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Delhi Crafts Museum

The Delhi Crafts Museum is originally known as the National Handicrafts Museum. It serves as one of the most famous art houses to have various specimens that define the true beauty and local traditions restored in one place. The place is close to the Pragati Maidan in Delhi. The craft museum is not only famous for its specimens but also for Lota Café, which serves some of the most delicious regional India dishes in town.

A skilled architect, named Charles Correa, designs this incredible museum, the museum is currently under the Government of India, specifically the management of Ministry of textiles. Every tourist who wants to explore the beauty of tradition and craft in India must visit Delhi Crafts museum.

Location: Bhairon Road, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.


Galleries: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Monday closed)
Crafts Demonstration Area: 10:00 am -5:30 pm (Open every day)
Museum Shop: 9:30 am- 5:00 pm (Open every day)
Administration and Library: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Closed on Second Saturday and Sunday)
Closed: National Holidays and Monday.

• Metalware, paintings
• Mud huts with painted walls and thatched roofs
• Courtyards
• Indian crafts
• Wooden carvings
• Terracotta horses recreating village shrine
• Craftsmen at work

Highlights of Exceptional Collection of the Museum

•  A recent survey states that the museum is a proud owner of over 33,000 pieces of unique craft in its various famous galleries. The pieces are said to be collected in the course of 60 years from across India.
•  The museum also has a miniature of a village complex that depicts the life of rural India.
•  The museum also has a full-grown library and an auditorium to host any small event, a laboratory and a research Centre.
•  Out of all the famous galleries in the museum, you must not miss the important ones like rural craft gallery, textile gallery, gallery of popular culture, a gallery for courtly craft, etc.
•  If you are curious about the collection, then it consists of bronze and metal lamps, a huge collection of textile and fabrics, wood carvings, sculptures, terracotta figures, bamboo crafts, tribal painting, and many more.

5 Popular Galleries in the Delhi Crafts Museum

★ 1. Bhuta Sculpture Gallery
This gallery has a lot to say about the worship of spirits, its concept came from the region of Karnataka and the gallery reflects all the details about the Bhuta cult in the form of visual sculptures.

★ 2. Cultic Crafts Gallery
The name itself suggests the representation of this gallery. It displays the accessories, sculptures, and products of rituals from different religious practices of India.

★ 3. Court Craft Gallery
You will see all the collection of home décor in the gallery, especially, home décor used in the ancient time by royal families to adorn their houses.

★ 4. Tribal Crafts Gift Gallery
This is where you get to see the tribal traditions of India; the gallery has a beautiful collection of folk paintings and frescos from across the country.

★ 5. Textile Gallery
The gallery is rich with textiles and handloom products; the collection is assembled together from different states of India.

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Explore the Collection

★ a. Metal Objects

The gallery displays some of the unique metal pots from the 19th century, peacock casket, Bidriware utensils from the late 18th century, head of Goddess Gauri- an incarnation of Goddess Parvathy, and other deities in metal etc.

★ b. Jewellery and Valuables

This gallery showcases the vintage jewelry and Indian antiques, the collection has metal plate called Theva plate, a metal neckband worn by Naga warriors, skull neckpiece from the early 20th century, a ruby-studded Mangamalai, and many other unique pieces of the specimen.

★ c. Matting and Weaving

This gallery displays the floor matting, cane, bamboo grain basket, Hukkah made of bamboo, and other interesting items.

★ d. Textiles

This gallery is the most interesting gallery, which displays sarees with hunting scenes, temple hangings, handloom vintage shawls, block prints, a story depicting kerchiefs, etc.

How to Reach the Museum?

•  By Metro Route
Pragati Maidan Metro is the closest metro station to the Crafts Museum, situated on the blue line. The museum is pretty close to the metro station; you can even walk down or hire a local rickshaw. See also Delhi Metro

Estimated Price- The minimum fare is 10 rupees and the maximum fare is 60 rupees.

•  By Bus Route
The closest bus stop is also the Pragati Maidan bus station, and you can easily walk to the museum from there.
Bus routes that pass near the Delhi Crafts Museum. See also Delhi Bus

Estimated Price- You will be able to travel within INR 10- 25.

•  By Taxi Route
The location is pretty close to most of the transportation platforms and you can easily travel anywhere. The museum is also in close distance to Delhi zoo with approximately 5 min walk. See also Delhi Taxi Service

Estimated Price: The flag down price for any taxi in Delhi is INR 25 for the first mile, and depending on where you are travelling the cost increases per km.

If you love exploring some miniature and tangible tradition, then we suggest you put down the Delhi Crafts Museum on top of your popular attractions list. Thank us later!

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