Kerala Trip Cost – Average Price for a Vocation around Kerala

Kerala is home to countries biggest forest reserve, lakes, hills (See 7 Most Popular Hill Stations in Kerala), amazing temples and so on. If you have plans to take a vacation, why not visit the God’s Own Country and enjoy the beauty of nature and treehouses around greenery (See also 11 Best Tree Houses in Kerala). Kerala has everything an adventurer ever dream of, starting with the tranquil landscapes, meditation solution, and glittering backwaters. You can plan your Kerala trip any way you want, and various companies offer one day to several days’ family and individual tour packages around Kerala of all price range.

The accommodations and travel expense are quite affordable in Kerala, no matter what kind of locations you want to explore, you will get an appropriate package under you estimated budget because Kerala trip cost will spoil you with choices.

The fact about Kerala trip cost is not that complicated to understand. The trip cost highly depends on the number of days and nights you are planning to stay. Another truth about the Kerala trip cost depends on the theme you select. Some tourists like to explore God’s Own Country on their own, but some prefer to go for theme tours and recently there are quite a few.

You will come across Kerala shopping packages (Read more about Shopping in Kerala), honeymoon packages, beach packages, religious tours, weekend getaway, summer packages, adventure packages, adventure packages, winter packages, luxury packages, and so on. However, the first thing that we are going to do is to give you the estimated Kerala trip cost.

Average Budget

Now, many of you might want to know how much money you would need to make a trip to Kerala. So we are going to break it down the cost to you in every possible way to that you have a clear picture.

You can spend around ₨1,312 ($18) per day, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other travelers. But many frequent tourists have also spent as less as ₨399 ($5.5) on meals for one day and around ₨133 ($1.8) on local transportation to get around.

The recorded average hotel cost has been around ₨1,379 ($19) or less in cases of individual travel. However, we are going to give you an average Kerala trip cost for two in a week, which can be around about ₨18,367 ($252). Hope this de-structure of the trip cost can help you plan your budget easily.

These budgets are just an average estimation for a startup trip, but the prices always vary after you choose the package or decide on the number of days you will be visiting. Let us give you an estimated cost for Kerala trip according to a specific theme, and remember it is an estimation and the prices may vary based on the number of people travelling and your decision for taking up a budget, mid-range, and luxury tour.

Average Kerala Trip Cost According to Preference

1.  MAGICAL KERALA TOUR (5 Nights/6 Days)

DESTINATION COVERED: Kochi – Munnar – Thekkady – Alappuzha
Estimated price- Rs.9,999 - Rs.11,000


DESTINATION COVERED: Munnar -Thekkady – Alappuzha
Estimated price- Rs.8,999 - Rs.10,000


DESTINATION COVERED: Munnar – Thekkady – Alappuzha – Kovalam – Kanyakumari
Estimated price- Rs.16,999 - Rs.17,000

4.  KERALA FAMILY VACATION (5 Nights/6 Days)

DESTINATION COVERED: Munnar – Thekaddy – Allepey – Kovalam
Estimated price- Rs.15,999 - Rs.16,000


DESTINATION COVERED: Cochin – Munnar – Thekkady – Kumarakom – Alappuzha – Kovalam
Estimated price- Rs.19,999 - Rs.21,000

6.  THE JEWELS OF SOUTH INDIA (7 Nights/8 Days)

DESTINATION COVERED: Bangalore – Kodaikanal – Ooty – Coorg
Estimated price- Rs.15,999 - Rs.17,000


DESTINATION COVERED: Bangalore – Mysore – Ooty – Kodaikanal
Estimated price- Rs.15,999 - Rs.17,000

Important Tips for Saving Bucks in Kerala Trip Cost

1. Choose a professional and reliable travel agency.

The experienced travel agency will make the appropriate itinerary according to your requirements to save your budget to the greatest extent. See our Best Kerala Private Tours

2. Do not organize your houseboat trip on the first day of your arrival, you can arrange only if you are reaching before 10 AM.

Because the houseboats start at 12 at noon and they anchor at 5:30, which gives you a very short span of time to see Kerala backwaters.

3. Keep at least 2 nights to explore Munnar so that you can enjoy the green tea gardens
Because the lush greenery deserves a peaceful visit and exploring this location in hurry will be a mistake.

4. You must not reach Kochi Airport after 4:00 PM and leave to visit Munnar
This is suggested for the core reason for you to explore the brilliant waterfall. You will miss that if you reach the airport after 4:00 pm and directly leave for Munnar.

5. Learn a little Malayalam
It is to bring a better understanding of the people you will be interacting with.

Hello - Namasthe / Namaskaaram
How are you? - Sukham thanne
Water - Vellam

6. Travel light
You will have to move around a lot, and it is advised to travel light for all the right reasons. You will explore in the houseboats, taking elephant rides, experiencing colonial homestays, witnessing the kathakali show and other things, and you do not want a baggage burden hanging over your head when you should be enjoying.

7. Accept a complimentary pickup / drop if you plan on staying near an airport hotel.
Most of the nearby hotels provide complimentary pickup and drops, so utilize the opportunity and save some money by accepting their ride. You can also book your hotel rooms in advance to save some money.

Hope the information helps you budget your Kerala trip cost easily.

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