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Explore Nepal to Bhutan by Road

If you hire a car and the driver is driving at a consistent speed of around 50 km/h (31mi/h), then you will be able to reach Bhutan in about 9 hours. The same procedure follows when you want to return from Nepal to Bhutan, there are many car services available which will help you reach your destination back safely via road.

If you have been planning a tour from Nepal to Bhutan by road, then you must know that it’s a twin-country tour and it will provide you with the best of both worlds. Many people might consider Nepal and Bhutan to be similar in several ways, but where culture and landscapes are concerned, you will find many differences.

A large number of tourist is interested to take the journey from Nepal to Bhutan by road every year. These two places are sandwiched between India and China. Traveling by road can prove out to be the most convenient way, if you are in search of a thrilling adventure, then going for an overland trip from Nepal to Bhutan via India is highly suggested. You will cross some of the brilliant landscapes and scenic beauty which you shouldn’t miss to capture, carry your camera to film the memorable journey.

While taking the journey, you will go across Kakarbhitta (Nepal Border) to Pranitanki (India border) and the traverse through Darjeeling which is considered the main transport hub in West Bengal to the Phuentsholing (Bhutan border). Here are the convenient Nepal to Bhutan roadways which you can take.

Nepal to Bhutan by Road Distance: 787km (489 miles)

The Nepal to Bhutan by road journey might seem easy but you will get a lot of reasons to stop by and admire the scenic beauty of this place. The only exit point from Nepal to Bhutan is the Kakarbhitta located in eastern Nepal. This exit point is on the borders of the state of West Bengal.

• Across the borders, you will get numerous local buses that run through Panitanki to Phuentsholing. This is considered the main center in West Bengal and the journey takes around three hours.

• For another convenient way to reach the hub of Bhutan is to get an overland bus from Darjeeling. The bus will take you directly to the bus stop through the border crossing checkpoints, it is also considered as the easiest way to reach the Kingdom.

• You can count around 13 hours before you actually reach the Bhutanese capital. The buses take around seven hours to reach the Phuentsholing by road, and another six hours after the clearance from immigration to reach Thimpu.

• Thus the entire Nepal to Bhutan by road journey will be of 787km (489mi) and will take almost 19 hours to finish and reach the destination.

• You have to understand something about driving your way to Bhutan. You must settle and hire two separate car rentals to reach the final destination. However, even after getting two rental cars, you will require to take another taxi or bus to reach Hasimara to Phuentsholing.

• If you are thinking of self-driving cars for your Nepal to Bhutan Road trip, then you must know that only International driving license holders can drive.

• Also, to make sure you are following an inexpensive way of transportation, hiring a car with a driver will be much cheaper and convenient.

Note:  Even if you are planning to take your car to Bhutan, apart from Indian Citizens, International visitors are not allowed to bring in their own car. They need to cross the border with the help of a supplied driver at all times.

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