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Facing the Indian Ocean and located in the southwest India, Kerala is renowned as the 'God's own country' due to its scenic beauty. The beautiful harbor city Kochi, the 'Venice of the East' - Alleppey, the hill station Munnar with vibrant vegetation, and the Kovalam full of wonderful beaches are the ideal destinations for your family holidays or honeymoon. An enjoyable cruise on the mesmerizing backwater, the exciting beach activities, a hike through the fresh hills - whichever kind of trip you want, our professional travel consultants are always ready to tailor you a satisfying Kerala tour package.
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Trip Planning FAQs

When is the best time to visit Kerala?
It depends on your itinerary. The peak season of Kerala tour is winter from September to March, when the weather is not scorching and less humid. It is the most comfortable time for a backwater cruise. As summer from April to May is the off season, you can enjoy a less-crowded tour during this period, and it is recommended to visit the hill stations. If you want to experience the Ayurveda treatment, you are advised to arrange your Kerala tour package in the Monsoon season from June to August.
What are the top things to do in Kerala?
Visiting Kerala, you don't want to miss the wonderful cruise on the backwaters in Alleppey, which is the most popular activity in Kerala packages. Besides, exploring the tea town Munnar, strolling through the Kochi's streets with mixed architectural styles of Europe and India, relaxing on the peaceful beaches in Kovalam, and getting close to the ancient South India by visiting the heritages in Trivandrum are also must-dos in your Kerala tour package.
How many days are good for a Kerala tour?
If you have enough time, we recommend that you have a Kerala tour for at least a week, which allows you to enjoy most of the must-go highlights. Our best-designed 7-day Kerala package will take you to the popular city Kochi, Munnar, Thekkady famous for wildlife and certainly the backwaters in Alleppey. Besides, we can also take you to the beautiful beaches in Kovalam, and the bird sanctuary in Kumarakom if you have four more days for your holiday. If you only have a short time for journey, you can still have a good time by planning a 4-day Kerala tour of Kochi, Munnar and Thekkady.
How to reach Kerala?
Kerala has a sound transportation system, which comprises of roads, railways, and airlines. It has four international airports, over two hundred train stations, and convenient buses for you to choose. The most comfortable way to travel Kerala is to take flight and private vehicles, which are available in our private Kerala packages.
What should I wear travelling to Kerala?
As Kerala is located in tropical area, you need to wear cool clothes like T-shirts and dresses for the comfort. Although in the urban Kerala there is a growing acceptance of clothing, most people in Kerala is still conservative, so we recommend you choose loose and long ones when you decide to wear pants or skirts. You also need to prepare a sweater or a coat for the tour of Kochi and Munnar that rich in hill stations. A pair of comfortable sneaker is necessary, and the sandals can be packed for your beach tour.
What should I bring for a Kerala trip?
The humid and hot climate in Kerala is pleasant to an annoying creature - mosquitos, which disturbs your sleeping and the mood of relax. The mosquito repellent is indispensable in your Kerala tours. Due to the rain visits Kerala from time to time, the rain gear should also be packed. If you are going to the beaches, the sunblock, sunglasses and hats can give you a better experience. Last but not least, never forget to bring camera to record the memorable moments, and leave some space for the souvenirs.

Kerala Tour Reviews

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  • Paul Mohedas from the United StatesPosted on March 18, 2021
    The whole arrangements of the Kerala tour were reasonable and well-organized. The guides can adjust the itinerary in time after listening to the opinions of tour members when they meet special circumstances. What we experienced and visited were as same as the arrangements wrote online. All the guides and the drivers offered excellent services. We were very satisfied with this trip.
  • Avalon from NetherlandsPosted on February 01, 2021
    All local guides were very dedicated. I like the tour guide in Kochi best! He was humorous and informative, and his introduction to Chinese-Style Fishing Nets was also very interesting!

    The journey was full of joy! The drivers were also extremely helpful. The route arrangement was also well-pleasing! The hotel was nice. I just don’t like curry personally... but the buffet was pretty good! The members in our group could get along very harmoniously. This 13 days Kerala tour left me very good memories!
  • Leanne Bell from CanadaPosted on December 07, 2020
    Overall, the 10 days Kerala trip to Kochi, Munnar, Periyar, Alappuzha, Kovalam and Trivandrum was good. We visited beautiful Mattancherry Palace, St Francis Church and saw birds and butterflies at the Eravikulam National Park. The scenery of the Periyar Lake was picturesque and we spent 1-hour cruising on it. A houseboat cruise on the Kerala backwater was interesting and enjoyable. Kovalam had many beaches and we took special herbal oil massage there. The trip would be perfect if there were no two rainy days. It was not convenient for us to visit the outdoor scenic spots....More
  • Edward from ItalyPosted on December 05, 2020
    We were not disappointed from our first moments in Kochi until we left Trivandrum. All the details were thoughtfully taken care of! We had flexibility with every city, and all of our experiences were absolutely wonderful. The guides were professional and outstanding English speakers. They were very familiar with local customs and every attraction. They can solve the problems in the journey quickly and professionally. We all appreciated them very much. We will travel with Agate Travel again in the future.
  • Terry Brar from the United StatesPosted on August 12, 2020
    In particular, I would like to commend our Alappuzha tour guide for being responsible, patient and meticulous. I was very satisfied with the overall schedule and accommodation arrangement! The smooth and safe driving was very reassuring! All in all, we had a great impression of this Kerala tour.
  • Mussatto from DenmarkPosted on August 04, 2020
    Our guide in Kochi was a super fun young guy who always held a patient attitude towards us. He told us so many interesting facts about this fascinating state - Kerala. In addition to the magnificent palace, we also got a houseboat cruise on the backwater, very easy and comfortable. The beach tour with a coffee break was a successful ending for our 10-day Kerala tour!
    Generally speaking, Kerala should not to be missed and go to explore around those gorgeous natural areas. PS: you guys should avoid the summer season from April and mid-June because of the soaring temperature of around 95F........More
  • Sarita Schooler from the UKPosted on July 15, 2020
    We had a happy time on the 10-day Kerala tour from Kochi with a professional travel team. The guides and the consultant were all amazing, providing everything we needed and making nice arrangements as we asked. The buffet was great and we spent a relaxing time in the houseboat!
  • Guldal ONeill from GermanyPosted on July 10, 2020
    Our 12-day Kerala tour from Bangalore was amazing in terms of guides’ interesting explanations, reasonable schedule, cozy hotels & delicious meals and excellent driving skills. We were familiar with the Taj Mahal in Agra, but not so familiar with Kerala. Its attractions were totally different from other Indian cities.
    Kerala faces the Indian Ocean and has the city known as the “Venice of the East” - Alappuzha. We enjoyed ourselves on the beaches and charming backwater. Although it was not developed enough, the Indian people here were very satisfied. They lived a casual and happy life!...More
  • Pawan Witon from AustriaPosted on June 12, 2020
    It was a blissful group tour with a professional and credible travel team!
    Our itinerary of this Kerala tour was well arranged and we actually appreciated lots of natural scenery and unique animals in Eravikulam National Park.
    The boat house cruise was leisurely and we indulged in the pleasures without stop!
  • Michael Goeppel from SingaporePosted on June 01, 2020
    We had 3 guides in our 7-day Kerala tour from Kochi to Alappuzha. The Kochi guide was talkative and responsible; Munnar guide was competent to organize our schedule in an orderly way; the Periyar guide was quite humorous to share a lot of facts about Periyar Tiger Reserve and local villages. Each of them gave us a pleasure time and we were very satisfied with Agate’s wonderful arrangements!
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