.

• Kathmandu Darbur Square
• Patan Darbur Square
• Bhaktapur
• Panauti
• Changu Narayan
• Boudhanath
• Pashupatinath
• Chitwan
• Pokhara

Now that you know some of the important things about planning your Nepal trip cost, get your backpack to explore the beauty. It’s always important to stay ahead of your schedule, so reach the locations on time or a little before time to check them out.

Nepal Pashupatinath Temple
Pashupatinath Temple

Neapl Pokhara
Explore Pokhara During Nepal Travel

Also, when it comes to go-to tips for budget traveling, here are a few more honorable mentions.

• Travel light- the best way to cut down the worry of lost luggage, painful shoulders, and extra boarding charges is to travel light.

• Souvenirs- Don’t go overboard with buying souvenirs.

• Plan ahead - Prepare an itinerary for the day, if possible for the entire trip.

• Travel insurance- Get travel insurance before heading out. It does cost some money but completely worth it in the long run.

We crafted this post to help you structurally plan your Nepal trip cost. It’s a beautiful place and it becomes even better when you know your way to every tourist's attraction that fits your budget. However, you are advised to keep some emergency savings to finance any unexpected situations. In-depth planning can prove out to be fruitful only if you stick to it religiously. So, have a memorable journey to Nepal, because once again, this country has something for everyone.

Save, plan, and head off to Nepal!

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