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Interesting Facts about Kerala

Kerala is a place that is full of natural beauty, and the people of the state participate in making and keeping it beautiful. Kerala has been given the title of being God’s own country. It never ceases to amaze people who are looking for meaningful holidays. We have recorded some of the interesting facts about Kerala that you might like to refer to before you visit Kerala and know the destination better.

Interesting Facts about Kerala for Visitor Interest

1. The name Kerala was derived from the vernacular words which means a vast coconut plantation. (‘Kara’ means a coconut tree and ‘alam’, means land.)

2. The state is deemed as the cleanest after Sikkim, a state in the north-east of India.

3. Kerala is surrounded by the vast Arabian Sea in the west, the backwaters feed the inland with coconut grooves lining up the long lush green paddy fields and the shorelines. This is the reason why the Kerala Tourism Department calls it “God’s own country”.

4. Kerala receives two spells of monsoon and this is unique to any state of India. Also, it is the earliest to receive monsoons in the first week of June.

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5. The oldest active Synagogue among the Commonwealth Nations, the Jewish Synagogue, is in Kochi.

6. The oldest mosque in India, Cheraman Huma Mosque, built in 629A.D., is in Kerala.

7. If you are interested in seeing the largest and the oldest teak plantation in the world, then don’t miss this wonder when you are in Malappurnam. The plantation stretches to 2.31 hectares and was established in the mid-19th century by HV Conolly who was a Collector under the East India Company.

8. The oldest tree in the world is also in Kerala. The Kannimari in Malapputnam is worshipped by the local tribes and this shows how environmentally conscious the state is about its natural assets.

9. The state has a long coastal coverage of 580 sq km and a beach destination that it is blessed with mountains, valleys and forests. This is the reason why this destination attracts tourists in such huge numbers.

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10. The State has the first soil museum in India, Parottukonam Kerala.

11.  Agasthyavanam, the first biological park in India, can be found in Kerala.

12. Kerala temples are very rich and are the owners of immense wealth. The Padmanabhaswamy Temple has huge treasures of gold and precious stones, now isn't that an interesting fact about Kerala?

13. The state has earned the reputation of being a reliable Ayurveda resort and people from all over the world come for its magical treatments. The world’s first Ayurveda resort Somatheeram is in Kerala.

14. The state naturally cultivates a variety of herbs with medicinal benefits such as Brahmi (a memory booster), Turmeric (natural immunity booster), Amalaki or gooseberry (immunity booster), Aswagandha, Cinnamon, Bharangi etc. all with invaluable medicinal properties to cure the most difficult ailments. You can carry these medicinal formulas.

15. The traveler Magazine and the National Geographic have recorded Kerala as being the top Ten Paradises on Earth.

16.  One of the most attractive draws of Kerala is the backwaters that run parallel to the Arabian Sea. These are the network of interconnecting water lanes that pan from broad to narrow and offer wonderful holidays and cruising experiences to travelers. The backwaters open to lagoons and estuaries.

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17. The state is dominated by the beautiful Western Ghat Ranges and has the highest number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries and forests that fall in the Western Ghats.

18. The state boasts of an immense collection of some rare flora and fauna in the 5 national parks.

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19. Eravikulam is the first largest national park in Kerala.

20. The Anamudi Peak is the highest mountain peak (8133ft.) located in the districts of Ernakulam and Idukki. It is called the ‘Everest of the South of India’.

21. The state has some of the most extraordinary wetlands, the Asthamudi Lake, Vembanad -Kol Wetland, the Sasthamkota Lake. These maintain the eco-balance of the state. The Sasthamkota Lake is the largest freshwater lake in the state.

22. The state has the longest beach in Asia, Muzhappilanlgad Beach. The NH-66 runs parallel to this beach and if you are on a road trip, this scenic coastline will be your companion for some distance. It is also rated among the top 6 beaches in the world by the BBC.

23. The state is fed by 44 rivers and 34 lakes making the place more fertile, green and environmentally rich.

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24. Thenmala is the first eco-tourism project in India and greatly appreciated by the World Tourism Organization for its exemplary initiative, built on the Thenmala Dam which is the largest in the state.

25. Elephants are an intrinsic part of the state and people include this animal in religious ceremonies.

26. Kerala is the only state in India where you will find broadband and mobile connectivity in the remotest of villages.

27. This state can be called the spice capital of the world and that is the reason the Portuguese, the Dutch, the British and the Jews all found Kerala as the most lucrative place to trade with.

28. It is an amazing interesting fact about Kerala is that the state boasts of being the only state in India to have four International Airports, The Cochin International Airport, The Kozhikode International Airport, Thiruvananthapuram International Airport and Kannur International Airport.

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29. The eco-consciousness of the state extends to its fully solar-powered Cochin International Airport and this is the first of its kind in the world. This is the reason that the United National awarded this airport with the title of being the ‘Champion of the World’.

30. The state boasts of the highest literacy rate along with a greater ratio of women population. The state also boasts of providing homes to every citizen.

31. Malayalam is the most widely spoken language, but it is a bit difficult for tourists to understand. People are conversant in English, so tourists have no difficulty in communicating within the state.

Hope these interesting facts about Kerala help you to appreciate the destination better.

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