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Lodhi Gardens, Delhi

Located in the heart of New Delhi, it is a beautiful garden dotted with many monuments and mausoleums. Lodhi Garden was built in 1414 by Ala - ud - din Alam, under the Lodhi reign. Once known as “'Lady Willingdon Park”, while Indians changed its name after India independence. The ancient buildings are hidden in the shade of leafy trees, green grass, small lakes with blue waves, colorful flowers and historic sites, so it has been praised by the Western media as one of the 18 most beautiful gardens in the world. The Lodhi Garden is also the home to a large number of precious tree species, and the beautiful and tranquil environment also provides a good habitat for birds, which attract a lot of birds and bird lovers naturally. This luscious place has become a popular spot for tourists and locals to take exercise, take a walk, date and have a picnic.

Top Things to Do in Lodhi Garden

1. Get close to small animals
In the Lodhi Garden, you can see the big white goose walking freely, the little squirrels scurrying at the foot of the tourists without fear, and the birds are everywhere... People can bring a small packet of food to feed these cute animals and enjoy the good times between man and nature. Humans and animals live in harmony here, and the atmosphere is unusually tranquil and peaceful.

2. Admire Historical Sites
In addition to being a place for leisure, Lodhi Garden is also home to the tombs of Sayyid king Mohammed Shah in 15th century, Lodhi ruler Sikandar Lodhi of 16th century, Shisha Gumbad and Bara Gumbad. Nowadays, these places are protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.

3. Do Sports
The park has built the walking and running track. The air quality is very great because of a lot of flowers and trees, very suitable for fitness. If you feel thirsty, there are many automatic drinking water vending machines.

4. Picnic
Outside the Lodhi Garden is the noisy New Delhi, but inside it is quiet. On the weekend, you can call for three or five friends, bring homemade food, find a lawn to chat and enjoy sunshine. What a wonderful day! In the evening, it is a good place for many young lovers to date.

How do you get to Lodhi Garden
Take metro line of purple and get off at Khan Market Station, or you can take yellow line and get off at Jor Bagh Station.
Entry fee

6:00-20:00 (October - March)

5:00-20:00 (April - September)

Are pets allowed in Lodhi Gardens?
Yes, you can. But you have to clean up trashes before you leave the garden to create a beautiful environment for all visitors.

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