Visit Kerala: 4 Steps to Make a Perfect Trip to Kerala

Kerala has a very different reputation as compared to the rest of the states in India. It is known to be God’s Own Country for all the right reasons. The surroundings are beautiful and it is just perfect for a getaway around nature. However, it is often misunderstood and a perfect tour never finds its way to tourists because of complications and too many places to cover. We have a solution to “how to visit Kerala” and this step by step guide will help you understand the right way to move around in the state and explore the popular destinations when you visit Kerala.

Before you start searching for a suitable package, you should have answers to a few of these questions; these following points will help you get through a memorable trip. You must decide about the

•  No of days you are planning to spend in Kerala
•  Types of accommodation you would prefer
•  Type of transportation you would want to travel
•  Place or arrival
•  Popular destinations you would want to visit

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1. Reaching Kerala

Based on the tour packages you have picked to visit Kerala, you can schedule your Kerala arrival accordingly. You can travel to Kochi, if your first target in Kerala is Kochi or Alleppey or Munnar. In most cases, as their tour will start from this area, Kochi is the popular arrival point for most of the tourists.

By Air

Your flight to Cochin International Airport (COK) can be booked, and the airport is only 20 km (12.4 mi) from the downtown area. The fact that you can also book Trivandrum airport if you are planning to land to Kanyakumari or Kovalam. There is a third option for you if you want to get to Wayanad tour first - you can land in Calicut airport, which will help you get to the location easily.

By Train

Kochi is also known as Cochin and Ernakulam, or you can book your ticket to Ernakulam North or South or Aluva Railway Station because it is much nearer to the airport, and that is of course if you are planning to come to Cochin by train.

By Bus

If you are planning to visit Kerala by bus, then you have enough options to choose from. We advise the tourists travelling from Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, and Mysore to take the route to the Ernakulam because it has various drop points in the city and you will be able to get the transportation easily.

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2. Selecting the Right Accommodation

Based on your personal itinerary, please select your lodging correctly. Your tour consultant will help you find the right hotel according to your budget. The hotel segment begins from budget to 5 stars, just like any other city, and Kerala also has a good number of support villas and guesthouses to make the tourist experience the real side of Kerala. A stay at one of the homestays near the beach will give you an incredible experience, particularly if you are scheduling a stay in Fort Kochi after you visit Kerala.

Hotel Prices in Different Seasons

The hotels in Kerala are segregated in 3 different seasons and the prices vary in each one of them. You will get to choose from the peak season price, shoulder season price, and the off-season price.

Shoulder Season- the season timing begins from 1st October and lasts till 15 December and 15 January to 31 March. These periods are the core timing for the travelers and you will get the prices 35% higher than the normal rates in the off-seasons.

Peak Season- the Diwali vacation starts from December 15 to January 15 when you will find a 40% increase in the price. The rates are changed in the 24th and the 31st December to charge some extra for New Year’s Eve.

Off Season- the off-seasons are the happiest times for people wanting to travel in a budget. There will be a 40% decrease in the pricing and you will be able to travel in low budget. However, some expensive hill stations like Munnar will be hard to travel under budget.

3. Selecting the Vehicle for Visit Kerala

Indica or other small hatchbacks, perfect for two-person travel
Sedan - Car with boot space for a small family or a group of 3 people
Innova - Seven seater category, perfect for 4-7 person

Tempo traveler - this is an unusual vehicle to hire and there will be other people travelling, so you have to be careful while taking this transportation. Be considerate while selecting a vehicle because it really sets the tone for a destination. Reaching a beautiful place on distasteful vehicles will completely ruin the fun when you visit Kerala.

Other Ways of Transport

By Bus- Many visitors consider taking buses to travel throughout Kerala. It is an inexpensive mode of transportation and the buses connect the remotest corners of the state.

Take the Train- the train connects a good portion of Kerala and it is considered a good idea to travel through train.

Apart from this transportation, you will also come across motorbikes, cycles, auto-rickshaw, cabs, and other vehicles.

4. Selecting the Places to Visit on Your Kerala Tour

According to your mindset and desires, you can select the place to travel when you visit Kerala. There are several tourist attractions in Kerala that will fulfill your vision of exploring the God’s Own Country. Kerala has a decent amount of beaches, habitats for wildlife, backwaters, beautiful hill stations, historic sites, and places for adventure tours. We selected some of the most visited places in Kerala for you to understand.

Munnar- Munnar is Kerala's most major tourist attraction, especially popular among couples looking to spend a romantic holiday. Munnar is a stunning hill station with scenic plantations of tea, waterfalls and sanctuaries of wildlife, breathtaking views and much more.

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Thekkady- Thekkady is a popular wildlife sanctuary in Periyar. You will enjoy the boat trip around the lake will help you recapture the wildlife and the beauty of nature. There are also various outdoor and eco-tourism events in Thekkady.

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Kochi / Cochin- If you enjoy shopping, beaches, palaces, museums, and shopping malls, then you can spend a few days in the city to experience it to the fullest. Fort Kochi is a popular spot to explore.

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Wayanad- Located in the northern part of Kerala in around 300 km (186.4 mi) from Cochin, Wayanad is famous for wildlife and nature. In order to explore Wayanad, you may need 3 days or maybe a little more if you want to go deeper in nature.

Alleppey Backwaters- True to the word, Alleppey is also known as the "Venice of Kerala," and Alleppey has a strong river system network for the canal. One thing Alleppey noted for is houseboat sailing on the lake, and you shouldn't miss that.

Trivandrum- Trivandrum is Kerala's capital city and has many tourist destinations and locations for pilgrims. If you like Ayurveda and history, Trivandrum is the place you are looking for.

Thrissur- Thrissur is just roughly 80 km (49.7 mi) from Cochin. It is celebrated for festivals, and pilgrims from all over the state, you will enjoy the spiritual vibe of the place.

Popular Kerala Tour for Usual Routes

Kochi - Munnar- Thekkady - Athirapiilly Waterfalls - Rameshwaram - Alleppey / Kumarakom Houseboat - Cherai Beach - Kovalam - Kanyakumari - Madurai drop or Trivandrum drop or Cochin drop

This step-by-step guide to visit Kerala will help you explore Kerala like never before.

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