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7 Magnificent Waterfalls in Kerala

1. Palaruvi Waterfalls

Palaruvi Waterfalls is one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Kerala, which adds more value to Kerala’s scenic heritages. It is presented on the Shenkottai road, about 4 km from the small town of Aryankavu in Kollam district of Southern Kerala. This waterfall is the 40th highest waterfall in India and the 3rd highest within Kerala. With a length of 91 meters, it is often described as a horntail shaped waterfall. It is narrow on the top and the stream broadens as it reaches its bottom bed. The sight of Palaruvi Waterfalls in the monsoons is worth a sight to behold.

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Palaruvi Waterfall has some added meaning to its name. The name of the waterfalls literally means ‘Stream of Milk’. These beautiful river waterfalls attract thousands of visitors and are now taken as interesting picnic spots. The small pool that the waterfall creates is suitable for swimming. The water of Palaruvi Waterfalls is believed to be rich in medicinal properties. Locals and visitors believe that this water reciprocates some healing power.

It is located around the Thenmala Ecotourism centre, situated 4 km deep into the forest land. The trek through the forest is also an interesting part of the venture. The rocky journey to the waterfalls can be tiring but the final view justifies the journey. Another interesting fact is that the Travancore kings built their summer palace in this forest in the 17th century. Though they later sifted their summer settlement to Courtallam waterfalls, yet the old remnants are still visible. These boosts up the scenic beauty of the deep forests.

This venture will surely be a memorable one for a nature enthusiast, while the monsoons brighten the nature around. June to January is the best season to plan a visit. It is a one-day trip and the waterfalls remains open for visitors from 8am to 5pm. The nearest railway station is Kollam and the nearest airport is Trivandrum International airport which is 72 km from the Kollam town. You can also plan a visit to the nearest tourist spots of Thenmala Dam and Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary.

2. Athirappilly Waterfalls

Athirappilly Waterfalls also known as the ‘Naigara of India’ is the largest waterfalls in Kerala. It is formed by the Chalakudy river that joins many other rivers and finally plunges as the fall. The Athirappilly is presented in Chalakudy Taluk of Thrissur and it originates in Anamalai ranges.

It is an eco-friendly hotspot and its dense greenery harbours a rich natural habitat for animals and birds, with an exceptional number of hornbills. The green landscape and fresh waterfall creates one of the most vibrant landscape. September to January is the best time to plan a visit. The towns near Athirappilly are Thrissur and Kochi.

3. Thommankuthu Waterfalls  

Thommankutthu is situated near Thodupuzha and is one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Kerala. This seven-step scenic waterfalls is bliss for any nature lover. This makes an exceptional tourist attraction as its beauty is overwhelming and mesmerizing. It is a home to large spread of exotic fauna and flora, which again offers a different experience to its visitors.

Monsoons boosts the scenic beauty of this place but the fall is usually avoided during heavy monsoons. Post monsoon is also a perfect time to plan a visit.  This place is connected by bus from Munnar and Thodupuzha, while there is no accommodation facility near the falls.

4. Meenmutty Waterfalls  

Meenmutty is the second largest waterfall in Kerala. It is located in Waynand. Its mesmerizing beauty and encaptivating landscapes are the central attraction for the tourists. The water meanders through rocks and falls from a height of about 300 metres, creating an encaptivating scene. The fall is present inside the forest; therefore, this venture also includes an adventurous trek through the forest greenery. It is almost a 3km trekking on the rocky terrains and this adds a lot of adventure. The greens around and the valleys add more visionary uniqueness to this trip.

A post monsoon trip is the best option for the visitors. The nearest town is Kalpetta (Waynand) which is 28kms away from the fall. This is a one-day trip and it is advisable that one should hire a vehicle from Kalpetta or Meppadi for a comfortable journey to Meenmutty Waterfalls.

5. Thusharagiri Waterfalls

Thusharagiri waterfalls is present amidst the Malabar region, some 32 km from Kalketta. It takes a trekking of 5kms uphill to see the origin of the waterfall. It is believed that this place is one of the best places to visit in Kozhipode. The name Thusharagiri means ‘snow-capped mountains’, and the meandering water gives a similar fresh and white look. The flowing water from the Western Ghats portrays a bright shimmering looks when it reflects the sun beams, creating a fascinating look.

The Monsoons surely sets the mood, and it is the best time to visit this place. The trip can ideally take one hour.

6. Meenvallam Waterfalls  

This five steps waterfalls in Kerala is situated in Palakkad district, near karimba town. Palakkad is 34km from the waterfall while Mannarkkad is 36 km away. The place is frequently visited due to its close proximity to the Thuppanad Junction. One can swim to reach the first two steps of the waterfall. The Silent Valley National Park surrounds the waterfall and adds some natural beauty to the area.

You can expect an hour journey and half journey for this trip. The suitable time span to visit the destination is the months from June-November.

7. Nyayamakad Waterfall

This is one of the most gorgeous and magnificent waterfalls in Kerala. It is one of the highest waterfalls, where water drops from a height of 1,500 metres. This magnificent fall creates a broad pool at its bed, creating a fascinating scene. The exotic scenic beauty attracts many tourists and it is an excellent escape for the nature lovers. You can also look up to some adventure sports like trekking and other water sports.

This waterfall is also popular due to it appropriate location near the Eravikulam National Park. A monsoon trip can be encaptivating.

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