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Safdarjung Tomb

Delhi is popularly known as the heart of India, every nook and corner of this city screams traditions and monumental beauty. The city is one of the most happening cities in India and receives tons of tourists throughout the year. The multicultural and architecture of the city speak a lot about the long lost history that was built upon Mughal culture. One such example of a mesmerizing history is the Safdarjung Tomb.

The tomb was built in 1754 for Nawab Safdarjung, the structure is built in the Mughal Empire style. The tomb is quite famous and has some of the exceptional features, the key features are

•    A ninefold floor plan
•    A five-part facade
•    Large podium with a hidden stairway
•    The Char Bagh with the mausoleum at the center

The most loved feature of this mughal style tomb is the garden, which is technically a smaller version of the garden of Humayun's Tomb.

Important Highlights

Timings: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM everyday

Photography charges: Free (video shoot is chargeable by INR 25/-)

Entry fee: INR 15 for Indians, INR 200 for foreigners

Famous for:  sightseeing, walking tours, picnicking, and photography

Visit duration: Approximately 1-2 hours

What Is the Best time to Visit This Monument?

The answer would be winter. Delhi is great to explore during a dry and cool season. The sightseeing becomes easy in the month of November and March. The weather is comparatively pleasant and the temperature stays between 20-25 ℃. Most of the tourists prefer this time of the year for all the right reasons.

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How to Reach Safdarjung Tomb?

Let us give you a highlight of how to reach the location. Once you are in the city, you have endless options to travel cheap. From cabs, auto-rickshaw, to local buses and private cars, you have got it all. Visiting popular destinations are mostly covered by the travel agency if you book any, or if you are a solo traveler, then these details will help you travel smart.

Safdarjung Tomb Address:

The address of Safdarjung Tomb is Airforce Golf Course, Delhi Race Club, New Delhi, Delhi 110021. You can add this in your transport app if you are using any, or keep it handy.

What Are the Closest Train Stations to Safdarjung's Tomb?

These are some of the closest stations to Safdarjung's Tomb:

•    S.J. Madrasa ( 656 yard away, 8 min walk)
•    Jor Bagh  (472 yard away, 6 min walk)
•    Lodhi Garden / Mousam Bhawan (0.65 mi away, 14 min walk) See also Lodhi Garden

Lucky you, the walk to these nearby train stations can actually give you a different travel experience.

Nearest Metro Station to Safdarjung Tomb

Jor Bagh is the nearest metro station to this monumental beauty. You will be surprised that the metro station is simply 3-5 minutes away from the tomb. You can take a walk to the station or hire an auto rickshaw. The estimated Price is about INR 30-76.

Traveling to Safdarjung's Tomb by Bus

Bus: 505, 548CLDOWN, 19, 433, 460CLDOWN, 578ADOWN, 970
Estimated price: INR 30-70

Traveling to Safdarjung's Tomb by Taxi

Since the location is a hot center and connected to all the cheap travel modes, we do not see why you will need a taxi. However, you can hire a cab from any of the transportation platform in about that amount of money, here.
Estimated price by taxi – INR 500 - 600 (Prices can vary based on the time of travel and weather changes)

Interesting Facts about Tomb of Safdarjung

•    This tomb is not as popular as the Humayun’s tomb and other Mughal empire monuments but it does hold the name for being a popular destination for tourists.
•    The restoration work on this tomb is mostly compromised because it doesn’t receive the attention it deserves as compared to other tourists attractions in Delhi.
•    The monument holds a striking similarity from the central dome of Taj Mahal with similar Mughal architecture but the difference is visible with the material used in the two. Taj Mahal is made from ivory-white marble, and Safdarjung Tomb is made from sandstone and marble.
•    The architecture also has a madrasa and four fountains surrounding the structure.

Travel Tips

Safdarjung Tomb is a beautiful place and receives countless tourists throughout the year.  The beauty of this historic monument gives you a glimpse of the grandeur of the Mughal Empire. We thought you might need some of the tips to make the most of this expedition to the famous tourist destination.

•    Hire a local guide is recommended if you want to seek in-depth information about this beauty
•    Do carry a water bottle, keeping yourself hydrated is very important
•    Wear comfortable shoes and ditch the heels as the terrain will be hard to walk
•    You can carry your own snacks if you want to save a few bucks
•    Don’t forget to carry your camera

The beauty of Safdarjung Tomb is unmatched even today. It receives countless tourists from across the globe all throughout the year. It is a perfect place to visit with family and friends, especially, if you love to explore the bits and pieces of a lost empire and its grandeur.

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